Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change In Plans - Dose is NOT a 'Go'

We had a little change in plans today.....

We got to Kingston (and got there EARLY, I might add!) and chatted with Nurse Jane (very nice lady), and got some preliminary stuff reviewed and out of the way.

Then the topic came up about not getting an infusion when you have any infections (which we already knew); but when we mentioned that Blake seemed to be coughing a bit and sounded a little "nasally", the nurse decided that we'd better check his temperature.


His temperature was 38.2 degrees. She was not confident that the infusion should take place today. She hesitated, then checked his temperature again, and it still read 38.2 degrees so she made a judgement call to hold off.


She felt bad that we'd come all that distance just to turn around and go home again. I told her not to worry about it.... I said that I would rather she not administer the Remicade if she felt there was any risk in Blake getting worse because of the onset of this cold that Blake is experiencing.

So back to the car we went and Blake suggested we go somewhere for lunch. What a great idea! It wasn't in the original plans, but it works for ME, 'specially since he was buying!

We went to Montana's. You all know that place, right? It's one of those restaurants where you can write on the paper tablecloth!

But she didn't leave us any crayons, so I used pen.

Check it out:

This is SUPPOSED to be Blake with an angry look (because he couldn't get his infusion)..... I think it's just a "hurry-up-and-take-the-stupid-picture" look.

What a nice boy to treat his Momma to lunch.

I know this is blurry, but I had a healthy caesar salad and some potato skins with sour cream.... yummah!!!!!

So, we didn't get the dose, but we had a nice lunch. And then we went to St. Mary's Of The Lake to visit our ol' roomy, Don; however, he was at speech therapy for an hour and we couldn't wait around that long because I had to be back to Picton to pick up Jared from soccer practice. So we left Don a card, because today is his 93rd birthday! Unfortunately, because of his strokes, I don't think he'll have a clue who the names are in the card, but maybe we can stop in to visit him when we go for the next infusion, and hopefully he will recognize our faces.

This is Don when we were at Kingston General Hospital a few weeks ago.

Nurse Jane says that we will likely get the Remicade infusion on Monday, as long as Blake does not have a temperature, so that's good news. I should be getting a call on Friday to confirm the appointment.

I am likely going to head back to Kingston tomorrow morning (Friday) to attend Ron's funeral. (Ron was our other roomy at Kingston General; he passed away October 24th.) Blake was going to come with me to the funeral, but he was pretty tired today, so I'm thinking he might just spend Friday resting. He has a busy Saturday ahead of him with the pancake fundraiser.

Anyways, here is a picture of Ron at Kingston General. He was cat-napping when I took his photo. I am sad that he's now gone, bless his heart.

After Ron's funeral tomorrow, I will race back to Belleville for Jared's one o'clock championship soccer game.

Go P.E.C.I. Junior Panthers!!!!

Well, that's it for tonight folks. I'm very tired and still have a mess in the kitchen to clean up. I can't believe how busy this week has been; the weekend doesn't look much better; and next week is proving to fill up quickly.

All I can say is, I'm needin' some Calgon!

Chat at ya soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Remicade Dose #2 - It's A "Go"

Received word today that Dose #2 of Blake's Remicade is a "go" for Thursday afternoon in Kingston.

Blake and I will travel down in the late morning to ensure we arrive on time, and not the usual oopsie-I'm-sorry-we-have-arrived-late-once-again/this-is-becoming-a-habit/"Fraser-fashionably" late.

I think maybe there's some sort of ladies cat fight happening amongst one of the specialist's secretaries and a lady who went to bat for us in getting a compassion dose. Sometimes certain folks like to play the hero and have to be "in the know", and I think that might be what I witnessed with these two ladies (and my apologies if I'm wrong); however, I just want my kid to get his medicine as quickly and as cheaply as possible, no matter WHO arranges WHAT.

Another lady I spoke with today, who had called to confirm the appointment for tomorrow, chuckled away at me as I referred to these two women who seem to be in a cat fight. I laughed and told her, "I just don't want to be in the MIDDLE of it (the cat fight)!" She said, "Well, it's good that you can laugh about it!"

I wanted to tell her that humour is one of the few things that actually helps me face difficult situations. I mean, if you can't laugh about the cards you've been dealt, then you shouldn't be in the game! Not that we have a choice of "being in the game"... after all, the game IS LIFE, and we're all here looking at our cards deciding how we're gonna handle playing them..... might as well laugh about it and enjoy the ride!

Now before y'all think I'm just Ms-Happy-Go-Lucky-and-I-take-everything-with-a-grain-of-salt, let me tell ya that I am NOT such a person and I DO sometimes get cranky and p***y (sorry)..... I mean, just ask Jon! I blew my stack today so wild and crazy-like, I'm surprised the folks in the north end of The County didn't stop, stretch an ear, and say, "Hey, did you HEAR that??? What in tarnations.........?"

Oh well, we all need a little venting maybe. Too bad it was Jon on the other end, but he deserved it anyways....... BUT I'M NOT GONNA GET INTO IT ON THE BLOG! However, when HE gets home...............................

Anyways, I really do want to talk to the social worker in Kingston and have her tell me exactly WHO I am supposed to be listening to and taking direction from. I don't want to mess anything up with the kind assistance of those responsible for the compassion dose, nor do I want to get on the wrong side of specialist's secretary. Both are key players in our current game of LIFE and I want to keep
happy for the sake of my son's health.

There was a great article that came out today in The Wellington Times. The reporter had come out to the fundraiser on Sunday (Thank you, Kathleen!) and wrote up an article with some pictures. I tried to find the link to the article online, but can't find it. It's in today's edition (October 28th) but the online version doesn't seem to show it. If I find it, I'll post it. If not, you local folks can pick up a copy in one of those little blue stands that are posted all over The County.

I just got off the phone with a gentleman named Keith who is planning a fundraiser for Blake. It's a country/square dance to be held in Allisonville (north end of The County). Details are not in stone yet, but I'll let you know when the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

And if you're hungry on Saturday, don't forget that the West Lake Church of Christ is sponsoring a feast of pancakes to be held at Fosterholm Farms Sap Shanty. We so appreciate this congregation's outpouring of compassion, as well as the kindness of the Foster Family to donate the use of their sap shanty. Thank you folks!

