Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Girls Are So Sweet

An opportunity presented itself this past Fall for me to return to piano lessons.

As a little girl, I took piano lessons at the age of nine until approximately age twelve.

Most of the time, I hated it.

I wanted to quit.

Much to mother's disappointment, I did quit.

Now, as an adult, I am kicking myself.

And I think that's why I wouldn't let the boys quit their fiddle lessons many years ago (not mentioning any names.... Jake & Jared....... [wink]) . I knew they'd someday regret it if they did quit.

So, this piano-lesson opportunity became available, and I've returned to lessons. My teacher is one of the most amazing piano players. His name is Tony Silvestri and he is eighteen years old. He's spectacular and full of talent. I only wish he'd leave his talent in the ivory so that when "I" sit down to play the piano, I sound like him.

Ain't gonna happen, let me tell ya!

Anyways, about two weeks ago I had my regular lesson. The next day or so, Tony sent me a Facebook message with regards to a conversation he had with his student who has lessons just after me. She's a little girl around nine or ten years old (or thereabouts).

Here's how their conversation went:

Little Girl: "I think it's weird that, like, you're 18 and you're teaching older people."

Tony: "Why is that weird?"

Little Girl: "I dunno.... because you're 18, and she's, like, 20!"

Is that not ADORABLE??????


I love it.

At forty-four, I'll take a compliment anywhere I can get it!

.... including from a sweet little girl.

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