Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonny & America

Happy Birthday to my hubby, Jonny! Grand ol' #43!

And Happy Birthday to my American family & friends! [Most especially to my girlfriend Tammie in Eugene, Oregon; and also to my brother-in-law, Dane, & sister-in-law, Valerie, and their children Raymond & Katelyn (also Ray's wife Kelly) in Riverside, California!] Happy Holiday, gang!

Today is just a relaxing day for us.... finally!.... and then this afternoon we'll be relaxing at a friend's BBQ. He's having an impromptu band, and Blake will be joining them on his fiddle.

We're hoping the rain holds off, but our friend is prepared with tents to protect the band and instruments as well as the spectators. It's more on the chilly side here today, being comfortable with wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. This has NOT been the case the last couple of weeks, as we've been donning muscle shirts and shorts to keep cool.

This morning I went outside with jeans and a t-shirt to hang up an American Flag by our mailbox, and it was COLD out there! The sun was shining, but Mr. Wind is putting on a good show today. The clouds are heavy, but hopefully will just pass on through.

I know I've been promising posts on Jared's graduation and also some pics of the jobsite I was working at; however, the two double-A batteries are practically dead in my camera and I forgot to buy more. I can't download to the computer with dead batteries. So, please be patient. They're coming. Most of my followers are away at the church family camp anyways, but hopefully I'll be ready for when you return!

OK, off to finish up some laundry, do some light sweeping, and then hopefully relax. Two of the four boys are still sleeping. "Adopted son" Billy came over last night and the boys hooked up a second TV and X-Box game so they could all be on the same team (or something like that.... I really have no idea how that thing works!). They said they were pulling an all-nighter; however, I think they were all in bed by 2:30am. That's a good thing because maybe I won't have to put up with any grumpy boys today! :O) [Update as of July 4th @ 2:23pm: Apparently Blake & Billy didn't get to bed until about 4am! THAT's why they slept in for so long! Crazy kids.]

Enjoy your weekend, folks. And again, Happy Birthday Jonny & America!

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