I will try and post tomorrow night or Friday to let you all know how Blake does with his treatment. I am praying all goes well and that his body continues to accept this medication so that his "guts" can heal. Please pray for his health to stay strong. With all this H1N1 going around, we must be extremely careful that he does not pick up any bugs. (I think we ALL need to be careful, but you understand what I mean, right? Any signs of infections means Blake will have to wait for a Remicade dose, and we certainly don't want to wait any longer than we need to.)

Take care everyone.

Oh yah, one final note, if you don't mind...... please Pray for Stellan. I have mentioned him before. He's a little boy who has suffered with a heart condition since before birth. I follow his Mom's blog... they're in the States. Stellan was rushed to the hospital yet once again with SVT. He's a sweetheart and needs lots of prayer. You can find MckMama by clicking here on My Charming Kids.

This is a picture of Stellan today. Bless his heart.

Stellan - October 28, 2009

Please pray for him.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodbye Ron

Tonight I received some bad news about one of Blake's roomies at Kingston General Hospital.

Ron passed away on Saturday, October 24th at 6:05 in the evening with his wife and son by his side.

I have been thinking of our roomies, Ron & Don, every day since we left the hospital. I wanted to visit them last week, but I had a migraine and nausea from Saturday right through to Thursday. Add three trips to Toronto into the mix! There was no way I was getting to Kingston last week.

So I had thought maybe since Blake and I will likely be travelling to Kingston on Thursday to get the Remicade dose (they still haven't officially confirmed that it's a go!), we might just pop by Kingston General to visit "the boys".

I called Ron's wife, Joan, this morning and just got her answering machine. She returned my call while I was at the boys' soccer games this afternoon, but her message was one of sad news.... that Ron had passed away on Saturday.

She was thrilled that I had called because she misplaced the piece of paper I had given her with my phone number on it. She didn't know what to do or how to get in touch with me.

I called her back tonight and we chatted for well over an hour! I just hung up from her about an hour ago and have been googling information about Ron's funeral details. His funeral is Friday morning in Kingston, and I am hoping that I will be able to go. I am hoping that Blake is well enough to go too, but that will depend on the treatment he receives on Thursday.

Joan and I had a lovely talk and she is comforted in knowing that Ron is without pain now. He was moved to a private room a couple of days after Blake was discharged from the hospital, and it sounds like Ron was "quite busy".... much like he was in the room when he had too much morphine and I was constantly watching him for fear that he'd hurt himself.

I think Joan said at one point she thought, "Oh I wish Michelle were here". I told Joan that if I had known, I'd have had them put a cot in his room and I'd have stayed with him, just like I did with my late mother-in-law. Then I told her that I really felt guilty for leaving Ron & Don at the hospital when Blake came home. I told her that I wanted to pack up Ron & Don and bring them to The County and I would have let her come along too!!!

Well, we had a lovely chat, and I love how the Lord brings people together... even under such terrible circumstances as being ill. Joan wants to get together for coffee sometime when I'm in Kingston, and I'm excited for that time to come. She's a lovely lady.

Oh yes, she also told me that ol' Don has been moved to St. Mary's Of The Lake in Kingston for rehabilitation. She said he's up and walking with a walker now. He started out using the walker with two nurses assisting him down the hall, but graduated to using the walker all on his own!

Joan said she went to Don's room to visit him one day, and she told him, "I see you were 'out' with a couple of women, Don" [referring to him walking the halls with two nurses]. Joan said to Don, "I wonder what Michelle would think of that." Don looked questioningly at her, not knowing who "Michelle" was. She reminded him of who I was and that I was Blake's Mom and that I helped care for him and Ron for a couple of weeks. He couldn't recall who I was. Now, folks, that actually kind of surprises me that anyone would forget ME! tee-hee-hee

Anyways, I'm hoping that Blake and I will get a chance to visit Don at St. Mary's, perhaps on Thursday. I also believe that day is his birthday and he'll be turning 93 years old! I know Don's memory was short-term because of his strokes, but I'm sure once I remind him of "the dancing girls", his memories of me will return. And for those of you just joining us on the blog.... NO, I DID NOT DANCE FOR THE MEN IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM! haha

So, for you praying folks out there, please remember Joan in your prayers as she and her family grieve Ron's passing. He went downhill very very quickly, so I'm sure things are hitting Joan a little harder than she's letting on. But she sounds like a strong woman, and I was truly blessed by our conversation tonight. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have met this sweet woman and her dear husband.

Goodbye Ron. I don't think I'll ever take morphine again without thinking of YOU!

Monday, October 26, 2009

There's A Mouse In The House!

We have one new member to add to our family......

..... at least I HOPE it's only one!

Mr. Mouse made his appearance downstairs tonight in our rec-room. Jon, Jake, and Jared were down there and I was visiting in the kitchen with a friend, Carol (Hi Carol!). All of a sudden, Jon announced that there was a mouse in the basement.

Didn't take Jon long to march right back up the stairs. hahahaha.

He stood on the stairs chatting with Carol and me.... I think he was waiting for Jake and Jared to catch the mouse before he went back down.

Jon is absolutely TERRIFIED..... and I mean TERRIFIED of mice. He would take on a big ol' bear before he'd take on an eeentsy-weeeentsy tiny little mousey. He won't even take a dead mouse out of the trap! He'll just throw the whole thing away... trap and all!!!!

Biiiiiig oooooool' Jonnyyyyyyyyy..... 'fraid of a little critter.

Well, BLAKE is the one who should be terrified of mice!

Years ago we were overtaken by mice in the house. I think we caught up to fourteen altogether that Spring. I don't mind if they stay in the basement, but when they come up on the main level.... it just 'bothers' me a bit. I figure Katarina would be happy to catch them, but it depends what kind of mood she's in... and she's one moody kitty-cat!

Anyways, I woke up one night to find the office light on and Blake is standing in the doorway with my running shoe in his hand. I said, "WHAT are you DOING?"


