Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blake Health Update 2010/08/31


you feel.....

like your balloon.....

gets deflated.....
That's kind of how we're feeling at the moment.

Blake's Remicade will not be administered today. We are looking at a high possibility for tomorrow, Wednesday.

Our nurse, Amy, (who is one of my favourite nurses here. She is the nurse who gave Blake his very first Remicade dose last Fall on Connell 6.), came in and said that because of the high cost of the medication, the Pharmacist was required to sign the order. Because he did not sign it until after 4pm yesterday, the order did not get processed until today. Therefore, the meds will not arrive until tomorrow..... hopefully.

We're naturally disappointed, especially because of the fact that the Doctor has authorized our discharge as soon as the meds are infused. Blake was supposed to play his last show with Grampa's Goodtime Gang tonight before he heads off to school in New Brunswick this weekend.

It's disappointing that he doesn't get his medication today; and it's disappointing that he doesn't get his last show with "the boys".....


We are still grateful for this bed and the care that we have received here. We are still grateful that the doctors have admitted him in order to receive this medication at no financial cost to us. We are still grateful that Blake is not in a lot of pain. We are still grateful that God's plans always succeed. We are under His care and mindful that He is still in control.

Blake is feeling better now than first thing this morning. He woke up to a really bad migraine that was affecting him in behind his eyes. After some Tylenol #3's and some Gravol and a little nap, he is much better. I believe it has likely resulted from the barometric pressure, as opposed to the Crohn's Disease. Blake does well to take this Disease in stride. He shouldn't have to deal with this, but it's now a part of his life and he'll have to learn to adjust to it. As a mother, we want to just take on the pain and issues ourselves; but I'm confident that the Lord will use this hurdle to bring glory to Himself through Blake. Blake has already come to terms with so much in his conversations with the Lord since his diagnosis last Fall.

We ALL have so much to learn, don't we? And it will continue to be so until the day we meet our Lord face to face.

Until then, I hope you have a big bunch of inflated helium balloons in your life! (Inhaling some of that helium can be fun, too! [she said in a high-pitched Mickey Mouse tone] haha)

In the meantime, you know where WE will be!!!!

Have a great day, folks.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/08/29

Howdy! Howdy!

We're reporting to you LIVE from Kingston General Hospital!

Friday morning (Aug 27) I got a call around 8:30am that a bed was available for Blake. I could've reached through the phone and hugged the woman, Lori, from Admitting!

Jon drove Blake and me into Picton to do some errands and then we headed to Kingston. My hopes for getting the Remicade medication ordered by Friday afternoon to receive on Saturday were soon squashed when we didn't even get to see the doctor until Friday night at 11pm!! He informed us that since the Pharmacist had the weekend off, they likely wouldn't order the meds until Monday and hopefully they'd arrive for Tuesday.

THAT means that we are just layin' around here completely bored. Because Blake is only in a very minimal amount of discomfort, this seems quite dull and mundane for him. Little does he know this is the life I've lived every time we've been in hospital.... just sitting around; but I've always been OK with it because I knew that Blake was receiving pain meds to feel more comfortable.

However, THIS time, because he's not in pain, it seems quite boring and senseless to him to be in here. However, we DO feel fortunate to have this bed; and hopefully within 48 hours he'll have his meds working their way through his veins, providing some healing to that ol' gut of his.

We are in a room with three beds this time. Doug is the gentleman in the bed next to the door, beside Blake. He's an older man who is dealing with some tumors near or in his brain. He's a quiet fellow but extremely nice. His son and daughter have been in every day and they bring Doug's dog, Merlin, in here for a visit. Merlin is an eight-year-old Shelty. Doug's very happy to see his doggie.

Mark is the other gentleman in the bed across from us. There are some mental issues with this young man, but he also is able to carry on an intelligent conversation although he likes to whisper. The first night he slept through the night dreamingly! LAST night was a different story completely. They gave him a bed alarm, as he is too unsteady on his feet to walk by himself. The bed alarm goes off to alert the nurses that he's "on the run". Last night I'm sure the alarm went off no less than eight times. It is an extremely LOUD ALERT. Imagine standing beside a fire alarm. Poor Doug has been very bothered by it. I think he's like me and needs his night-time sleep.

