Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Promise Is A Promise

She very politely "reminded" me that my blog posts have been pretty much non-existent lately. And she's quite right.

So, Mrs. Post, my very dear friend..... TA-DAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Here's my first post in 32 days!!!! Just for YOU!!!! because a PROMISE is a PROMISE!

March 2010 has probably been one of the most busiest months I have ever experienced! I will give more details over the next few days to update you on what's been happening with my boys and hubby with regards to their jobs and their schooling and their hockey (and their hockey, and their hockey, and their hockey......).

I seem to have been run through the wringer; however, oddly enough, I haven't seemed to have lost any weight in all the running around I've been doing. My intentions are to personally begin karate again (this week, Lord willing. Remember, Chris K., you're my official butt kicker!) which will help me lose weight and gain some muscle and generally feel better physically and mentally.

And could our dear Lord have given us any nicer weather this weekend? He completely has spoiled us with this beautiful Spring weather. The warm bright sun has been such a wonderful treat for us. I am thankful that, after church on Good Friday, we were able to just relax for the day. Jon was able to be home with us all day, and he returned to work today. He, unfortunately, will not be with us tomorrow for my family's Easter meal; however, rest assured he is "in his glory" in his truck. He's happier than he has been in a very long time. More details for you later, but here's a big Thank You to the Lord for His very watchful eye and tender hand on us through our trials over the last couple of years. God has blessed, blessed, blessed me so much.

Blake is spending the weekend in Boston, along with his cousin Sydney and friends Aaron & Jonathan, and will be visiting our friend Filipe (Hi Mora family!). They will be taking in a ball game and I believe he will also be working on some school assignments. One more month of college for him for this semester! His health is pretty good; not perfect, but pretty good. And our dear government supplied us with some very disappointing news. Again, I'll fill you in on all the details later.

Jake & Jared are right now fishing at Gull Pond with Jake's buddy, Cory, and one of our "adopted sons" Brad. Last time I was at Gull Pond was last year at this time when "adopted son" Justin was living with us. (Hi Dooley, we still miss you. Hope Alberta is being good to you!). Supper is in the oven, so I hope Jake & Jared are not too much longer.

I get to sit down tonight and hopefully enjoy a good game of hockey with the Maple Laughs, as my friend Chris P. calls them. But he's a Philly Flyer Fan, or maybe it's the New Jersey Devils.... I can't remember, so his opinion doesn't really count anyways. hahaha. I have been going through hockey withdrawal with Jake & Jared's hockey season finishing last week. Again, I'll fill in all the blanks on their hockey statuses later. Don't want to overwhelm you with too much information on one blog post. haha

I will leave you with a little blurb from my daily devotional calendar. For today it says:

Courage for the great sorrows of life,
and patience for the small ones,
and when you have laboriously
accomplished your daily task,
go to sleep in peace......
God is awake!
(Victor Hugo)

Thank you, Lord, that you watch over us constantly; you never slumber nor sleep. Thank you for loving us. Amen.

Happy Easter, dear friends. And thank you, Mrs. Post, for the "blog butt-kick".... I needed it!


Christine King said...

Members of the Mutual encouragement society!!

Janna said...

Here's one thing I need to know from you, Mamma hockey ... how do you handle it when your boys are receiving some of those tough checks and blows that they so often get in hockey? I played hockey for years, but now, as a Mom, I think I'm going to be totally freaked out when they reach the body contact age.

Michelle Found said...

Chris, call it what you like; just feel free to allow your foot to play contact with my derriere at any time! haha

Janna, response to your Dear Abby letter on post dated Monday, April 5, 2010. Hope it helps. :D