Freeeeeeaked meeeeeeee ooooooout!!!!!!

Downstairs is ONE thing....

Main level is ANOTHER.......


So, BLAKE should be the one that's afraid.

Nay-nay.... it's big ol' Jonny-Boy.

One time, Blake thought he'd fool his Dad. We usually put the dead mouse in a plastic grocery bag, then toss the bag in the big green garbage bag in the woodhouse.
One time, Blake grabbed an empty grocery bag and tossed in a little toy car and tied a knot in the bag. Jon had been soaking in the tub listening to us chase down this one little mouse and, by hearing our screams cheers, he knew we had caught and killed it. Well Blake tossed in that bag which contained the toy car into the bathtub with Jon, and I am telling you.... as I live and breathe!.... I have NEVER NEVER NEVER laughed so hard in my lifetime!!!!!!!
Jon jumped up in that tub and started splashing us with water from the tub! The whole bathroom wall, vanity, mirror, lights, ceiling, floor..... EVERYTHING was covered in water. He stood naked in the tub just PETRIFIED that we had thrown that "mouse" at him.
He was NOT impressed that it was a joke. But I can still recall Blake laughing his little heart out. Oh what a memory! hahahahahahaha
Needless to say, we don't play tricks like that on Jon now.... he's too old and overweight... he might have a heart attack, and one sick person in the house is about all I can deal with right now. hahaha.
So, back to tonight's episode, I could hear Jake and Jared down there trying to chase Mr. Mouse, then I heard Jake cuss (tsk-tsk Jakey... no swearing!) and Mr. Mouse got away. He escaped into the woodhouse, which is probably where he came from in the first place.

Jonathon.... might I kindly recommend you finding some type of something-or-other to put at the bottom of the woodhouse door so that no mice or snakes or other creepy crawlies come into my home???

Jon was sleeping on the couch last night when we returned from Jake's hockey game.... I wonder how many times Mr. Mouse crawled across Jon's body without Jon even knowing. hahahahahahahah...... yucka!

And how completely frightening for the little mouse! Sometimes Jon sleeping on the couch in just his underwear is NOT a pretty picture!!!!! Bet the mouse took one look and ran the other way! hahahhaahhaa

Sorry Jon.

Not really, but I'm trying to make it sound nice for all these nice readers who pop in for their Blake updates!

Speaking of which...... it was so nice to talk to many of you at yesterday's fundraiser for Blake. Nice to know so many of you are following along on our little roller coaster ride.

I will have more to say about the fundraiser, but am trying to find just the right words, and honestly, no words are able to express how overwhelmed we were with everyone's compassion! The grand total that was raised was even MORE than what was announced at the hall! More gifts of money came in! And today there were oodles of phone calls from folks who said they hadn't even heard about it and yet still wanted to give.

I will give more details in another post; I just wanted to collect my thoughts a little better, and today has been one crazy day. I haven't stopped, yet nothing has got accomplished except getting some dishes washed and dried and a trip to the bank, the grocery store, and to the car parts store...... if I have to buy ONE MORE IGNITION COIL FOR THAT CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, I'm going downstairs now to spend some time with the boys and Jon and Mr. Mouse. Blake is still visiting my Mom & Dad. He's doing well, but extremely tired today after yesterday's fundraiser. He, too, was in awe at everyone's kindness.

Look for a fundraiser update in the next day or two.

OK, off to spend time with the gang before beddy-bye. Take care, everyone.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yee-Hawww! Wanna Hear Some Good News?

Simona is my new best friend!

Now, y'all must understand that my brain has been mush for a few weeks.... months..... (some are debating that it's been "years!").....

I have talked to many doctors and resident doctors and nurses and specialist's secretaries and hospital social workers...... so everything is a little jumbled, but I believe this is how things have happened.

Doctor D realizes that we are not covered under any medical benefits; Doctor D has nurse get in touch with a social worker at Kingston General Hospital; Social Worker brings us a form to get assistance from Ontario's Trillium program; Doctor D's secretary gets in touch with me; the secretary then gets me to contact a social worker at Hotel Dieu Hospital; Social Worker is aware that we need assistance and talks to me about Trillium. Knowing that we won't have paperwork done by the time Blake needs his next dose, and realizing that we just can't shell out thousands of dollars for treatment, she suggests an option of approaching the manufacturer to see if they will offer a "compassion dose" to Blake. (Me likey that option!)

Earlier this week one evening, I received a call from a lady in Toronto named Simona who, I assume, works for this manufacturer. She said the Social Worker had contacted her and, after she confirmed some information with me, she said she would email her manager to see if they could help us out.

Just a few moments ago, at 6:18pm, my phone rang and it was Simona. She said she just had to call me because of the good news!

She said Blake has been approved to receive a complimentary dose of Remicade!!!!!



Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!!!

Thank You, folks from Remicade!!!

I am sooo elated. I love you, Simona!

I'm pretty sure we will still have to come up with money for the following dose; but at least my boy will receive "the goods" this coming Thursday for FREE!

What a relief!

I just did a bad thing to my Mom. I called her and said I had good news and bad news, which did she want first.....

She said, "Am I going to cry?" I said, "Maybe".

She said, "OK, give me the good news", so I told her about the Remicade dose being donated at no cost. She was thrilled, of course. Then I told her the bad news.

The bad news is that I have not got hardly ANYTHING accomplished today!

She hollered at me.

I laughed.

Then I hung up.



That was a good sigh. A sigh of relief.

Why, Lord, do I worry and fret when I KNOW You're in control? My stupid thick skull gets in the way so often. Somebody needs to give me a good kick in the hiney!

Anyways, gotta get back to the supper duty..... just wanted to share the good news with everyone.

God Bless!

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/24

Once again, I've neglected to post for a couple of days. Sorry.

I've been trying to get caught up on some things here at home.... seems like it's been going along at a snail's pace. I can't seem to find any energy. I remember the day when I'd get a lot accomplished. Now if I can get one or two things done, I'm surprised at myself!