At one point in the middle of the night the nurse couldn't convince Mark to get back into bed. They are very kind and courteous to the patients here; however, at 3am I wouldn't have the patience that they do. Mark couldn't understand where the noise was coming from and he would grab the phone and start pushing buttons and try and hang up the receiver to shut the noise off. Then he heard a patient's I.V. alarm go off, from another room, which is a quieter "beep........ beep....... beep......... beep......." and he hollered out, "Alex! The microwave is done!" hahaa

A few of the nurses don't remember to use their "indoor voices" in the middle of the night. They walk in to see a patient and flip on all the lights. Add the annoying bed alarm and the sound of Mark trying to hang the phone back on the hook, it gets to be a little much sometimes. Back in the Fall when we were staying in hospital, the nurses were quiet and used flashlights when coming in to assist a patient. Guess each floor or wing has different protocol.

Yesterday afternoon I went to find Father Ray, the retired priest who shared a room with us a month or so ago. He's still here in hospital waiting for a room in a nursing home. He looks wonderful and is able to walk on his own now without the need of a walker. His sister Isabelle had popped in for a visit with him at the same time I was there, so I was thankful to see her kind face again.

Then last night I took Blake down to visit with Father Ray & Isabelle for a while. We had a nice chat with them, as well as with another lady who "lives" on Connell 4 waiting for a bed in a nursing home. She has to have kidney dialysis three times a week. Blake is very good at encouraging these people and ministering to them with his words. She was so happy to visit with us that she walked us to the elevator when we left. (Actually, she had a motorized wheelchair, but Blake kept up to her pretty well! haha)

This morning, Sunday, we have already listened to a church service online. Blake has just returned from his shower. After lunch we are headed to a movie theatre down on Princess Street. The Doctor gave us an afternoon pass, which we are grateful for. We'll likely walk to Blockbuster as well and rent a few movies because we forgot to bring some from home.

The meals haven't been too bad here. Today is the day that Blake starts receiving the meals that he chose off the menu, so I think he will be more pleased with his trays when they arrive. Yesterday's menu was not so appetizing for him. I, on the other hand, had a most FABULOUS supper on Friday night. The cafeteria had Chicken Marsala and it was TO DIE FOR!!!! Chicken cutlets smothered in a sauce (that, according to the internet, is made from mushrooms and Marsala Wine). Oh it was heavenly. Served on a bed of noodles with some string beans and carrots on the side, I was feeling like a queen!

And just so you know, we have not had the "mushroom smell" in our room yet. hahaha. You can know what I'm talking about by referring to a previous post. Simply CLICK HERE for the Mushroom Soup story. (And thanks to my friend Janet who snuck that can of Mushroom Soup into my mailbox at church..... you're quite the comedian! Maybe I'll make Chicken Marsala! haha)

We are thankful for this care facility (even the bed alarms.... I suppose.... hahha) and thankful for the great doctors and nurses who work to keep one of my baby birds comfortable.

We are continuing to be grateful for the Lord's provisions. He gives us what we need, when we need it. We are constantly in the shadow of His wings and so thankful that He loves us.

Thank you for your prayers, and we pray that God blesses YOU!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I want to share with you an excerpt from a book I received as a wedding gift over 21 years ago from our minister and his wife, Rev. & Mrs. R. McCaw.

"My voice shalt Thou hear in the morning, O Lord" (Psalm 5:3)


Let your first act be to come to Him, your Father, just as you are. Get quieted, soothed, and comforted by thus "lying on His breast" and taking in a large draught of His presence. Take time for this.

Then, with His loving arms around you, and your soul at rest in him, tell Him how you love Him, what He is to you, and how you want to praise Him for all that He has been to you; and if any sin or failure is on your mind, confess it while thus close to Him.

Then, as you would roll off a great burden, resign yourself and all that concerns you into His keeping, and above all, to be emptied of self and filled with Him. Give the reins entirely into His hands --- the reins of your whole being and of all your affairs --- and take, so to speak, a long breath of relief.

