Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack.......

I'm baaaaaaaack..........

and I have very much missed the opportunities of making posts to this blog! I can't believe it's been over two weeks! I have been so extremely busy.

I need to get some batteries for my camera and then I need to download some photos to the computer so I can show you what's been going on in my life.

I've spent the last couple of weeks at a construction site working with my husband and his friend. Sometimes I amaze myself as to how tough I really am. hahahha.

I also have lots of photos of my youngest son, Jared, at his Grade 8 graduation last week. He was soooo handsome. My niece, Carley (my sister and I call her "Margaret"), graduated as well from the same school as Jared. She looked so pretty. I just about cried because my babies are all done at Athol Central Public School. boo-hoo-hooooooo. Time goes on, life changes, I get older! What's up with THAT?

So, I really need to get to some household chores. I have a messy kitchen to clean up and need to get rid of some laundry that's on my bed waiting to be folded. I'm covered in dust from the construction site (today was our last day at that location, the demolition part is finished), and I just want to clean up and get comfy in my pajammies. Mikey and Jonny and Jakey & Jarey are all sitting on the deck (I can't imagine they'll be there for too long.... mosquitoes will be moving in shortly!), and Blake is at a Bible Study at the church. I splurged on pizza tonight for supper because we didn't get home until well after 6pm and there was nothing in the fridge to eat. Oh man, that pizza tasted great.

Let me wish all of you a Happy Canada Day for tomorrow (which reminds me...I'd better get a flag put up outside!). I think Jon & Mikey will likely go to work for part of the day. I'll stay home and see if I can get the floors swept and some laundry done and then Blake & I are supplying music for a friend who is singing at a Canada Day celebration in the evening.

So hopefully you should have some interesting posts to read coming up soon. I just hope I remember to buy batteries for that camera! Probably I can somehow insert the memory card into the computer, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. Danielle? Why isn't my card the same as yours???? Technology = confusing.

Have a happy holiday everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Full House.... Of Boys

You already know that the only females in the house are myself and Katarina (our kitty-cat). So it's usually a house full of boys anyways: Jon, Blake, Jake, Jared, and Mick & Duke (our doggies).

But lately there's been a few more 'boys' hanging around here. You know from previous posts that Justin (one of my "adopted" boys) lived with us for part of March and April. (Hey Justin..... we still miss you! How's life at "the cottage"? Catch any fish? Call us and come over for supper!)

Well, now Mikey is staying with us. He's an old friend of Jon's. He's "Mikey-the-nice-guy". That's my nickname for him. He's a fellow truckdriver, and in all the years I've known him, he was always very respectful and polite when we chatted on the phone or if I happened to run into him for a quick visit over the past two decades. I said to Jon years ago, "Mikey isn't like all your other buddies.... he's very cordial and is very respectful and courteous and doesn't have a 'potty' mouth". Jon laughed and said, "Oh, he's got YOU fooled!".

Well.....Mikey is living with us for a short time, likely most of the summer. He lives about a four/five-hour drive north of our home, and he's coming down here to work on the construction site with Jon through the week and travelling home on the weekends. (I've been working at the construction site with Jon & Mikey today and last week, so I'm not really acting all girlie-girlie lately!)

Mikey's a very funny fellow and is a good friend to Jon. I've come to realize that Mikey is just as crazy and "potty-mouthed" as the rest of Jon's friends, but he's still a pretty cool guy so he gets to keep the name "Mikey-the-nice-guy".

And by the way..... I might refer to Jon's friends as crazy, but I'll tell you that they are a GREAT bunch of guys, and if I ever needed ANYTHING, I know that they'd be here in a minute to help me! If you ever get stuck on the side of the road and need help, you can feel pretty safe when a truckdriver stops to help you. They're really great guys and really form a family relationship with each other out there on the road.

Anyways, I'm off track.

So Mikey has moved in. And tonight, Blake has a few of his friends over..... his GUY friends. Blake has many female friends as well, but tonight is a "guy" night.

We have Billy (one of my "adopted" sons), and Travis, and Jordan, and Pat; and there are a few more that could show up at any time (Jack, Zach, Curtis..... and who knows who else!)