Blake is still hanging out at my parents' house. I am going to visit him this afternoon because I haven't had a good chat with him all week, and I guess he doesn't see it as necessary to call his Momma! I've got some mail to deliver to him anyways. Apparently he is still feeling good. I saw him for a bit on Thursday and thought he looked a bit tired. He was helping my Uncle Roy with raking leaves at my Mom and Dad's house. But I really need to sit down at the table with him and see how he truly is feeling.

Some very kind folks in our community have been arranging a couple of fundraisers for Blake. Tomorrow, Sunday, October 25th, there is a musical afternoon at the North Marysburgh Community Hall in Waupoos. Friends are organizing a bake sale and an afternoon of music with a potluck supper to finish things off. Then on Saturday, October 31st, the congregation of a local church is hosting a Pancake Meal to be held at Fosterholm Farms Sap Shanty.

I can't believe how generous all these people are!!! We are so fortunate and blessed.

I was speaking with a lady from the Toronto area the other night. She has something to do with the Remicade company and she will be contacting me this week with regards to Blake's 2nd dose of Remicade, after she converses with her manager. A tentative appointment has been set for Thursday, October 29th for Blake to receive "the goods", likely in Kingston.

(hahaha.... after typing that sentence, I just recalled that I had a dream last night about Remicade.... but the recipient wasn't Blake, it was our church friend, Kevin S. (hey Kevin, how ARE you feeling these days?)..... and Kevin had an allergic reaction to the Remicade and his face turned the darkest colour of red and I was hollering for the nurses! What a dream. Actually, I really did read a blog last week about a lady that's receiving Remicade and this happens to her the day after she gets her dose. Just so you know, I had REALLY stupid dreams last night.... all night long.... I long for a good night's sleep! I need it desperately. So, Kevin, I'm sure you're fine.......).

OK, I am typing more than I planned to this morning.... the clock is ticking and I have to take Jared to his hockey game this morning, and we have to pick up another player on the way, as his Mom is out of town today.

I promise to post later about how Blake is doing after I've had a chance to check him out (and then get the 'real' story from my Mom, who will give me any details that Blake might just happen to 'leave out'!).

Thank you for those of you who are continuing to bring Blake's health issues before The Throne. Even though we can't see how this is all working for good, we know that the Lord will use it as such, and somehow we will be blessed by going through this trial.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eating Crow

Oh I hate it when I have to eat crow.

And I had to eat crow tonight.

I had to eat crow for Jared.

Oh, my poor baby boy.

But he obeyed his Momma, and that's the important thing.

Late this afternoon was a double-header soccer game. It was first game of the semi-finals for our high school soccer teams. P.E.C.I.'s Junior and Senior teams have both made it to the semi-finals. Jared is on the Junior team and Jake is on the Senior team.

Jared's game was first, and they played amazingly (they've played excellent all season). They won 9-0, with our "adopted son" Matthew playing in net, receiving a shut out. He was really bored for most of the game because the opposing team did not have many substitute players, so most of the game was held in one end of the field!

So, congrats to the Junior P.E.C.I. Panthers on their first win of the semi-finals.

The Seniors were playing next, and Coach Dave asked Jared to be a linesman and operate the flag, since he was finished playing and was sticking around for Jake's game anyways.

At one point in the game, Jake is running like a mad man with the ball to the net and it looks like he's got a great chance at scoring.

But.... nay-nay.... the goalie gets in his way and blocks the shot, and somehow Jake does a forward somersault in front of the net. He picks his head up a bit, looks dazed, and lies back down, face down in the dirt....and doesn't move.

Now, at this point, I'm thinkin', "Is Jake really hurt? or is he being a "drama queen" and playing up the opportunity in hopes that there will be a call from the referee for a penalty shot in favour of our team?" I mean, you just never know with that kid what's goin' through his brain.

Well, he's still laying there. The whistle finally blows, and the opposing team's goalie bends down to see if Jake's alright. Fellow teammate Brandon runs to Jake, and after a while Jake sits up, then stands up with assistance, holding his right eye, and he walks off the field to the bench.

[insert Momma's sigh of relief!!!]

Now y'all know that, being the Momma Bear that I am, I instinctively want to rush around the field to my little cub and see if he's OK. But he's 17 now, and I'm figuring Jake would think that wouldn't be cool, especially because of his fellow "cool" teammates and also the fact that there were tons of young female spectators on the bleachers.


I wait.......

and wait........

and I watch........

and I watch some more.......

and I don't see the Coach waving me over.....

and I don't see the First Aid bag come out........

so I'm thinkin' we're OK and that there'll be no trip to the Emergency Department today........

MEANWHILE, the Ref comes over to where the crowd is, and points to Jared, who is flagging, and says something along the line of "I do not want to hear that kind of talk out of you again and if I DO hear it again, you'll be watching the rest of the game from the PARKING LOT!!!"

Then I hear one of the girls on the bleachers say to one of the other girls, "Well, he's just worried about his brother."

Apparently after Jake went down, there was a ruckus on the sidelines and some things were yelled out to the Ref. You've all been at sports events, and you know that every call the Refs make, some parent or spectator has to put in their two cents.

I knew Jared had made a comment after Jake's somersault, and I had heard him make another one before the Ref came over, so I told him to button it! (I do not tolerate my children back-talking to any Refs or Coaches, or even players for that matter, in sports; and my kids KNOW that. Years ago I told them I'd come onto the field or the ice myself and haul them off if I ever heard them lippin' the Refs... and they know I'd do it, too!)

So the game finishes up a few minutes later. The Senior boys win 3-1 in an excellent game.

Jared needs to return the flag to the Referee, so I said to him, "Jared, you go and apologize to the Ref for your comments." Jared politely mouthed the word "No" to me and shook his head. I said, "You will apologize right now to that Referee for your comments or I'll walk you over there myself!"

So, Jeb walks over to the Ref, returns the flag, and I see him say something and the Ref answers back, and everything appears hunky-dorey, and I am proud of my son for apologizing for his behaviour.


A fellow parent, who we had been watching the game with, said to me, "Michelle, the Ref wasn't speaking to Jared when he made that reprimand. He was speaking to another parent.... THAT guy over there...", and he pointed at a parent leaving the field with his wife. I said, "Are you SURE? because it sure looked like he was talking directly to Jared." He said, "No, the parent was standing sort of behind Jared, but the Ref was talking to the parent, not Jared!"