Then, after a little season of quiet, restful waiting in His presence, to receive any communication or manifestation that He may have, rise, and with prayer, read carefully your chapter for the day, looking out for any message from Him that there may be in it for you, and hiding it in your heart.

Then, kneel once more, and talk to Him about those nearest and dearest to you, separately or collectively, and about any others who specially need your prayers.

And, lastly, close your hour of communion with Him, with a song of praise, or with words of thanksgiving repeated aloud, in entire reliance on your great High Priest to render them acceptable.

from the book

A Threefold Cord

Compiled by Helena Garratt

Page 243 - August 24th

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Don't you love it when God knows you need something.... and then He sends it?

I needed this video's message...... and He sent it.

[Please remember to hit the PAUSE button on my music at the very bottom of the page before you click PLAY on this video.]

"Still my soul be still
And do not fear
Though winds of change may rage tomorrow
God is at your side
No longer dread
The fires of unexpected sorrow

God You are my God
And I will trust in You and not be shaken
Lord of peace renew
A steadfast spirit within me
To rest in You alone

Still my soul be still
Do not be moved
By lesser lights and fleeting shadows
Hold onto His ways
With shield of faith
Against temptations flaming arrows

Still my soul be still
Do not forsake
The Truth you learned in the beginning
Wait upon the Lord
And hope will rise
As stars appear when day is dimming"

Words and Music by Keith & Kristyn Getty & Stuart Townend

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Updates

I should have some words of wisdom....

or a funny joke.....

or an updated picture of someone in my family.....

or a comical video......

or a beautiful hymn......

I should have SOMETHING interesting to post on here......

But, frankly, I'm so tired tonight, I don't believe any of it would make sense.

I just thought I'd give a quick update on Blake's situation.... which is basically the same as the last few weeks..... other than he's getting more and more fatigued with each day..... as well as experiencing some back and abdominal pains.

Yes, Dose #3 is just around the corner.... if we could get a bed at Kingston Hospital. They called on Friday (and left a message on our machine while we were actually STILL in Kingston for Blake's appointment at the clinic!!!), but when I called back to the admitting department, I had told the lady there was not much sense in us coming and waiting for four whole days before he'd even get his meds (which by the way only takes two hours to receive). I told the lady I really thought for that amount of time that perhaps someone who was really ill and needed the bed should have it, and that she could call us Monday or Tuesday when a bed became available.

Well, obviously a whole lot o' people decided to run to Emerg this week and get admitted to the hospital because we have not received any word yet of an available bed. Now I'm frustrated thinking that we should've just taken the flippin' bed on Friday and sat the whole weekend in there twiddling our thumbs. At least Blake likely would've had his meds by today.

Oh well, the Lord is still on the throne. And He's not up there pullin' His hair out and wondering what's gonna happen next. He's aware of the situation and He knows how to handle it.

So THAT, folks, is the long and the short of it.

As for the rest of us, well, let's start with Jacob. My middle son who has moved to the big city has obviously decided that he's quite capable of living away from home and not having to give his mother ANY kind of update WHATSOEVER. Clearly it's as if he's dropped off the face of the earth. I mean REALLY..... WHAT boy can't pick up his cell phone and at least TEXT his mother two or three words????

"Hi Mom"

"Doin' fine, Mom. Don't Worry"

"Everything's going great here, Mom"

"Mom, send money"

"Mom, any clean clothes you could FedEx to me?"

Nope. Nothin'. Not a gosh darned flippin' word out of him.

He is SO grounded when he gets home.

And Jared? Well, as you've read from previous posts, his soccer season finished with a placing of FIRST (way to go, Jeb). His baseball tournie last week moved them to the championship game; however, Mr. Rain moved in and things got postponed to Thursday night. So tomorrow night we will meet head-to-head with a team who has been known to be a little.... ummmmm..... aggressive. They are out to win. Having a coach who likes to come in first at all cost is NOT a good thing in my books. He was whining to the officials last weekend about some issues that weren't really issues in anyone ELSE's books; but he was just bein' a pain in the hiney, I guess. So.... we get to play HIS team. [Oh JOY! Oh BLISS!]

