Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning Workout

This morning my phone rings....it's my baby sister, Danielle. She wants to know if I'm on my way to her house. I have NO idea what she's talking about. Well apparently she left a message on my machine early this morning announcing a Richard Simmons workout at her place for 9:30am! As I am nicely curled up in my chair eating toast, drinking my morning coffee, and anticipating my morning sermon from James McDonald's Walk In The Word, my LAST thought is actually jumping up and down and sweating with dear ol' Richard. Dani persists, explaining that our mother is already at her place dressed in shorts and a tank top and ready to take on Mr. Simmons in his shiny little short-shorts and sparkly tank top.

Well, I mention to Danielle that I look terrible this morning, have a million things to do, and really don't have the ambition today for a workout. Simply raising my large coffee mug to my mouth seems like enough of a workout. "Oh c'mon!!!!!" she says, "we're starting in 15 minutes!!!! Grab your shorts and get over here!" So, humouring my baby sister, I finish my coffee, grab some workout clothing, say goodbye to the pups and the kitty cat, and drive to Dani's.

I must say that it felt good to actually get the heart pumping. I really don't think it compares to the physical workout that I did in karate classes, which I must say that I very greatly miss! Received a gift certificate for Christmas for a three-month membership, which I haven't used yet......must get around to that! But after the end of Richard's video, I did feel some burnin'. My back hurt as I drove home, but I knew it was a good kind of hurt. Sometimes we need to just do things we don't want to, and it sure helps when you're doing it with someone else. Thanx, Mom & Danielle, for not laughing at me!

Isn't that the way it should be in our Christian walk as well? When one is down, another comes along and encourages and says, "Oh c'mon!" They may assist you physically with a need you have; they may assist you mentally with encouraging words or Scripture; they may assist you emotionally by just sitting with you or giving you a hug and letting you know they are there for you no matter what. Why? Because they're family. God's family. I've got some great folks in my God Family, and I've got the best in my blood family. I am a very blessed person, and I am thankful, Lord.

But most of all today, I am thankful that my Sensei does not wear a Richard Simmons tank top and shorts.


badoo2 said...

So glad you enjoyed working out with me and Richie!! I should plan on seeing you everyday at 9ish for workouts?

Victoria said...

LOL Michelle, you're off to a great start! I too am glad that Sensei Jason doesn't dress that way, although come to think of it, he probably would look kinda cute hehe

Janna said...

Another blog to keep me up to speed (not speedo - all that Richard talk has put some unpleasant images in my head!) on life in PEC. F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. Say "hi" to all those boys of yours from me!

paperstuff said...

Great Job Michelle - You always make me SMILE! Now about that Gift Certificate???? :-)