Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sometimes, I Just Simply Don't Get It......

You ever have a day where you 'just don't get it?' I'm having one of those moments.

And it's one of those moments that I think to myself, "I wish I was presently locked inside a rubber room". I think that would be very therapeutic for me.

It'd be like...... a vacation.

And I'm imagining that the room would be a nice white rubber room. (Taimi, it likely would be eggshell white.... think that'd be a good shade? Or should I go pearl white? What say you?)

And the padding on the walls would be clean.... really clean. Almost like it'd been sanitized. Maybe with Sanifoam.... lemon scented. (But not for my hair, Taimi; just for the walls.)

And maybe a strait-jacket thrown in there, too. Just so I don't, you know, bite my nails or gnaw off the ends of my fingers, pull out my hair, gouge my eyes out.

And meds.

I'd need meds.

But specifically, what kinds?

Besides Advil or some Tylenol 3's, I've only really had some heavy-duty stuff like Demerol and Morphine when I had kidney stone attacks and kidney surgery.... (Hey, FYI, getting it by I.V. is theeeeeeee beeeeeeest!!!!).

But there MUST be some other meds that they give you when you're in a rubber room. Those meds mentioned above are pain killers, for physical pain. Wouldn't you get some kind of medicine to sedate you? You know, make your mind all "floaty" and "space-like". I simply don't know. I know the Demerol and Morphine made me feel "floaty" and "space-like". Is that what I need? This is my first official public announcement that I need to be "rubber-roomed", so I really don't know WHAT I need.

Is there an L.A. group, like A.A.(Alcoholics Anonymous)? L.A. meaning Loonies Anonymous.

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I'm a Loonie. It has been five weeks since my last melt-down.

I mean, it's quite evident tonight, at least to ME, that I have apparently failed in the parenting department and in the supportive wife department, and even in the "sane human being" department!

Is it really that difficult to get even just a little tiny molecule-sized bit of respect around here? Sing it, girlfriend.

[insert long sigh here....]

You know what?

I feel better already just listening to that song.

But I still think I need a 'vacation' in a rubber room.

I'm sure there MUST be a Scripture reference somewhere in the Topical Index under "Loonie".

But.... the Bible says that we're here for a purpose. And I guess because I'm still alive, I haven't fulfilled that purpose yet. So.... I keep pressin' on??? I guess so.

Yaaaah.... THAT's what I needed.

No rubber room for tonight......

I don't have to "get it".... I just need to press on, whether I feel like it or not.

However, I might just keep that Sanifoam on hand.......

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VictoriaD said...

Okay girl, I'm comin' with ya! I've just about had it myself :( A vacay in a rubber room sounds awfully appealing right now...however, please leave the Sanifoam at home, just can't stand that smell. I'll bring "real" hairspray for ya :P