I told Jared, "PLEASE just go out and have fun! And if there are any problems, you can be assured I will yank you off the field before you lose a bunch of teeth!". Apparently this team started a fight with the other team on Monday night. One kid ran right out to the pitcher's mound to clobber the pitcher. Another player moved in to protect his pitcher and.... well, I just don't want to see that happen Thursday night. That's not what I signed my kid up for. I hope we have an extremely strict umpire who doesn't put up with that kind of nonsense. I'd make them all run laps so they're too tired to fight. hahaha. Guess that's why I'm not a coach.

So, I am praying that this last game of the season is fun for the boys. Hopefully, as parents watching from the stands, we will be able to encourage them to enjoy themselves. They're a good team of kids... I've had a fun season. Have fun, Wellington Lynx.

And Jonny? Well, he's truckin' his little heart out. He's out West right now. Had deliveries in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He's waiting for a load of pipe to come off the line and then will take it to Nebraska, where a load of meat awaits him to come to Toronto. Worked out to some good coin, so I hope it all clicks. He's loving being back on the road. I'm glad for him. He's gone through more in the last few years than anyone should have to..... he deserves something good for a change. Go get 'em, Jonny-Boy.

And as for me, I have appreciated some time to get caught up on some little things. Still have a bit more paperwork to attack, but overall I am pleased with some stuff I've got done around the house. It's not perfect by any means, but I am slowly getting things to a point where I can do some painting and updating. I've mentioned before that our bedroom still has just the primer paint..... that's been there for about 17 years. Oh well, at least I can see where the mosquitoes land on a white wall. hahha.

Well, folks, I'm gonna hit the hay. I'm really drained tonight. I have gone through this week with a truly thankful heart for so many things. Unfortunately I have not been keeping a list as I should be. (I should be keeping a list so I can write them on my other blog, My Gratitude Journal.) But as I drive or go outside or read or do housework, I spot things that I take the time to say, "Thank you for [this & that], Lord. I appreciate that."

I truly am a blessed woman.

And now, back to you folks. You have all been busy, I'm sure. Drop me a line and let me know what's up. Summer is busy and we'll soon be back in our "routines", but I miss speaking with so many of you. (And SOME of you are NOT UPDATING YOUR BLOGS! tisk-tisk). Take a second and drop me a line through the Comment section below, through gmail email, or through Facebook. I want to know how you're doing.

And I certainly will update once Blake hears from the hospital.... or if Jared wins the championship game.... or if Jake remembers his Mom's cell number......


Monday, August 16, 2010


hahahahaa..... I love it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just popping in for a quick hello.

I have spent last night and all day today and this evening on the baseball fields with Jared. He and his teammates having been throwing that ol' ball around, swinging that ol' bat, catchin' those ol' "pop-flies", and having a blast!

They won Friday night's game at a close score of 9-7. Every inning had a leader change! It was a nail biter.

Our first game of Saturday was.... well.... for lack of a better word.... pathetic. The opposing team had their ducks in a row; and although all of the boys on our team were playing, they were basically playing on their own. They didn't play as a team for the first time all season, and it showed! With an 11-0 loss, I marched to the dug out and told them to slap some smiles on their faces, to stop lookin' like they were gonna cry, and to get out there and have some actual FUN! One boy named Jake immediately had the right idea and grinned at me from ear to ear. I told the boys to take a lesson from him! hahaha. I gave Jared's pitiful-oh-boohoo-I-didn't-play-very-well face a big ol' smoochie and told him to cheer up! He told me I wasn't allowed in the dug out, but I told him SOMEBODY had to pump them up!

Second game was amazingly different. They played more organized. They encouraged one another more. They had a lot of fun. They won the game 11-1.

Sometimes it depends on the attitude of the team you're playing. In the game which they lost, the other team played a little dirtier than most, and they were out there to win it. It was a little intimidating for the boys, I think. The second game that we played today, the opposing team was much more light-hearted and out there to have fun.