They have been playing poker at the kitchen table (but not before Billy and I taught Blake and Jared how to play euchre.... I LOVE that game!). And they have just moved to the back deck to play cards outside. It sounds so good to hear them laughing and joking and being silly. They haven't got to the belching and flatulating yet..... do they still do that when they're 19-ish? Oh goodness, what am I thinking? Of COURSE they do.... it goes right on into manhood. It just never stops!!!

So even though I GREATLY appreciate my time with my sisters and my Mom and my nieces and my girlfriends, I must say that there is just something about hanging out with the guys.

Someday Jon will return to his trucking career and hang out with his buddies on the road, and someday my boys will be grown and gone and won't need their momma every day. THAT will be the time that I can focus on "hangin' with the girls".

Until then, I am going to try and appreciate every moment with all these fellows that hang out here..... and that includes the times that I have to pick up dirty underwear and wet bath towels off the floor and remind them to say "excuse me" after they belch or flatulate!

(OK, Lord, I just typed that I will appreciate the underwear and wet towels.... Help me not to get angry the next time I find them on the floor, okie dokie????)

So, if I were playing poker with them tonight, I can guarantee my poker hand would be "a full house"..... of boys. And you know what?

I LOVE it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mental Note: God Is In Control

On my bathroom countertop sits a little "easel" with 365 notes, one per day. Each note is dated for each day of the year. Some days show Scripture references, some days show a quote, some show a prayer.

Today, I'm just not quite myself and can't put my finger on what's going on inside this beany little cramped-up brain of mine. I just feel..... [sigh].... I don't even have a word.

I had just finished brushing my teeth and glanced at my easel. The hair dryer must've hit it and blown a few pages over because it's showing June 14, and today is only the 12th.

Here's what it says:

Lord, I pick up burdens that I don't need to carry and I am anxious when I forget that You are in control. Thank You that I can lay this load at Your feet, and with Your help I will not be overcome. Amen.

So, to my friend that I "spoke" with this morning who is going through something of her own, I am typing this post, not only for myself but, for you as well.

It's important to remember that we are not going through things alone. And I think one of the biggest things of being a follower of Christ is to be there for one another. Jesus commanded us to love one another.

So.... I'm hanging in there. And to my friend? You hang in there too. And for anyone else reading this post who seems at wits end today, let's all grab onto the following verse and hold on:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. (Prov. 3:5-6)

Chin up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Laundry Mountain

There will be NO EXCUSES today for not climbing Laundry Mountain. I have slacked at it for over a week now, and I can't stand it any longer.

This is how it begins:

These items are supposed to go in here:

Add a little of this:

And THIS is what you should end up with:

Actually, I usually don't have too much of a problem getting the laundry to this point. However, getting it to it's proper destination is usually a problem.

So, the kids are searching the piles of clean laundry to find something to wear. Why can I not just put it in their dressers and closets after it comes out of the dryer???

Maybe if I had a closet like THIS, I'd be more inspired.

Naaaah, I doubt I'd be any more organized. But if I WERE organized, I'd have more time to play with my laundry and do things like THIS:

I can't get the clothing simply folded and put away; so, honestly, how on earth does someone find the time, or even the idea, to come up with this kind of stuff??????
So, I'm posting this, then heading to Laundry Mountain. I WILL succeed. I WILL conquer the Mountain. I WILL fold and I WILL put away.
But then I think of this quote:
“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?” Anonymous
OKaaaaaaay.... OKaaaaaaay.... I'm going! I'm going!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

'Round 'n 'Round The Roundabout

Today, Jared has two of his best friends over at our place.... Matthew & Christopher. Y'all know that Matt's one of my "adopted" sons, and well, Chris is like an "adopted" son too. This is a picture of them from last Fall.

l-r - Jared, Christopher, Matthew

These boys are absolutely hilarious when they get together. Today, we were on our way to town for a soccer practice. The boys are all on the same team.

On our way to the practice, they noticed their teacher's car at the school, so they started yelling, "PULL IN! PULL IN!" So..... like a good mother, I pulled in the school driveway but not before coaching them to stick their heads out the sunroof and out the windows.

(What a good example I am!)

We could see their teacher through the window and we sat there waving and honking the car horn, but he was off in la-la-land listening to music and couldn't hear the honking. Finally he glanced up and noticed us. We chatted for a few minutes then raced to the practice, which we were ten minutes late for! (Sorry, Coach)

(Again, what a good example I am!)

