Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Asked For Updates, You've Got Updates!

Once again I've gotten side-tracked and not been faithful in making some posts to keep you all updated. I don't know what's been going on lately with me! One would think that I would have lots of time with two birds out of the nest.

But nay-nay.... lots going on. When I make a list of everything I've been doing, I imagine that I could have it all completed in just two full days.... so why has it been a whole week? I don't know. Maybe I just have trouble focussing. All I know is that before I know it, I'm crawling back into bed after a full day and have to wonder what filled up my whole day?

I know some of you can relate.

So because I've been running into many folks who keep asking about how the boys are doing, I'll give an update here today.

I have a bit of time today for blogging because Jared had to miss today's hockey game. Jared fills in on one of the Bantam league teams because there were not enough Bantam-aged kids to form teams. Midget players were brought down to help fill in and build up the numbers. (Some Peewee players may have been brought up to play as well; I'm not sure about this, though.)

Yesterday at the highschool's soccer playoff game, a Moira player's knee connected with Jared's front thigh, and down Jared went. He hobbled around for a bit and was able to finish playing, but after the game the leg was pretty sore. He was in a lot of discomfort last night and this morning, so he decided it would be too painful to play hockey. (Sorry about that, Coach Clark!)

That boy gives his all when he plays. It amazes me. In fact, I've told him to STOP playing so hard! He doesn't care if he gets hurt! I will tell you right now that he did NOT inherit that trait from his Momma! He's had more bumps and bruises and cuts and skin ripped off his body. He has sat with his leg up some evenings after a game and we have watched his leg, where the skin has been ripped off, literally ooze!!!! It's not pretty, folks!

The boys on the PECI Panther teams (Junior & Senior) have done an excellent job on the soccer field this season. I am so proud of all the players (even the opposing teams) who go out to play soccer (or any sport!) to support their school. I'm glad we have programs like this. Thank you to the teachers and the coaches (that's you, Dave Mather!) who volunteer their time to these kids. It is greatly appreciated.

So Jared will spend today relaxing to rest his leg, and hopefully he will feel better for the Midget hockey game on Sunday evening. My goodness, I'll go through withdrawal if he can't play! I'll have to just go to the arena anyways and watch his teammates play! haha.

As many of you know, Jake has been working in Georgetown with Jon's friend who is a landscaper. As soon as Jake graduated from high school, he was outta here! He has enjoyed his time up there; but 'tis the season for him to move on. The landscaping work pretty much comes to an end this time of year.

He could've stayed on to do some snow plowing, but since you never know how much snow you're going to get through the Winter, Jake has decided that he would like to truck with his Dad over the Winter. I told him I thought it was a great idea; however, we are of the understanding that he'll be returning to the landscaping business in the Spring. He assures me this will be the case.

Jon and Jake are just now leaving South Dakota with a load of pork and heading to Toronto. They seem to be having a good trip together. Jon says that just having Jake with him feels like he received a blood transfusion. I told Jake to ensure that Dad doesn't sleep in the bunk while Jake unloads the trailer by himself! haha. They just finished updating their Facebook statuses, so I think they're good to go!

Poor Jake must return home this week in order to receive a root canal on one of his teeth as well as a wisdom tooth extraction. He's been in a lot of pain, but the antibiotics have been doing their job and settling the discomfort in his mouth. He was bet and bound, though, that he was going with Dad in the truck! I expect to see them return home some time on Monday.

As Tuesday rolls around, we will breathe another sigh of relief as we anticipate Blake receiving his next dose of Remicade in New Brunswick. Things are all set up for his meds to be administered in Saint John.

His discomfort has been quite minimal, although he did have a bit of pain and fatigue a few days at the end of September or beginning of October. He missed classes one morning and I believe there was another day where he laid down for an afternoon nap and slept through his class. (But he felt better after the nap!)

He was home for Thanksgiving weekend, which we were thrilled about, and he seemed to be feeling relatively well. I was talking to him on the phone the other morning and he asked me to hang on as someone was at his door. I overheard the conversation; and when Blake returned to the phone, he clarified to me that the person was someone from the maintenance department who had very kindly taken the time to make Blake a crockpot of homemade soup! Blake said he'd been talking to her about a month ago when she asked about his health situation, and then she shows up with all this soup for him! What a blessing! Oh how New Brunswick reminds me of Prince Edward County! People are so kind.

So Blake's friend, Aaron, will graciously drive Blake to Saint John early Tuesday morning for his infusion. Blake said that he was supposed to have an exam that day, but his Professor is kindly letting Blake write it the next day. (Thank you, Mr. Professor!!!) Thankfully Aaron has no classes scheduled until later that day, and since Blake's appointment is 8:30am (I think), then there shouldn't be any problems in getting back to the school in plenty of time.