Jared was playing the position of back-catcher, and one of the boys on the team charged at Jared at home plate, knocking Jared completely flat on his back. The umpire gave the boy a warning; but what really impressed me was that the next boy up to bat turned and asked Jared if he was OK. Jared told me later that two or three other boys on that team asked if he was all right.


And THAT'S what it's all about, folks!

It made it a much more fun game. I'm not saying that statement just because we won the game. I would much rather lose to a team who's out there to have fun and play a good game of baseball as opposed to a team who's out there to win at any cost. Our guys suffered a few injuries from today's first game, but they managed to keep their mouths' shut and carry on. Good boys! Cheers to you!

So, now we return to the fields Sunday morning at 8:30am. Yucka! Too early for my liking. This means we have to leave the house by 7am. This means I have to be up prior to 6:30am. This means I will need extra coffee tomorrow. This means I will need an extra nap sometime tomorrow. hahaa. Did I mention I am not a morning person??? Who let this kid sign up for baseball anyways????

And now, it's after 11pm and way past my bedtime. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, & wise wish he could have another nap.

Hopefully I'll get some pics downloaded for y'all soon. I'm way overdue on that.

..... for it's ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES YOU'RE OUT at the oooool' baaaaaall gaaaaame!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have broken a blogging law:

Thou shalt not leave thy blog unattended for an extended period of time.

I don't know if that's a law or not. I just made it up. But I know I have definitely broken it.

I have had one of the busiest weeks. And I wanted to get some pictures downloaded to the computer so I could show you some pics of my amazing little soccer goalie; but alas, it did not get done.

Then I got reprimanded by one of my sisters because she dropped by my blog and noticed I hadn't written anything in a week. Sorry Danielle. And sorry Mrs. Post. I know you're probably gonna give me a tongue lashing as well. haha.

So hubby has been home all week. He likes the computer. I can barely get on here when he's home. He's a Facebook Junky. And I can't think straight when he's home. When he's on the road going across the country as well as in the U.S., I am able to collect my thoughts. But when he's home.... well, there's just too much going on. I can't think at the computer if he's standing over my back waiting to use Facebook. He'll deny all this, but I assure you, it's true. Mostly. [grin]

Also, my little Jared has kept me hoppin' the last week. We had soccer games or baseball games EVERY SINGLE NIGHT last week. Then we had the big soccer tournament this past weekend. Of course those kids did so well on Saturday, we moved on to the semi-finals on Sunday. Then they made it through semi-finals to move onto the finals. After an exciting game in the (sometimes pouring) rain, they reigned (or in Sunday's case "rained") victorious!!!! Congratulations to the U16 Division of the Prince Edward County Soccer Association for 2010. Wahooo!

Jared played the position of Goalie and made some amazing saves. There was even a shoot-out in the semi-finals, and it was a nail-biter. Jared was, of course, in net for the shoot-out, and I'm sure my sisters and I held our breath each time the ball was kicked. Then when it was our team's turn, the coaches (Jack & Tristan.... two super-D-duper fellows) had Jared take a turn at kicking; and fortunately for us, he scored. I don't think the kids realize how hard that stuff is on their parents' nerves! hahha

And not just the parents' nerves.... the aunts and uncles too! My sisters and their husbands came to watch the game with Jon & me. They brought all their children as well to cheer on Jared and his teammates. It was a great day. Some of the parents in the U13 Division were having so much fun in the pouring rain, they started to do a "wave". It was great fun to watch. What a blessing.

Jeb, we are so proud of you. You are a great athlete and a great all-round kid. We love you very much.

So THIS weekend we gear up for the baseball tournament. I am hoping for good weather, as there's a slight chance of rain. Umbrellas and rain suit are in the trunk of the car.... JUST in case!

I registered Jared for house league hockey today and am already anticipating a good season. He's leaning towards house league this year rather than Rep because, although he loves the position of Goalie, he also likes to get out and be a player on the whole ice. In house league, there are usually enough goalies to share the positions. Ooooo..... just TALKING about it is getting me excited for the season to begin.

