Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Long Overdue Family Update

I am sitting here in front of the computer and I AM NOT MOVING until I finish this post! haha

All week long I've been trying to take half an hour to write a simple update. Then I think, "Well I'll just get [whatever] done first, and THEN I'll write". And of course I get side-tracked. It's happened all week, and today is the day that my hiney is not moving outta this chair until a post is complete!

Before I started the post, I read an article in our local newspaper about a dog that had wandered from its home here in The County and was outside for nine nights in frigid weather. The owners saw evidence of tracks leading to open ice where they assumed their dog had fell in. As the days and week passed, they had given up hope, until a neighbour happened to glance outside one day and saw what looked like the Great Dane in the field. He called the owner and they went out and the poor ol' six-year-old dog was just barely alive. They got him to the vet, and he is coming along fine, after losing a whopping 50 pounds. So naturally, my eyes were welled up with tears by the time I was done reading.

Then I turn to my blog site and get caught up on one of the blogs I follow about a little girl battling cancer. I don't know the family personally.... I just followed a link that I stumbled upon one day in 2009.... but I've been following their progress. They just found out two days ago that her MRI shows more signs of cancer, despite their battle thus far. The family is sickened and heartbroken. They had anticipated a good report after battling this disease for over 19 months now. They struggle with their emotions right now, knowing that the Lord has the power to instantly heal their little girl but wondering why He hasn't.


Why do I bother putting on make up in the mornings only to have it washed off with tears.

We just don't have the answers that we need sometimes to deal with life's situations. We question why we must endure the pain, the sadness, the frightful moments that we encounter.

But God continues to sustain. He promises to never leave us. In fact, He carries us through these times. Sometimes we're like a child who is being carried against their will, where we kick and hit and fuss and scream because we don't understand. But if we just can get to the place where we accept what's been dealt and continue to persevere and move forward, we can look back and see God's fingerprints and presence all over our situation. Those moments of reflection are good for the upcoming trials and tribulations of our lives.

Yes. That's right. There's more coming! More pain. More hurt. More sadness. We might as well accept that fact. BUT!.... [gotta love those "but" moments]... we can rest assured that God does not change, and He will be there to carry us once more.

As this little girl, Kate, and her family walk through this battle, please remember them in prayer. The button on the right side of the blog shows "Pray For Kate". Click on over to their site and support them in prayer.

We've been no stranger to battles ourselves over the last few years. Our household has been turned upside down a few times; but I want to just give some updates to you as to the life and times of The Found Family over the last while.

And it's all GOOD!!!!!

Let's start with Jon & Jake.
I'm grouping these two crazy characters together because they've been glued to the hip over the last number of months.

Jon and Jake have been travelling in portions of Canada and The States, and I think Jon is quite excited to have one of his "little" boys accompanying him. He enjoys having the company and the help. Jake has always had an interest in the truck and helping his Daddy. It was pretty much the only way he could get time to spend with his father, since Jon was away so much of the time when they were younger.

Jake has sat in the passenger seat many times, soaking in every movement Jon makes. He's watched Jon carefully to know when to shift, when to hit the clutch, when to signal, when to brake, how to turn the wheel when backing up, how much distance is needed when turning....... he's catalogued all these things in his head and is now sitting in the driver's seat. Although he was driving that big rig by the tender age of 14 [usually only across the flat prairies, thank the Lord!] and has sat on his Dad's knee since practically birth, helping to steer the truck, he has now become legal to drive the eighteen wheeler.

He got his medical done yesterday along with writing his driver's test for an AZ license. His appointment for the actual driving test is at the end of this month. The loving mother in me is extremely proud of his accomplishments. The worried mother in me wants him to fail that driver's test.

Know where I'm comin' from?


I don't think I'm ever gonna stop being concerned about my kids. Even when I die and I'm in Heaven, I can see myself walking with Jesus, looking down at the happenings on earth and watching my children and saying to Jesus, "Well are You just gonna stand there and let that happen???" He'll smile and wrap His arm around my shoulder, and in a most lovingly caring way, He'll say to me, "Shush up, woman. I've got it covered". haha.

I am glad that Jake and Jon have this time of bonding. It's funny to hear them gripe about one another, but they love each other and I think they'll be fine. They are currently working on ways to cut their road expenses. The purchase of a small refrigerator and 9-volt oven to use in the truck have already saved them money. It's cute to hear Jon get so excited about it. Says he should've done this twenty years ago. haha.

Health wise, they are doing great, although Jon should likely eat more salads. BHAHAhahaha. Sorry, Jonny. Couldn't resist. Jon looked at himself in the mirror the other day and came to the "sudden" realization that he had gained weight. I truly think that their new method of eating in the truck will help his situation.