Ooooooooh brother..............

Or should I say, Oooooooooh son................

At this point Jared is walking back across the field in my direction. I went to the field to meet him and said, "When the Ref was talking about watching the game from the parking lot, was he speaking to YOU? or the parent behind you?" Jared replied, "The parent behind me." I said, "Well then WHY did you apologize to the Ref if you didn't say anything?" Jared said, "Because I DID make a comment when the play happened, but the parent shouted something out louder and the Ref came over and gave HIM trouble."

Is that crow I smell cooking?

Yes.... it's crow.

Guess what "I" am eating for supper!!!!!

I grabbed my baby boy and apologized and gave him a big smoochie and hug right there on the field. I told him that I thought the Ref was yelling at HIM and that's why I was "suggesting" that he apologize.

Now, as it turns out, Jared DID make a comment anyways, but I STILL feel like I need to eat crow.

So, wanting to make sure I can sleep tonight, I decide I'm going to talk to the Ref about this, since he's only about 15 feet away from me.

I politely asked him if I could clarify something with him, and he was most kind and understanding. He assured me that he had been reprimanding the parent and said that he would NEVER speak to his linesman that way. He said he hated to even talk to a parent that way in front of students, but sometimes things can get a little out of control at games; and since he felt the game was going very well, he wanted to keep the crowd under control. I told him I most CERTAINLY understood. I really think the reason that many kids are problems today is because they have parents who are disrespectful to those in authority at sports games.

I told the Ref that I made a big mistake with my son and that I would have to make it up to Jared by baking him an apple pie. Jacob says to PLEASE not bake them ANYTHING!!!!! hahahhahahaahaha (By ME baking something, I hope you all realize that it means I would pick up a frozen Farmer's Market pie and simply turn on the oven! hahaha... I don't bake pies anymore!)

So, rather than apple pie, I'm thinking a big huge slice of humble pie is in the works for me!

But I'll tell ya, I sure am proud of my Jebby for obeying me and apologizing to the Ref. I've got darn good kids, let me tell ya.

And Jacob's injury? A huge big welt under his right eye. It's about the size of a killdeer egg.... OK, maybe a robin's egg.... but he's so tall now and my eyesight is getting worse, let's just go with a killdeer egg size to make it a good ol' injury. Goalie's cleat connecting with player's face..... I'm surprised it's not the size of an ostrich egg!

Killdeer egg

Now if y'all will excuse me, my humble pie is being served......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Becoming a City Girl

Yes, I know.....

I haven't blogged since Sunday.


Remember Sunday's post called Runnin' on Fumes? Well, I'm still runnin'. But I let Jon do the driving.

Monday morning we headed to Whitby to get Jon's passport ordered. We get all the way up there, the lady takes one look at his birth certificate and says, "We have a problem."

Really? WHY does THAT not surprise me????? We ARE a Murphy's Law family, you know.

With Jon carrying his birth certficate in his wallet for so long, the edges frayed and it caused two of the numbers to literally dissipate. He also carries a photocopy, which showed all numbers clear, but the lady would not accept it. Even comparing every other detail on the certificate to the photocopy, she wouldn't accept it. She said, "You'll have to get a new birth certificate. You can order it online and have it in five days".

So we drove all the way back home (for those of you not from around here, Whitby is a 2-hour car ride... one way!), and we checked it out online.

Basically the online application asked every question including "what colour of underwear are you wearing today?" I mean... REALLY..... do you need so much information to simply replace a damaged certificate? We're not applying for a new one, for crying out loud.

Then the online directions said that if there were any concerns on the application, then the government officials would waive the 5-day agreement and your certificate could take weeks to get to you.

Uhhhhh.... hello?.... we don't HAVE weeks.... Jon needs his passport in order to cross the U.S. border. (Jon is planning on returning to the world of trucking at the beginning of November. He's so excited!)

So Jon said, "We're farther ahead to just drive up to Bay Street in Toronto to the Service Ontario office and fill out the application there."

So baaaaack up to Toronto today.

Well, it's a good thing we did just that because we were blessed to have a really nice fellow assist us. First he said we had to get a letter from an employer explaining WHY we needed the certificate so fast. When we said we were self-employed, he asked where we were from. When we said, "Picton", he kindly said, "fill out the application and come back here to me and we'll get it processed for you".

Thanks, Lord, for giving us the nice guy!

So we filled out the application that asked a bunch of questions in which we were not sure of the answers (Thanks, brother Dane, for your assistance on parents' birth cities). We paid our $35 birth certificate replacement fee as well as an extra $30 for shipping the certificate by the end of the week (seems to me that the nice gentleman could've waived the $30 "speed-up" fee, seein' we wuz Coun'y folk 'n all....)

Oh well. Whatever.

So hopefully the certificate will come in by Friday and then we'll drive up to the Big Smoke AGAIN to get the passport ordered. Then late NEXT week we'll drive up again to pick up the passport....

.... hopefully......

So, all I've done is ride around in that car for three days!!!!

And unfortunately, my body seems to have crashed after the adrenaline rush I've had the last number of weeks concerning Blake, and I've been battling a migraine and nausea on Sunday, Monday, and today. It's slooooowly subsiding now. I fell asleep on the couch tonight and had a good nap. My darling husband gave me a foot rub (oh I love foot rubs soooo much) and that helped me relax. Then the phone rang after 10 o'clock (Hi Mikey-the-nice-guy) and I was wide awake.

So I figured since I'm up, I'd better write a few words so that y'all don't think I haven't been writing because there's a new problem with Blake. He, in fact, is feeling wonderful. Said he's never felt better in over a year. He's been staying with my parents since Sunday and having a really nice visit.

I was so glad to hear that for the last two days, his bowel movements have become firmer. hahahahhaa. Sorry to "gross you out", but this is a very important detail, folks. After having diarrhea all summer long, and then passing a lot of blood for most of September, I am THRILLED to write that things are improving. Not sure BLAKE appreciates me writing about it, but.... whatever. Get over it, Blake. Wait 'til I start posting the naked baby pictures........