Jacob is certainly loving his job in Georgetown, although he is not making wise choices in callin' his Momma on any sort of regular basis. Even an IRREGULAR basis! I did get a call from him tonight. He wanted to know what vehicle I was driving. I said, "Why? Did your father find my car keys in his pocket?" Jon used my car today but forgot to leave the keys at home. He headed to Georgetown in the transport to visit with Jake and to find out why Jake's pickup isn't running properly. Jake found my car keys laying on the passenger seat of the transport. Jon has no idea how they got there. (Duhhhhh....).

For you folks that don't know, Georgetown is a three-hour drive from my house. And Jon is headed west this week to British Columbia! Fortunately I had an extra key in the bottom of my purse. (Mikey.... you're so right: He's a treasure!)

Just razzin' ya, Jon. Don't worry. I'm not gonna get rid of you..... yet. [wink]

Blake is doing o-k-a-y in the health situation. He's been feeling fairly well, but this week he's slowing down quite a bit. He is due for his 3rd dose of Remicade this week; however, we don't meet the specialist until Friday. THAT means there's no chance of getting a dose until next week at the earliest. Argh! He is starting to feel some discomfort in his tummy, and is having some slight pains in his back. His energy level is dropping quickly as well. I know that with the next dose, things will perk up again; however, we STILL haven't heard anything from the wonderful Government of Ontario with regards to the funding. This means that the doctors will have to admit Blake AGAIN to hospital for his treatment. We are praying it all moves along quickly, as he will be returning to New Brunswick to college in September.

We are still being blessed by people's generosity and prayers. Last Friday night Blake and I played at the tent service at Wesley Acres. We played "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" during offering. We played it "fiddle-style"!!! Then Blake gave about an 8-minute testimony as to what he and Jesus have been up to in the last year. :o)

He spoke about God's faithfulness during this difficult time in his life. We finished the testimony with playing that beautiful hymn, one of my favourites, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". (You're probably listening to it right now, or it may have just finished, as it should be playing as background music on this blog.) I was so blessed to see the congregation rise to their feet and give Blake a standing ovation. And it seemed to go on, and on, and on. What a blessing. People really truly care. And people are blessed when they see and hear how a 20-year-old boy (remember, he's always my little boy) gives praise to our God even in the hardest, darkest times of his life. Thank you, Lord. How blessed I am!!!!!

Besides chauffeuring some boys here and there, I have been busy de-cluttering my house, and the last day or so I've been working at some paperwork. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I'd rather shovel manure than do paperwork. But it has to be done. I was planning on doing more tomorrow, but I have to run some errands for Jon and then I should get the grass cut since I won't have time to do it on Friday or the weekend.

I'm also battling a terrible toothache. I need to desperately see a dentist, but I am putting it off. Our dentist retired and I do not care for his replacement at all. I am considering another dentist clinic not too far from our home. I think I'd better make the call and get this looked after before I get an infection. My poor ol' teeth. I think I'm soon gonna be toothless!!!! They're all cracking and breaking. Geesh. I'm fallin' apart, folks. But for now, Tylenol #1's are my best friend. hahaha.

So, I guess I'll go find a few pictures to add to this post. Again, I'm sorry for breaking the blogging law. I will be more faithful..... for Danielle's sake. And for Mrs. Post's sake. And for my own sake. I miss "chatting" with you all. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer. Drop me a line and let me know what's been your hi-lights of the season.

Take care and... keep your stick on the ice.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So.... What's Up????

*UPDATE - (early evening, Aug 3/10)
With regards to the liver transplant for our friend, Charlie, the donor's liver was not in good enough condition for the transplant. Charlie did not receive his new liver today. He is back on the list awaiting another liver. Unfortunately, someone must pass on in order for Charlie to receive his transplant.... it's very difficult to know exactly how to pray in a situation like that. We don't want anyone to perish just so another person can live; so we pray that the Lord's will be done in this situation. Thank you to those who prayed. Please keep Charlie on your prayer list. God's timing is always best.
What a week!

On the one hand, I feel that it's been very relaxing as I've puttered along in getting a few things accomplished.

