Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Busy Boys

One would think with this "skeleton crew" on duty at our house, I would have lots of "spare time".....


At this very moment I am actually taking my first break in quite some time. I'm in the rec room in front of the woodstove and the television and the computer! ha. I have "Saturday Night Hockey In Canada" on the tube, and just watched The Leafs goalie make an amazing save. Looked more like he was playing soccer, as he bounced the puck off his body and into the air. Fabulous save.

And speaking of soccer, I must update you on my youngest son's achievements this week. Jared's game last week proved to be quite intense as the PECI Panthers battled Nicholson for the Bay of Quinte championship title. I had a funeral to attend and then headed to the game, where I found our team down 2-1. The boys worked hard to regain momentum, but Nicholson fought through and won with a score of 3-1. You can see a fabulous photo of Jared (dressed in black & white) and a write-up of the game in The Picton Gazette by clicking HERE.

But even though the Senior & Junior PECI Boys Soccer teams lost last week's games, both teams moved onto COSSA (Central Ontario Secondary School Association) in Port Hope on November 4th. I am proud to report that Jared and his teammates won their first game and moved on to the finals. After a tough battle, they were defeated by one. Congratulations on your Silver, gentlemen. First place last year and second place this year..... that's a lot to be proud of!

The Senior team won their first game and moved on to the finals as well. Tying up the game, they treated the crowd to some overtime soccer where they scored the game winning goal, taking home the Gold. Congratulations to the Senior boys for their first-ever COSSA Soccer First-Place title! I am definitely a Proud Panther Parent!!!!!

[Oh... hang on.... big fight on the tv in the hockey game between a Leafs player and a Sabre.........
OK, it's over.... two in the penalty boxes! haha]

Anyways, the rain came down for most of the day in Port Hope, and unless there's lightning, you continue to play. The umbrellas helped the spectators somewhat, but we were pretty damp for the day. Unfortunately today, as temperatures drop, I am feeling the results. My poor ol' joints are aching quite a bit. I was hoping the woodstove would help, but I can't seem to get this heat to stop the throbbing in my legs and lower back. Sign of old age? [grin]

It also didn't help that Jared had a double-header in the cold hockey arena today. He won his first game, and then stayed to fill in as goalie for the next game, which resulted in a win as well. I'm tellin' ya, that boy just makes sports look so easy. He gives it his all, no matter how he's feeling. And those glove-saves in the goalie's net make it look like he's playing baseball!

I was recently asked if I really enjoy watching my boys at their sporting events. My answer? "Ohhhhh yaaaaaaah!" I really really do love it.....; wish I was warmer, wish I was dryer, but oh yah, baby, I LOVE it. I am so proud of them. Just like when I watch them perform with their fiddles and make so many people happy with their musical talents..... it makes me so thrilled. I don't think the boys will truly understand that until they become parents themselves. Or maybe it's just a Mom-thing. I don't know. But I do know I'm proud of them and love them sooooo much.

I never stop being concerned for them. Jon and Jake delivered in Chicago this morning, and I see on Facebook that they are staying at a hotel tonight in Chicago. Jon wrote that he had a nap while Jake went swimming in the pool downstairs. After his nap, Jon writes that he went to check on Jake and saw that he was in good hands! (Apparently there was a young lady swimming as well!). So MY first thought is: "Why on earth is my husband leaving my baby unattended in CHICAGO, of all places!". I replied to Jon's comment on Facebook by stating that perhaps it would be in Jon's best interest to ensure my son's safety in that city or else his transport would be his new home! And Jake can spend the winter at home with ME!

What's hard for me to remember is that Jacob is an eighteen (almost nineteen) year old boy, and when JON was that age, he was travelling to Chicago ALL BY HIMSELF! It's no wonder his poor mother worried and never wanted him in the trucking industry. I didn't worry about Jon taking Jacob with him in the truck because they're TOGETHER; but when hubby is snoozing away and Jake is walking around by himself...... well..... let's just say I'm likely not gonna sleep well tonight. I've said this in previous posts, but can I once again state that I wish my children were still babies, toddling around at my feet?

And my eldest son that is around a 13-hour drive away is not excluded from my concern either, although I must tell you that he is doing WONDERFUL. Blake received his infusion of Remicade on October 26th in New Brunswick. By that evening, he felt considerably better! In fact, I think he stated he even felt better that afternoon! I don't know what ingredient in that drug makes it so effective, but "hats off" to the man or woman that discovered it!

Around the middle of this past week, I had sent Blake a couple of messages asking how he was feeling, as I hadn't really chatted with him much since his infusion. He said he was "fine"... his favourite word! I said, "Well, on a scale from one to ten, one being bad and ten being perfect, where are you on that scale?" He replied, "A twelve!" YIPPEEE! I was thrilled.

The other night he called and said he was interested in playing some pick-up hockey with some other folks in Sussex. I had to chuckle a bit because Blake has NO interest whatsoever in sports events. (He played T-ball as a little boy, and he played house-league soccer for about two years as a young boy; but his interests have always been more in music.) So I was taken aback when he said he wanted to play hockey. I said to him, "You realize that's the sport with the little round black piece of hard rubber that you chase across the ice with a stick while on skates, right?" hahahhaaa.

Then he informed me that their ice-time was at 10:30 at night! Oh brother. All I could think of was that Blake needs as much sleep and rest as possible with his disease, yet he's heading out to play hockey at 10:30 at night? But, as a friend reminded me today, it's only pick-up hockey, so if he gets tired and needs to sit down, then it shouldn't be a problem. It's not likely to get too aggressive for him. I just hope he listens to his body!

He still has a very busy schedule with his school work, and he is continuing to make most of his own meals. I am hoping that with Jon and Jake trucking so hard lately that we will have a bit of extra money for December so we can maybe fly out and spend some time with Blake before he heads to Brasil for Christmas and New Years. I'm trying to not get my hopes built up in case it doesn't work out; but I sure would like to see him before he heads out. Otherwise I won't see him again until March. It's certainly an adjustment after spending the whole summer right by his side as we were in and out of hospitals. But at least his health is coming along; I am grateful for that fact.

Well folks, I must put another log on the fire. I need to eat something for supper (it's already 9:20pm!). Jared is out with friends tonight so I'm having some yummy leftovers. I wasn't hungry until now. I could kill for a big slice of pizza! haha

Thank you to everyone for remembering us in your prayers. [You know who you are!] God is faithful. And we are blessed.

Until next time...... keep your stick on the ice. [grin]

(Next post I'm hoping to show a video that will give you an idea of something I've been involved in lately! Hmmmm.... think you can guess?)

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