Blake has conveyed to me that his workload is extremely full... overloaded....; however, he says the work comes quite easy to him, he understands it very well. He says, "There's just a LOT of it!". It's apparently very time consuming, along with the hours that he is required to put in at the library. He works 8 hours per week. Now add the fact that he cooks his own meals and must do his own dishes and cleanup and add some laundry in there...... and don't forget about chat time with his sweetheart (Hi Anelyse!), it gets to be a jam-packed schedule. I think he's getting enough sleep; but I also know he's like his Momma and if that sleep time gets broken or cut short, look out! hahaha.

So overall, he's doing well. I so appreciate the school that he's attending. They are a very caring bunch of staff and students and community, and I would recommend Bethany Bible College to anyone!

So, what's up with Jon? Pretty much the same-old-same-old. Jon is still enjoying his life in the trucking industry. He's happy out there doing what he does best. These shorter runs ('shorter' meaning that he's gone 5-7 days as opposed to 10-12 days) seem to be working out really well for him. If he does come home tired, a good night's sleep seems to suffice; whereas he used to come home and sleep and would never truly get caught up.

Jon is thrilled that Jake is travelling with him for the Winter, and I think they'll have a good time. Jon is a hard worker and gives his all.... good attributes to pass on to his children. He has more love for me and our boys in his big toe than many have in their whole heart. He never gives up and he's willing to help anyone who needs it. I am hoping the boys forget our bad habits and traits and are able to focus on these good ones. I am a very fortunate woman to have Jon in my life.

And speaking of me and my life, it certainly has been busy lately. I am very happy that much of my time is spent with or for my boys. I thoroughly enjoy heading to all of Jared's sporting events (even like yesterday when I was bundled up with three sweaters, a winter coat, ear muffs, gloves, boots, a blanket AND a sleeping bag on the soccer field sidelines! It was c-c-c-cooooold!). I am happy to sit in the hockey arena bundled up, sitting on a blanket, and cheering on those kids!

I spent one afternoon this week at a funeral for my friend Linda's husband. Steve became ill early this past Summer and was given only possibly a few short years to live. Unfortunately he lived for only approximately another four months.

Now I know that we're programmed in this world to believe that a funeral is not a good thing. And of course, none of us are happy about someone dying. However, I have attended some amazing funerals where it was a celebration of their life topped off with a parting "see you again one day". If you've never attended a funeral like that, I can assure you that you are truly missing out on an amazing event!

I have attended many funerals of celebration where the service was a testimony of our Lord in their lives. And I left with the assurance that I would one day see them again in eternity. I would leave those funeral services and think "THAT's the kind of service I want when I leave this earth!".

Well, that's exactly what I said when I left the funeral service for Steve. After we heard an "Amen" praise song by two local amazing musical artists, we spent the next 45 minutes or so of the service hearing story after story about Steve. It was non-stop. We heard of things he'd done and said, impacts he'd made on others' lives, his love for family, friends, community, his job..... as well as the love that others had for him! And then the service turned to about ten minutes of God's thirst-quenching presence in our lives. It wasn't "preachy", it wasn't "flowery".... it was to the point. It made an impact. A brilliant presentation of an acapella Amazing Grace was given once again by the two amazing musical ladies, whose voices in that old United Church with the high ceilings and amazing acoustics sounded like that of angels!

Meanwhile, throughout the service, you could just see it was hard for Linda to sit still in her seat. She was itching to jump up and praise Jesus throughout that service. As the casket was wheeled down the aisle to the back of the church, Linda's face beamed with radiance and a smile stretched from ear to ear. She clapped her hands to the song which was blaring through the sound speakers... Life Is A Highway... apparently one of Steve's favourite songs.

Oh, Lord, that I would be able to praise You like that under such circumstances! It's the heart's cry.... Fill me, Lord; mold me; make me; use me....... ANY time, ALL the time...... even at a husband's funeral. What a testimony to the saved and unsaved!

It was truly a celebration. God is alive. Even at a funeral. His presence is everywhere and with us all the time. Even during the dark times when it's hard to maybe sense His presence. He's there, folks. He's always there. Ask Linda. She'll tell you the same thing.

God bless you, Linda, as you grieve the loss of your husband and friend, and know that God shone through you on Wednesday. We love you.

Well, friends, I have more to write about, but I think I'll save it for another post. Jared and I are excited to watch some good ol' Saturday Night Hockey In Canada tonight as we watch the Leafs defeat the Flyers (might want to pray for this to happen because I have SO rubbed this in a friend's face (all in good fun) and don't want to stand with egg on my face or have to eat humble pie! haha).

Trusting that you enjoy some great quality time this weekend with friends and family. We truly do not know how long we have with them. Cherish every moment and opportunity.

Until next time, God bless.

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Thank you so much for talking about Steve's funeral, Michelle. I so wanted to be there, but it just wasn't possible with the kids and the distance. I could just picture it all.