After the practice we headed to the No Frills grocery store so I could grab some burgers for supper. The boys had mentioned that while I was in the store, they might lie down on the parking lot pavement to see what people would think, (oh brother!) so I parked at the farrrrrrrrrr end of the lot where they wouldn't get run over!

I came back after getting the groceries to find Matt and Jared in the trunk of my car!

Yes, they're crazy.

Then they were excited to go on the new roundabout.

"Can we go around two times, Mom?????"

Oh well, it's cheaper than a trip to Canada's Wonderland or the Picton Fair!

This is NOT The County's new roundabout, but it's very similar.... except I think this photo must be from England perhaps. (Hey buddy, you're in The County.... you're goin' the wrong way!)

So we went 'round 'n 'round the roundabout a couple of times while they hung their heads out the window shouting "weeeeeee.... weeeeeeeeee..... weeeeeeee....".

Morons. a-hem Silly children.

Then they were sticking their heads out the car windows like dogs whilst the radio was cranked to The Cars singing "Let The Good Times Roll". How appropriate for that particular song to be playing while their heads were hanging out the window and getting bugs on their teeth acting so funny.

So as we approached the last three kilometres from home, the kids started wondering if their teacher was still at the school (now two hours from when we first annoyed the poor man).

We check.

Yes, he's there.


This time he's seated, facing the window, so he sees the crazy people approaching. We chatted again for a few minutes through the little window that the teacher seemed to have trouble opening (simply pull the window UP, Sir!), then we headed for the hills for home.

Now they're downstairs playing X-Box, laughing away. It is SUCH a nice sound to hear.

These young fellas have made me laugh like crazy today. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to them.

I told their teacher, "They're keeping me young!".

Either that, or I'm slowly going insane!

Take your pick. :O)

OK, So I Played Hookey Today......

Yah, that's right.... I played hookey today.... not hockey, but hookey. I cheated and didn't go to church this morning.

Jon suggested we all go to breakfast this morning at the restaurant in Cherry Valley. Our friend, Tommy, owns it and he has a good breakfast deal. Well, apparently everyone else thinks the same because every table was full.

So off to the next closest restaurant, Michael's. Well, the parking lot looked quite full, so on to the next favourite breakfast spot, Mike's. Well, the parking lot was full, but it's a small parking lot. So we parked across the road and got into the restaurant..... every table was full.


Look folks, I just want some bacon and eggs with homefries, OK???? This is the third cotton-pickin' restaurant in a matter of 12 minutes!

Well, there was a group leaving their table, so we lucked out. Sat next to some local friends and had a nice visit.

One of the unfortunate things we discussed was the death of a local County fellow, Wayne. He died yesterday and actually lives a stone-throw from our place here in the south end. (That's TWO fatalities of neighbours and friends in the last month. Our friend, Jeff, was run over by a neighbour in his pickup.... stop the tragedies already!)

This fellow that died yesterday, Wayne, was on a hunting trip with friends in the Bancroft area, and the story that we heard was that his brakes failed on his four-wheeler and he went down an embankment with the four-wheeler landing on top of him, severing his leg. Friends could not stop the severe bleeding before help could arrive, and he ultimately passed away. He had just sold his farm and was planning on working for my brother-in-law's family business, which includes working on the big pea harvesters this coming week. I'm guessing Wayne was probably in his 50's?

It's sad how our lives can change in the blink of an eye. We have it all planned out, but the Lord has the plans for our lives. We should never take our lives for granted.... but we kinda do, don't we?

The brakes have not been working properly on our own four-wheeler for quite some time, so I won't let the boys use it, except to chase ol' Duke out of the woods and off the back road when he decides to leave the property. So, this accident with Wayne, I'm HOPING, will be an eye-opener to my kids as to how easy it can happen, whether you're an experienced man who's been around vehicles and machinery for five decades or whether you're a teenager. They get so angry with me when I won't let them take the four-wheeler here or there. "I'll be FINE, Mom!" is what I hear. [I HATE those words!]

Accidents happen.

And THAT's why, boys, when you leave the house, I always say, "Be careful!". I'm a MOM, and THAT'S MY JOB.... to remind you to be careful. I know it seems redundant, but, well, at least I've reminded you. So.... humour me!