On the other hand, I feel like it's been go-go-go.... off to this and off to that.

How is that possible?

Must be this humidity affecting my brain cells.

I've posted some videos lately, but I haven't really taken the time to update you on our crazy lives here at The Found Estates.

Let's start off with Jon. Today he has left for Toronto. Late last night our friend, Charlie, received a call from Toronto General that a donated liver awaits him! Charlie has been in need of a replacement liver for quite some time now; and as of this afternoon, he will receive a very dear gift from a stranger..... the gift of life.

Jon drove Charlie and his wife Jessie to the hospital this morning (they're on their way as I type) along with one of their daughters, Niki. The other daughter, Ashley, and her son, Jordan, will stay here in The County and wait by the phone. Their son Jeff is working with Jake up in Georgetown, and I'm sure he'll be anxious as well to have his cell phone ring as the day progresses.

It's certainly an exciting time for the family, but not without a few worries, I'm sure. Jon said there is a 20% risk of things turning for the worse; however, we will remain faithful in believing that Charlie falls into the 80% category. It is my understanding that he should go into surgery by late afternoon today. Please pray for Charlie [right now would be a good time] as he goes through this extremely serious health situation.

Jon was extremely honoured to drive them up to Toronto. He took Charlie with him on his last trip out West, to British Columbia, and back in the transport. He felt like he was more of a babysitter for Charlie, (and if you know Charlie, you know what I'm talkin' about!). But today he is thrilled to be able to help his friend out in this situation of his life.

Friends, please ensure that you discuss with your family about donating your organs should you pass from this life. You will be helping out someone else in desperate need. You will be a blessing, and the recipient and their family will be eternally grateful.

Speaking of grateful, we are so pleased that Blake's health situation seems to be coming along. He's still not 100%, of course, but certainly on the mend! He forgot to take his pills the last two days, so his little skinny face is as plump as a 400-pound man's! hahaha. Looks like I'm gonna have to start being on "pill patrol". He's always been so good about it, but obviously not THIS week!

(No!, this is NOT Blake. No!, he is NOT this swollen. Yes!, this IS an adorable baby!)


Blake's face has also broke out in extremely terrible acne. They say it's not related to Crohn's Disease, but SOMETHING is wonky for sure. I think I'm gonna take him to the pharmacy later today and we'll check with the pharmacist about what we can do. It's so bad right now, his face is literally sore to even touch. Poor kid.

No news yet from our dear government regarding the approval of funding for his Remicade. Grrrrr. Next clinic appointment with the specialist is August 13th, so if we haven't heard from the government, I am presuming they'll admit him for the next dose. He leaves for school the first week of September ([sigh]...already????) and will need that dose before he leaves!

I NEVER in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd run into such a situation in CANADA, of all places! BIG wake-up call and reality check!!!! Frustrating, but we must just go one day at a time...... God is still on the throne.

My Jacob was home for the weekend, although I didn't get to see him much. He returned home Friday, but Jon and I were away from Friday to late Saturday night. I saw him for a bit on Sunday and then he left Monday right after the lunch hour. He seemed on a bit of a downer..... I'm thinkin' it's "girl issues". My best advice? You're only 18. Concentrate on this wonderful job you have, save all that money you're making, and forget the women for now. We're nothing but trouble and can seriously mess with your head! hahaha

Seriously though, he is LOVING his job at Darron's landscaping business. I'm so glad about that. Darron loves having him and Jeff around..... it's like he's got a couple of his own sons. Darron told Jon, "This has been my best summer EVER! I'm really enjoying having them here." I think I'm gonna send Darron an invoice.... renting out my son to him. haha.

Jared has been extremely busy the last few weeks with Facebook, MSN, and Texting. [a-hem!] He is almost consumed by it, actually! The phone never leaves his pocket or hand, except when he is on the soccer or baseball fields..... oh yah, AND the shower. Other than that, it's glued to him. I finally had to take the cell away from him last night at beddy-bye time...... I can't believe the teenagers that are up at 1am... 2am.... 3am..... 4am..... TEXTING!!!!! Hey kids! GO.TO.BED!!!!!