OK, it's almost midnight..... I need to get to bed. Just wanted to give you all something "interesting" to read. Guess I failed. hahahha.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Runnin' on Fumes

With all the running around I've done today, it's no WONDER that the day is almost gone!!!

I love our little town of Picton, but honestly..... did I really have to travel up and down Main Street so many times today?

We live south of Picton, about a 10-to-15-minute drive to get to town. So this morning Blake and I head to Church & Sunday School. Church is on the east end of town. Blake is going home with my Mom today, so I leave church on my own and race home to pick up Jared, who needs to go to a friend's house to work on a school project before his hockey practice. Matthew, one of my "adopted sons", is needing a ride to town for hockey, so he's going to go with Jared while Jared & his friend work on the project.

So I pick up Jared and head even further south-east to pick up Matthew. We head back to the east end of Picton. I drop them off at the friend's house. Jared needs his skates sharpened, so I told him I'd do that for him then drop the skates back off at the friend's house.

I travel to the center of Picton to get the skates sharpened. They're closed. (Shall I just mention that I meet my sister, my niece, my Mom, and my son on Main Street..... they're getting take-out Chinese Food! Hmmmph! Should've hitched a ride with THEM today!)

Anyways, I travel back to the east end of Picton to get the skates sharpened at store #2. They're closed!

I travel all the way back down Main Street to the west side of Picton, it's actually the outskirts of Picton, to store #3 to get the skates sharpened. They're open. While the skates are getting sharpened, I'm thinkin' I should stop at the grocery store next door (No Frills) to get stuff for supper and also get the car filled up with gas since the car is running on fumes (or as my Dad always said, "running on E for Economy").

Because my brain is pretty much mush right now, would you surprised if I told you that I paid for the skate sharpening, jumped in the car, and headed back to Picton without thinking of the grocery store OR the gas!? Duhhhhhhh......

So now I'm in the center of town headed to Jared's friend's house to drop off Jared's skates to him and I'm realizing that I stupidly forgot the grocery store and gas. Oh well, I'll go to the OTHER gas station at the east end of town, where I'm dropping off the skates, and I'll stop at the OTHER grocery store on the way back home.

I drop off the skates at the east end and I head back down Main Street. I stop at Sobey's, which is near the center of town, to pick up something for supper. Before heading in, I stop off at the drug store to get some meds ordered for Blake. I go to Sobey's, get the groceries for supper. They don't have one item I need, so I figure I'll stop by at Metro on my way home, which is about a block away.

As I return to the car, I realize I didn't get gas when I was at the east end of town. So I figure, I'm in the center of town now, I'll head to the east end gas station which is closer. Baaaack down the streets again. I finally fill up the car with gasoline.

Now I head baaack down Main Street towards the west end and remember that I need to stop at Metro for that last item. Mission accomplished. Gee, can I go home now?

As I'm driving south towards home, I'm looking at the clock realizing that I'll have just enough time to go home, change from my church clothes into some comfy jeans, put away the groceries, do a quick blog (yah right... a QUICK blog... haha!), and head BAAAACK into town, to the east end, for Jared and Matthew's hockey practice.

Aaaaand, I'm doing all this while battling a migraine today, so I'm not thinking straight anyways! And the adrenaline from the last two years two weeks is wearing off and I am indeed crashing fast! I feel like I'm exhausted, drained, confused, anxious, pooped, deflated, and just plain ol' good-fer-nuthin'. I probably shouldn't even be operating a car!

[Insert about a 6-minute time gap here....]

I just had to run Jon up to the garage, which is about 3km north-west from here. I feel like I've done nothing today but burn gasoline!

I'm trying to think if I've even eaten today... (shhh, don't tell my Mom!).

OK, going to change my clothes, going to get something to eat, going to get groceries put away, then going to the east end of town for Jebby & Matt's hockey practice.

Calgon......take me awaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

And if THIS post doesn't put you folks to sleep, I don't know what will!!!!! All I can say is, you probably should get a life! hahahaha.

Oh, one last thing to tell you.... you might get a chuckle out of it.

In my family lately, we're always teasing one another about how "it's not all about YOU". Well, this morning my sister, Wannett, was a guest at our church to tell of her recent experience in Africa. Before church started, as Blake walked into church and took his seat, the congregation started to applaud him, as a "welcome back, Blake". So Fraser, one of Wannett's children, turns around, rolls his eyes, and says in a very sarcastic voice, "Oh, it's allllll about BLAKE!......." hahahaha. I thought that was so funny. Sorry, guess it's not so funny when you read it. It was one of those "had-to-be-there" moments, I suppose. But it really was priceless.

OK, I'm really done boring you folks now. I promise I won't type any more posts when I'm experiencing a migraine. :O)

Now will all of you please go find something more interesting to do?... like watch paint dry?.... or watch the kettle boil?

Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Home

We're home.....

Been home since around 3pm-ish. Blake actually travelled home with his friend Travis. Travis came for a visit at the hospital, and when they released Blake, the two boys decided they'd like to have lunch. Jon was already on his way, so the boys left the hospital and I waited for Jon in the room because of all the bags of stuff we had.

I decided that since Jon was still about half an hour's drive away that I would head to the cafeteria and grab my lunch (actually my brunch... I didn't eat breakfast this morning).

When I got off the elevator, there were two other gentlemen headed down the same hall as me, and I recognized one of them as being Don's son. (Don is one of Blake's roomies). I said, "Are you Don's sons?" They looked surprised and said, "yes". I told them how my son was in the same room as Don and that I had spent the last two weeks in there too, and I told them how much fun I'd had getting to know their Dad. They kind of looked shocked! I told them how he's kept me in stitches with his humour and how I would give him "trouble" when he tried to sneak to the bathroom without the assistance of the nurses. They looked puzzled and said, "He's walking on his own?" I said, "Well, he's not supposed to... but he sure liked to try!" Don's sons live out of town and haven't seen him for two weeks, so I'm sure they must've been impressed when they got to sit down with him today and see how much he has progressed.