So folks, if you have a moment, could you pray for these two late gentlemen's wives and grown children? Jeff's wife is still adjusting, I'm sure, to being a widow; and Wayne's wife and children and extended family are making funeral arrangements today, I'm sure.

Father, please help these families to lean on You for comfort and strength. Help them bear this pain of tragedy. Protect our own families, Lord, from accidents and sickness. Help us to appreciate each day, each moment, and to trust You with how our lives unfold according to Your perfect plan. Amen.

Well, I should get to some light tidying up today. I need to sweep some dog hair and throw in a load of laundry. Jon and Jake are getting Jake's 'new' truck ready for a safety; Blake went to church this morning, and just returned home; Jared has two friends over, Matt & Chris, and I will be driving them to soccer practice for 3 o'clock. It's nice to have a quiet day! (Doesn't sound quiet to you, maybe; but trust me, this is a quiet day!)

Just before I sign off, can I make a suggestion to you? Go hug your spouse and your kids, or your parents..... we don't know what the rest of today or tomorrow holds. Only the Lord knows.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Got a chuckle out of some funnies that were recently sent to me.


Funny, huh?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conjunction Junction & Interjections!

Yesterday I went to Kingston with my youngest sister and her two children. My four-year-old nephew was commenting on something and said the word "convunction". He said it numerous times because our response was "we don't know what you mean, Jackson." Then my sister and I were exercising our brains thinking, "Is 'convunction' even a word????".

So I immediately thought of a word that rhymes with 'convunction' and was taken on a time warp, back to the 70's....... Conjunction Junction, what's your function?

Ringing any bells for you?

Yes, it's Schoolhouse Rock. Remember those educational "commercials" that were in between The Bugs Bunny Show and Scooby Doo?

Come along with me and take a step back almost four decades ago.

So while I'm on YouTube checking out Schoolhouse Rock's Conjunction Junction, I come across "InterJECtions!" Wow! Cool! [snicker, snicker] Check THIS one out.

Wow! Hokey Dinah! hahahhaa, what a blast from the past!

Those shows sure helped me with my phrases and clauses and my Heys! and my Wows!

Why is it that they didn't have shows like that for helping me keep up with the laundry and the dishes and the sweeping and the closet organizing..........??

.....speaking of which are not getting done because I'm sitting at this computer.....

DARN! Gotta go, folks; BUT I'll be back.... sooner OR later.... AND I'll give you some more nonsense blog posts. HURRAY!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday, Kristen!

Happy 18th Birthday, Kristen!

Today, June 2nd, would've been Kristen's 18th birthday. Today she officially would have been considered an adult. (Although, let me tell you, that little girl acted more mature at seven years old than many adults!!!)

I'm thinking that today, Jesus has planned a big birthday party for her at the Cherubim & Seraphim Community Centre. She and Rachel are decked out in their prettiest flowery dresses; and the tables, where the finest feasts have been prepared, are adorned with beautiful bouquets of huge roses and wildflowers. The girls have BIG smiles on their faces. I rarely ever saw Kristen NOT smiling!

Eighteen years old seems, on one hand, to be such a short amount of time (especially when you're MY age!). Yet, on the other hand, it can feel like such a long time.... especially if you're a kid just wanting to "grow up". (Kids: Stop trying to grow up fast! Trust me.... it goes way too quickly!)

But just think about this: When we get to Heaven, we will not even think about time..... there will be no such thing. The only measure of time will be ETERNITY. And I don't believe that we, as humans, can fully comprehend eternity because everything as we know it comes to an end sooner or later. In Heaven, 'time' will just go on.... and on..... and on..... and on..... and on..... forever ...... and ever..... for an eternity!

But for today, there is one major party happenin' in Heaven because one little big girl is very special indeed.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie-pie.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm The Proud Momma Of......A GIRL?????

A GIRL????

No, can't be possible.

I only have BOYS. Three BOYS.

Well, I MIGHT have girls.... in Heaven. Two of our babies passed away in their first trimesters, and ultrasounds were not as advanced as they are today, so we never did know their sexes....so I MIGHT have girls.... but not here on Earth.

So WHYYYYYYY...... tell me WHYYYYYYY...... is my SON trying to look like his pony-tailed-cousin Abby????????

And WHYYYYYYY does he have a shiny gold tooth in picture #1???
What did those Newfoundlanders DO to MY BABY BOY??????????