Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Soldier Down

All this talk of battle and wars from this previous blogpost got me to thinking about another song by The Isaacs, Another Soldier Down, from their Eye Of The Storm CD.

The song describes our obligation as Christians to join together and support one another and lift each other up. The lyrics are really quite moving as I picture a Christian in battle, and then another Christian comes alongside him, assisting him, being available for him, lifting him up in prayer.

Here's a video of The Isaacs from a Gaither concert, and I'll put the lyrics below it.

Another Soldier Down
written by Dee Gaskin

We're in a mighty conflict here
The army of the Lord
We must join forces standing tall
And lean upon His word
The enemy is now in view
And bravely circles round
Then comes a cry from the battlefield
Another soldier down

Go then with haste, stand by his side
And lend your strength once more
Oh bear him up with faith and prayer until the battle's o'er
The fight before the victory, the cross before the crown
Be ever watchful ere the cry, another soldier down

We've set our minds on victory, advancing day by day
With God our hope, our strategy, our fortress on the way
And at the end there is a rest, an everlasting crown
All end of fear no more we'll hear, another soldier down

Boy, that song really moves me.


David W. said...

This is a well crafted song. I'd love to know the story behind the inspiration for it. This is my favorite Isaacs song.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big bluegrass gospel fan and praise God I found this site looking for who wrote "Another Soldier Down". What a terrific site. The Isaacs have a lot of beautiful music. Three of my favorites are Is This Not The the Land of Beulah, Sweet Holy Spirit & Hear The Voice of My Beloved.
I'm a beginner Dobro guitar player and Another Soldier Down has some nice Dobro.

John Soderling