Monday, April 12, 2010

Pushin' My Attitude Button!

We're spoiled!

Today's technology has just gone and downright spoiled us.

We have all these appliances and do-dads that are designed to make our lives easier. I mean, look at these computers. Technology at our fingertips. A whole world opens up to us at the single push of a button.


today it's the single push of SOMEONE ELSE'S computer button because my "technology" is having attitude.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with my wireless connection, according to my Internet Service Provider. And because of that very fact, they will NOT offer to help me sort out my internet connection problem any further.

They have pulled out their Pontius Pilate card and "washed their hands" of the situation. One technician from our internet provider was very kind and suggested a few things to try and see if I could get an internet connection. When I called back, after trying a few of his ideas, I was connected with a different support technician who was NOT, obviously, very "supportive" OR in his "happy place" that day. He basically barked about the problem not being at "their" end, and that I should contact the folks who manufactured our router. Thanks, chump.

I did not make this matter of calling the manufacturer a priority because I had a kazillion other things to do, and we still had internet connection with one of our other computers.... although it was slower than molasses in January.

Well, new problem arose. Jake was logging onto Facebook when all of a sudden the screen looked like one of those ink blots in a psychiatrist's office. "And what is the first thing you think of when you look at THIS ink blot? What does it remind you of?" Ummm, let's see, Doctor... it reminds me that...... I NOW DON'T HAVE A WORKING COMPUTER!!!

So, I'm guessing that the HP computer (that I NEVER cared for anyways), now has a dud screen. Not sure if screens can be replaced, but since I have no extra money to fix it (is there even such a thing as "extra money"?), we're back to using the other computer that has no connection besides dial-up.

And to be honest? I'm as annoyed as an ol' hornet. I just want to connect with my buds on Facebook and check my emails..... waiting for dial-up seems to take FOREVER, plus it ties up my phone line.

And it makes getting on the blogs sooooo difficult. So much information has to download on the page before I can even begin typing.

And THAT brings me to my point. I am NOT a patient person. I know technology can give me this stuff extremely quickly, yet because I am not computer savvy and able to figure out the problem, I must sit and wait... and wait.... and wait...... I am forced to do nothing but wait until the COMPUTER is ready for me to continue.

It's kind of like that feeling you have when you're late for an appointment, but the fellow driving in front of you is out on his "Sunday" drive, despite the fact that it's Wednesday, and you try to get around him but you can't because every time the yellow line in the middle of the road allows you to pass, there's an oncoming car, then once the car has passed, the yellow line turns solid and you can't pass... and ol' Gramps ain't gonna step on that accelerator one more millimeter.... he LIKES driving at 58 km/hr in an 80 km zone. Argh. Nothing I can do about it! I must "go with the flow".....

And that's how it is with this computer situation. Waiting... with no opportunity to get around it. I have to step back and talk myself into staying calm and not get worked up. I remind myself that I am fortunate to have a computer at all. I am fortunate that I have had hi-speed service (OK, let me explain that one...... hi-speed meaning "as high as they can possibly give me in this end of the little ol' County"....), and I am fortunate that I can take those times when waiting for the computer to load up, or waiting for Gramps to step on the accelerator, to pray not only for my patience but for others in need.... for those who are truly experiencing a whole lot more turmoil than waiting for a slow computer or Sunday driver.

So, again..... I press on. I keep on living to learn and learning to live. And I'm learning that no matter how long I live, the learning never stops.

I mean, after all, it's not in comfortable circumstances or situations that I am going to learn patience; I might as well get my head around that fact.

And once my head gets around it all, I think life, and even technology, might just be a tad bit easier to handle.

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