Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry....

It has been ten days since my last post, and I apologize. I have no excuse except the fact that my husband is hogging the computer, I've had writer's block, I've been working on the boys' sports equipment room, I am tired.

How's THAT for excuses. hahaha

And for SOME unknown reason, I have no choice of font or type size.... what is up with THAT? So I have no idea how this will look when I hit PUBLISH POST.
(UPDATE: Duh.... I was working in Edit Html mode..... brain cells on winter holidays.)

I've been trying to get in some type of routine lately.... it's not workin' well. I am now involved in a weekly Bible Study. We are studying Beth Moore's "Esther". I'm quite excited to be involved in it..... ANY study actually. I need discipline and need others to be accountable to. If you don't do your homework, you'll get behind at the weekly gathering; so I've been trying to keep up on it. Sometimes I have to do a couple of days' studying in one day, but that's ok. Usually once I get into it, I don't want to put it down.

All is well on the homefront. Kids are back to school today, the beginning of their second semester. Exams are done. We didn't get any phone calls from the school, so I am to assume that the boys passed their first-semester classes.

Hockey has slowed up a bit, since we lost out in the last series of games; however, Coach Staley said that we likely will be rollin' again this weekend. I think Jared will be excited to get things movin' again. Jake's games have continued on Sunday nights. He's scored a few goals lately. Two weeks ago he got elbowed in the jaw by some kid who REALLY needs to be careful to not meet THIS "Momma Pitbull with lipstick". The jab to Jake's face broke the apparatus that holds the face cage on the helmet. Jake wasn't able to close his jaw completely until the next morning. House League is NO BODY CONTACT; however, Jake said this kid, during their handshakes after the game, was going down the line saying to the kids, "I hit YOU, and I got YOU, and I hit YOU....... "Hello, Mr. Referee? Watch the news lately? Mr. Cormier, who was Captain of the Canada Junior Boys, has just been suspended for elbowing to the face...... let's keep that in mind while we're supervising the no-body-contact-House-League games in Picton, OK????" Jake would have LOVED to play Rep hockey where you can play a little more aggressively, but I just don't think my nerves could handle it!

Jon is just itching to get trucking again. Hopefully that will happen within the next few weeks. This economy is stretching everyone to their absolute thinnest! Wish my waistline could say the same thing. haha. Anyways, he's helping a friend move some old freezers today to the scrap metal yard.

I was able to connect yesterday with my youth group leader from when I was a teenager (Hi Mr. A). That is one thing I love about this technology.... being able to find old friends
(Not that you're "old", Mr. A; I already clarified that in the email. haha).

I need to finish up our many "thousands" of Thank You's this week. I'm ashamed it's taken this long. I was hoping Blake could help; but it's important he concentrate on his studies and health. We had a scare last week. Received a call that he'd been taken to hospital, dehydrated and throwing up. Not being able to reach my contact at the college, I called the local hospital. The very kind nurse gave me an update and allowed me to speak to Blake. Once I heard his voice, I was immediately calmed in knowing that it was not a Crohn's issue, but rather the stomach flu. He was given fluids and gravol via I.V. and the bloodwork came back fine. Whew! Thank You Omni-Present Lord for watching over Blake!

And thank you to the very kind staff at Sussex Hospital (especially Nurse Nancy for connecting me to Blake!). Wannett and Danielle were prepared to leave immediately to get me to his side in New Brunswick. They were relieved Blake was OK; however, they were disappointed that we couldn't experience a road trip that weekend. Don't worry, sistas, we'll get a Sister-Weekend-Away (maybe a "Sister-WEEK-Away") someday.

After all, it IS all about Blake.

It WAS about Carley for a while. Now it's Blake. Who's next???

SOME day it will be about US. haha.

Well, folks, I need to get some work done today. Just wanted y'all to know that I'm sorry I've put off doing a post. I'll get more on track. I miss my own computer. This computer of Jon's is NOT my friend. We have many battles and exchange words and beeps.... usually the computer wins.

I've even been behind on viewing the 'blogs I follow' because this computer has been extremely slow since I got it repaired, and it takes too long to download some of the pages from the web. I'm tellin' ya, these machines have minds of their own. It's more stubborn than ME, if you can imagine THAT!

So, God bless, folks. If you're a Facebook junkie, I've joined (against my will.... I joined to keep better/easier contact with Blake). Feel free to Add me as a Friend
go to the right sidebar and click on my name under the heading FACEBOOK.

'Til next time, I bid you adieu.

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