When I got back to the room, I told Don, "Hey hey hey! You've got a surprise in the hallway!! Your two boys are here to see ya!" Don and his two sons were meeting with hospital officials and doctors to determine if Don is well enough to live on his own. Don really wants to stay in his house, but I'm not sure if that will happen. I would imagine he'll ultimately move into a nursing home facility.

So I told Don I would be leaving before he returned to the room from his meeting. We had a nice hug and he said some very nice complimentary things to me. I felt like I was saying goodbye to my grandpa!

Then I moved to Ron's bed. I said my goodbye to him and told him how nice it was to share a room with him. I said that I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to personally say goodbye to his wife, Joan, but that I had left her a note. I gave Ron a kiss and hug goodbye and thought, "Lord, are You SURE I can't take these men home with me??"

Jon arrived and we gathered up the bags and headed down the elevator. The doors opened and there was Joan! I was able to say my goodbye to her personally and I gave her a big hug. I think I would've brought HER home too. I left her my number in hopes that she will call me with updates on Ron's health. I think maybe next week, I might have to take a little road trip to Kingston to visit "my boys". I was eating supper tonight and said to Jon and the kids, "I wonder how my boys are making out tonight........" I can't help but feel torn. Sounds silly, I know. I feel silly now just typing this with tears running down my face..... I think I might just be a tad bit overtired. But I can't help but feel blessed by getting to know Don and Ron & Joan. I am glad when the Lord puts special people in our paths.

Well, Blake is on the computer with his sweetheart in Brasil. He says this is the best he's felt in well over a year. I so badly want it to last. Looks like the next Remicade treatment will be Tuesday, October 27th. Until that time, we are to just keep taking the Prednisone, Flagyl, Cipro, and Septra. Any signs of chills or fever or bleeding or pain, we are to contact the doctors and head to emerg. Praying that he stays HEALTHY.

OK, I'm yawning and need to change the laundry. Going to bed soon. Tomorrow is double-header for Jared in hockey. Four bantam teams with only two goalies, so Jared plays two games in a row now every Saturday. That means I'm at the arena from 11:30 'til almost 2:30 every Saturday. Better dig out those long-johns.

Many thanks to those of you who have dropped off food for Jon and Jake and Jared, (and thanks for supper tonight Andrea! It was deeeelicious!) and also thanks to many of you who have forwarded money to assist with travel expenses and food expenses and also money for upcoming medical treatment expenses. Your generosity has truly blown me away. How am I ever going to thank all of you?

I am truly blessed.

Goin' Home!

This morning's verdict is that we're GOIN' HOME today.

He had his echocardiogram. Don't know the results from it yet because they only completed it about ten minutes ago. But the nurse just checked his heart rate and said it's still a little high. However, it must not be concerning them too much because of the fact that it's been on the high side since we were admitted.

The white cell count was down from 13 to 10 this morning, so Doctor Y has given us the green light. We are expected to leave some time this afternoon once all the paperwork is complete.

I will continue to update the blog over the next while as to Blake's health, so I would ask that you please not overwhelm my telephone with calls. I do appreciate everyone's concern, but I have lots of paperwork to do regarding the Remicade, and I can only imagine how much housework needs to be done. I just called Jon to arrange for him to pick us up this afternoon, and I can just imagine him at home right now doing the mad-dash to tidy up! hahaha

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about going home, actually. It's comforting in knowing that if a problem arises, the nurse is just on the other side of the door; going home makes me think of the last time I was in the house and Blake was unconscious. I'm a little scared of Blake going downhill again so fast; but now that I know how fast things can happen, I'll have him at a hospital at the first signs of anything! Doctor Y says that we should call Doctor D at any signs of pain, blood, chills, fever..... If we can't reach Doctor D in Kingston, we are to contact our own doctor in Picton, Doctor C. If we can't reach her either, we are to head to the hospital to emerg. and ensure they know Blake is receiving Remicade and needs attention. As long as I know that I'm not over-reacting or being a hypochondriac, I'll feel better about calling them or taking him to emerg.

So I need to get things packed up here so we're ready to clear out when they tell us to. Thank you for your prayers and concerns. We still have such a long road ahead of us.... this is a life-long disease that Blake will have to battle with. I'm sure life will get "normal" soon, if there IS such a thing as "normal".

But in the meantime, this time of fresh water and green grass will help to give us our strength.

Chat with you all again soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/10/15 and A Note For Stacey

Hi gang

Sorry I didn't update yesterday.... "someone" hogged the computer until quite late. (Hint: BL*KE)

I'll give you a quick update on Blake, and then I have an ironic situation that involves a blog-follower named Stacey (Hi Stacey! How did "date night" go??? [snicker, snicker]).

So, here's the latest scoop on Blakey-boy.

Today the dietician weighed Blake and said he is 114.5 lbs. That seems a little high to me, but if it's accurate, it means he's gained seven pounds in two days! (That's a total of 12 lbs.! Wahoo! First weight gain in almost two years!)

We can't seem to fill him up. He eats what's on his tray and then when I head out to get MY breakfast, he wants me to bring another breakfast back for HIM!

Doctor Y has been in every day to see us, and he mentioned today that Blake's heart rate is still racing a bit and also that his white cell count has been up the last couple of days. He was just in again a few minutes ago and said that they are going to do an ECG (echocardiogram) tomorrow, just to check things out as to why his heart rate is a little high.

They also will keep an eye on his white cell count. If it is higher, then we will likely be spending a few more days here so that they can do another CT Scan to check to see if there is a perforation in the bowel. He says that is unlikely the case, but they want to make sure of these things before they release him. I told Doctor Y that I VERY much appreciate them checking into all this before they release him because I do NOT want to get him home and then have to turn right around to have him admitted again.

Now.... in saying that..... the bonus of Blake getting re-admitted again by next Friday is that he would then receive his second dose of Remicade ($ Cha-Ching $) at no cost because he is already admitted. But if they release him, we have to come up with some moo-lah to pay for Dose #2. I was talking to a lady today who is assisting us with some paperwork regarding the Remicade and she said she is going to contact the Company (I'm assuming she meant the manufacturers of Remicade) to see if they would give a Compassion dose. So, folks, git-a-prayin' that some official person at Remicade has a big heart!