Looks like Momma is gonna have to set some new rules. One more month and we'll be into the school routine again. All the cell and computer rules will be changing for sure!

Jared is certainly enjoying his soccer and baseball games, and I have enjoyed watching him. He is an excellent athlete, and I am very proud of him. One of the moms at soccer last week sat near me and said, "My son said, 'Oh no! We play against FOUND tonight!!!!!!'" hahahhaa. I thought that was cute. I can assure you, folks, that my children did NOT learn their athletic skills from their Momma!!!!! Musical genes came from me and my Mom....... Athletic skills, I believe, were passed down from their Great Great Grandpa Davey (Jon's paternal Great Grandfather). Apparently he was a baseball player. No athletics in my genes. The only sport gene I inherited was my fast car driving skills from my stock-car-racing Dad! (Go #333!!!)

Jarey's tournament for soccer is this weekend, and the following weekend is full with baseball. This week we have soccer and baseball every single night. What on EARTH will Jared do when it's over? Guess I'd better start a chore list! haha

Now a quick update on the "adopted sons"......

Justin - On Friday, Jon and I travelled to Pembroke to spend time with our "adopted son" Justin and his family. Justin's sister and fiance were having an engagement party, and Jon and I decided to have a nice evening away together. What a relaxing time we had. Thank you to the Lewis family for spoiling us once again. We have such fun with you all!

Matthew & Chris - These two boys are hilarious. They hung out here on Sunday afternoon and evening, and on the way home we stopped for some bridge jumping at the Milford Bridge. They're good boys. These three crazy kids have grown up together since early school age, and they are on the same baseball team as Jared this year. I so enjoy it when these boys visit. Funny. Honest. Polite. Kind. Entertaining. All-round good boys.

Brad & Billy - I haven't seen much of these two characters all summer. (What's up with THAT, boys???) Brad is very busy working in carpentry, while Billy keeps busy in the "restaurant" business of "fine foods". (I put that in quotation marks because I'm referring to McDonald's! haha). Both Brad & Billy have girlfriends, so I'm sure that's what is keeping them busy this summer. I'm sure their young sweethearts, Autumn and Julia, are keeping them in line. (Good work, ladies).

And ME????..... just trying to keep up with everyone else. Lots of to-do projects, but the humidity prevents me from even starting them. I think once I can get the boys back to school, I will feel more like tackling the big jobs. I'd like to paint my bedroom for one thing! (Still has primer paint...... for 17 years now...... oh well!)

I will be painting the interior trim and doors in the house as well. They're in desperate need of a colour change and freshening up. Probably the next big job after that will be ripping off all the kitchen wallpaper and repainting. That will be a big job, but I really think once everyone is back to school, I will whistle right through it. Please, friends, hold me accountable! haha.

With today's humidity, I'll be doing some inside jobs, such as cleaning and tidying and maybe some of that blasted paperwork that I keep putting off. My goodness, I absolutely detest paperwork!!!!..... DETEST IT!!!!!

I'm also gathering "junk" for my roadside FREE GIVEAWAY! As long as the rains hold off, I'll set some junk out today.... hey, that's something Jared could do! Ohhhhhh Jaaaaareeeeey......

OK, friends, must get off this computer. I hope you all had wonderful long weekends. You must click on the COMMENTS button below and let me know what is up with you! I'd love to know!

Enjoy your day, and please remember to keep Charlie's liver transplant situation in your prayers. Thank you.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Log Driver's Waltz

While snooping around on my Facebook this afternoon, I came across a link that my friend Ann-Marie had posted.

It brought back some childhood memories for me.

For those of you from outside of Canada, it's quite likely you're not familiar with this song or video, but if you are a Canadian born in the 1970's era or earlier, I'm quite sure you will remember this from The National Film Board of Canada:

[REMEMBER..... Before you start the video, scroll to the bottom of this page first and push the PAUSE button on the music]

The Log Driver's Waltz

I am scheduled to sing at a local little jamboree in late September in one of our nearby communities, and I'm thinking this song would be PERFECT!

Thanks for the link, and the memories, Ann-Marie!