Sunday, February 7, 2010

What Are YOU Doing Here???

Saturday was turning out to be another typical busy day.

After spending the better part of the day at the local arena where Jared had to play two house league games back to back, we headed home. I tidied the kitchen and prepared some quesadillas for supper. The Midget A Rep team was playing in Deseronto that night, and although Jake or Jared do not play on that team, we knew it would be a good game and wanted to go and support the boys' friends. So off we went.

After an exciting game we returned home to put our feet up and watch the rest of the Maple Leafs' game on the tube.
(YES!!!! 5-0 shut out for the Leafs'. Welcome Mr. Giguere!)

The phone rang. It was Blake.

Everything was OK with him. I had told him earlier in the week that I had received a survey in the mail requesting Blake to answer some questions regarding his stay at Kingston General Hospital back in October. Rather than mail the survey to him, I asked him to give me a call on the weekend when he had a few minutes, and he could just give me his answers, I'd mark the box for him, and then get the survey returned.

We were somewhere around question #6 when someone knocked on the door. I said, "Hold on, Blake, there's someone at the door". I walked to the door and, lo and behold, there's our "adopted son" Billy. He stood there looking at me with this really goofy smile on his face. I exclaimed, "BILLY!!!! HEY!!!! How're ya doin'?? Come in!!! Hey, I'm on the phone with Blake...." and I handed the phone to Billy so he could talk to his buddy Blake.

Billy takes the phone and says,
"Hey Blake, how are ya?"

Blake says, "Fine, Billy, how are you?......"

You might be asking yourself right now how "I" knew what BLAKE said while BILLY was the one with his ear to the phone.......

I knew what Blake said BECAUSE..... the little pooper was WALKING THROUGH MY DOOR WHILE HE WAS TALKING INTO HIS OWN PHONE!!!!

My jaw dropped.

Blake and Billy are BOTH laughing their heads off.... Blake is keeled right over just splittin' a gut!

I am standing there in shock, not quite sure what is happening, and if perhaps I have absent-mindedly slept the whole month of February away and woke up on March 1st, the date that Blake is supposed to be home for Reading Week.

My next thought, once I realized that I was conscious and DID have the correct date in my head, was that perhaps Blake was sick and Billy had driven to New Brunswick to bring Blake home for a treatment without telling me.

But when I realized that Blake was standing in front of me laughing, and had good colour, and wasn't all sickly-like, I knew something else was up.

I blurted out, "WHAT are you DOING HERE????"

Amidst his and Billy's tears from laughing so hard, Blake managed to say that one of his professors had to come to the area for a funeral and had contacted Blake to see if he'd like to ride with them and spend the weekend at home.

WHEW! Blake is not sick, I am NOT losing my mind, I do not have to kill Billy for keeping secrets!

So we continued to laugh and tee-hee about the whole thing for a while longer. I was still in shock that one of my baby birds had returned home to the nest unexpectedly.

Blake and Billy had already stopped at my parents' house to surprise them as well. And from the look on BILLY's face at my door, I think HE's the one who enjoyed this little scenario more than ANY of us. hahahaha. I wish I'd captured it on camera. It was priceless.

So Billy sent Aunt Danielle an email saying that he had a surprise for her, and that Mom (me) would be bringing it to church the next morning.

Dani was, of course, shocked when she saw Blake. About fifteen minutes into the service, our Worship Leader was at the pulpit giving the announcements and then shouted out "BLAKE!!!! HEY EVERYBODY.... BLAKE'S HERE!!!!" hahaha. Guess he must've been concentrating on God or something because he hadn't even noticed everyone else at the back making a fuss over Blake.

Then this afternoon, I had to take Jared to a hockey fundraiser, so Danielle took Blake over to Wannett's to surprise HER. He certainly has an excited family this weekend. Then again, it IS "all about Blake!!!!". hahahhaa

Tonight we are getting together for Super Bowl supper, even though I haven't got a clue about football at ALL, other than knowing they wear helmets and carry, throw, and kick an odd-shaped pig-skinned ball.

I don't really have football on my mind.... it's HOCKEY.... because right now I'm typing this post in the cold arena while Jared is on the ice at his hockey practice. We'll head back to Wannett's to eat and then come back here for Jake's evening game. I have no internet connection here because I don't know the community centre's wireless password; so I will have to post this later when I get a connection.

(Sorry, Jon, that I "stole" the computer from the house. I thought you'd still be working at the garage. I have a feeling you're going through withdrawal, not bein' able to check your Facebook.......)

It was a really nice surprise to have Blake home. Thank you, Dr. Elliott, for thinking of Blake and bringing him home for a few days. The world is a better place today because Momma Bird got a visit from one of her flock.

Folks, I really must go and get my gloves back on.... it's FREEZING in here. And something is wrong with the 'k' button on this keyboard.... it is not working properly and it's driving me CRAZY. I wonder if Jonny might have some popcorn stuck under the 'k' key!!!! (Jon, I said please don't eat or drink near the computer! No computer = No Facebook = Sad Jonny)

Anyways, I just wanted to share my happy news with you. Blake will head back to New Brunswick early Monday afternoon from Kingston. Please pray for travelling mercies as they will travel right through the afternoon and evening until the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Thanks, Blake, for the surprise! You got me good! (Dad thinks you're just homesick, hahahha).

Thanks again, Dr. Elliott, for providing an expected ride home for Blake.

And thanks to you too, Billy, for your part in this scheme. You're a good kid. I just wish I could've got a pic of the look on your face when I opened the door. Priceless.

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Heather from Ontario Canada said...

What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy your weekend :)