As far as Blake's physical and mental state, he's doing well with lots of energy and is just itching to get home. We had some visitors again, one of them being my Mom, and she just couldn't believe the difference in Blake! She hadn't seen him for nine days, so she witnessed quite a difference today!

Before I go, there's another thing I wanted to tell you about.

On September 4th (before any diagnosis) I received a Comment on one of my blog posts from a woman named Stacey in Kansas. She indicated that she happened to come across my blog and was reading what I had been posting about Blake's medical symptoms.

She said that she was currently reading a book called The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin and that Jordan suffered from Crohn's Disease. Stacey said that many of the symptoms I had described were exactly what this author had experienced.

In the meantime, Blake was still getting some tests done and lots of bloodwork, and then had a colonoscopy scheduled for September 14th in Belleville. He was, at that time, diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. As you all know, Blake was immediately hospitalized and treatments began. His health improved and he was home for about ten days. Then we had that scare where he became unconscious and we had to call for an ambulance. Fast forward about thirteen days to yesterday (where we're still here in Kingston hospital).

Jon and Jared come for a visit. They hand Blake a book that Jon got from his friend Charlie who got it from his friend Gord whose son suffered from Crohn's disease many years ago. Guess what the book is....

drum roll, please......

The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin.

Same book as Stacey recommended six weeks ago!

And THEN.....

Tonight at supper time, Blake receives a call from his friend Travis. (Hi Travis!)

Travis is telling Blake that he'll likely pop by for a visit tomorrow and happens to mention that his aunt was telling him about a book that they thought might help Blake.

Any guesses on the title?

You've GOT it!..... The Maker's Diet.

So, I'm taking this as a sign that perhaps I'd better read this book. So thank you to Stacey.... and Charlie.... and Gord.... (& "Mrs. Gord).... and Travis... (& Travis' aunt). I got the hint! :O)

I was glancing through the book yesterday and saw the word "spelt" as an ingredient. I turned to the wife of one of the patients in the room and asked her what "spelt" was? She said it's an ancient grain. Now how on earth am I supposed to cook stuff that I don't even know what in tarnations it is!? The only time I use the word 'spelt' is if I've "spelt" something wrong. And even then, I usually say "spelled wrong", not "spelt wrong".

Anyways, enough about that! I likely won't use ALL those recipes in there (The little town of Picton doesn't likely sell food like that anyhow!); but at least I can see what this fellow has to say about the disease. I'm pleased that Rev. Charles Stanley wrote the forward because I respect his teachings, so I'm sure the author of the book must be a pretty decent fellow with a good head on his shoulders.

On one last note, please continue to pray for our roommate Ron. His problem with the meds has been straightened around and he's thinking clearly again (Thank You Lord!); however, today the doctors did not give him such good news on his physical health. Ron said they told him, "it's just a matter of time". I could've broke down, but because I was sitting at his side when he told me, I kept a grip. I chatted with his wife a little while ago and she confirmed that Ron was correct with what he told me. But she said that she herself has suffered with cancer twice and not received treatments and the cancer went away, so she is optimistic that the Lord will only take Ron when it's the right time, despite what any doctor says. That's the way to think, Joan!

Ron, Don, Blake & I are the only "club members" holding down this fort! We've had quite a few different fellows in the room with us.

First there was Paul, he got better and went home.

Then Frank came for a couple of days, then he headed home.

Third fellow was James. He was here from Saturday until yesterday. He was getting all perturbed because Don's bed alarm kept going off through the night when Don would get up to "go for a wee-wee", as Don puts it! Well, the nurse said she could try to get James another room, which they did. I was rather quite happy about that because Don doesn't need some young whipper snapper in here using the F-word every time the alarm goes off. For crying out loud, Don doesn't even like the alarm himself, but the nurses have to keep it activated so they know when Don gets out of bed so they can assist him to the "little boys room". Good thing James didn't have an I.V. hooked up or I might've went over while he was sleeping and kinked his I.V..... Either that, or a PILLOW over his head! I hope his new roomy shouts for the nurses all night!!

So then Bill comes to join our club last night. He'd been in the E.C.U. department since Saturday. And then this morning, HE heads home.

Late this afternoon, our newest roomy moved in. Guess what his name is?.... It's Don!

So Blake shares his room with Don, Ron, & Don. And when my hubby comes to visit, there's Don, Ron, Don, & Jon!!!! Oh brother.

Well, the helicopter is landing for at least the fifth time today. That's the most often it's landed in one day since we've been here. And I'm pretty sure I heard it land through the night as well, so, this place is a-movin' and a-shakin'.

Speakin' of movin' and shakin'..... I'd better do just that and close this post. I once again have rattled on too long and bored the death out of many of you.

I don't want to see Blake in here longer than he should be; however, please pray that if there is ANYTHING questionable about his health, that the doctors will leave him here until EVERYTHING is good. I don't want to take home a boy with an infection or heart rate problem only to fight to get him back in here. I'd rather stay until all is well. I'm trying to keep focussed on God having a plan in all of this. And I'm trying not to worry about the expenses and the mounds of paperwork I'll need to get done regarding our medical expenses. I was stewing about it earlier today, but then reminded myself that God is still on the throne. After kicking myself in the butt, I am feeling a bit less tense about things, but still have a way to go. Please pray that I am not apprehensive about anything we are going through.

Oh, and one last thing.... I PROMISE it's the last thing..... While you're praying for Blake and me and our roomy Ron, would you pray for a church friend, Dale? I saw her in the hospital lobby last night. Her doctor discovered a tumour in the back of her head. They sent her to Kingston immediately for further tests. She doesn't know at this point whether there'll be surgery or treatments or what! But she needs prayer. I believe she and her husband, Lee, have twenty seven children, all very young. Please pray for Dale as she goes through her valley. Pray she gets some fresh water and green grass.

OK. I promised that was the last paragraph. No more. I'm outta here. Finished. Done. Thanks for reading.