As they come to your mind, please pray for them... for travelling mercies. It's hard not to worry about them; but I must keep in mind that God is still in control.

As for ME....
I could stand to lose a bit of weight myself. I've porked on the weight since Christmas. Not that my clothes feel any tighter, I just feel fatter. I think it's a lack of exercise. I borrowed my sister's treadmill, and I must say it works amazing.... when I actually USE it! Jared has been teasing me about using it, or rather the lack of using it. I just don't have the energy. And I know once I START using it, I WILL have the energy. It's just a matter of me developing a new routine.

I don't get 'inspired' often, but for some reason a few weeks ago, I was inspired to paint my bedroom. It has had white primer-painted walls for about 18 years now. I thought it was time for a change. hahhaaaa. I guess I just never felt the need to get it painted. There was always something else more important to do. And I'm only ever in there to sleep or fold some laundry. And when I'm sleeping, my eyes are closed and it's dark and I can't see the colour of the walls anyways.

But I decided it was time. So I went to the store when the paint was on sale and picked a colour I liked from the forty-ka-jillion colours to choose from. I chose a nice coloured green.... reminds me of string beans... Jake says it looks like vomit. I've seen a lot of vomit in my days with raising three boys; but I've never seen vomit the colour of string beans.... unless of course I'd just finished EATING them only to see them re-surface!

Well, I don't care what Jake says, I think it's a nice colour. The difficult part will now be to find a bedspread and curtains that will match. Should've got those first, I guess, and then chose the paint colour. Oh well. It's done. After 18 years. I like it. That settles it.

Danielle came over to help me tear wallpaper down in my kitchen. (I TOLD you I was feeling inspired! What is WRONG with me???!!!) She LOVES removing wallpaper. Can you believe that? She doesn't want to help me ever put paper ON the walls, nor does she want to help with painting; however she will be here in a heartbeat when the wallpaper needs to come down. I think she might have a psychological imbalance there somewhere. Jus' sayin'.

I also need to finish painting the trim in the living room. I bought the paint and got the hallway trim and doors painted (need to second coat some of it), but then for some reason I moved onto the bedroom. I start a project and then never finish it. Ugh.

Starting Monday, I need to get back into some paperwork again. I procrastinated over the Christmas holidays. Tsk-tsk. Need to get things caught up again in that area.

And other than running Jared around, that's pretty much what I've been doing, folks. Soooooo exciting...... not. haha.

And speaking of Jared....
This is one busy little character. I have been running non-stop with this fellow. He has been quite involved with highschool basketball, which includes an out-of-town tournament tomorrow and Saturday....


there is something ELSE taking up his time. Or rather I should say someONE!

Jarey has a girlfriend... Jarey has a girlfriend.

I am most pleased to announce that Jared has been "dating" a young lady named Karli. And she's divine. She is very much "mother-approved". What a lovely young lady. She's smart, polite, courteous, thoughtful and beautiful. AND her mother and I get along and can finish each other's sentences! hahahaha. Jon and I have both shared with Jared that he's got a good girl and if he messes this up, we'll be keeping HER and sending HIM on his way! haha.

It's been fun for me to hang out with Jared, while Jake is with Jon, and Blake is at university. I have always enjoyed watching the boys entertain with music and be involved in sports events, and Jared has certainly kept me hopping with the soccer and basketball and hockey games. He gives his all, and never ceases to entertain his Momma.

And finally, we have Blake.

I am sooooooo excited to report that Blake's health has been nothing short of amazing these past two months. Blake received his last dose of Remicade on December 13th, five days before flying to Brasil for four weeks. While in Brasil he experienced no pain with his Crohn's. His dear girlfriend, Anelyse, and her darling family spoiled Blake to great lengths and fed him foods that were obviously intestinal friendly! This week marks his eighth week since the Remicade dose and he feels fantastic. PRAISE THE LORD!

He said he has experienced no pain or other symptoms, and he will receive his next dose this coming Monday (Feb 7th). He has never made it a whole eight weeks without some type of pain, so we are greatly rejoicing!

He continues his studies in New Brunswick, and I will be quite excited to see him in March when we bring him home for his March Break. Not seeing him over the Christmas holidays has really made everyone here at home aching to see him.

And no, I was not upset about him being in Brasil over the holidays. My main concern was his health, and because he had a dose before departure, I was not concerned.... ok... maybe 1% concerned.... maybe 3%... but that's all. I was happy he could spend this Christmas with Anelyse and her family, since we got to have Anelyse here with us last year. And I was very relieved to know that his feet were on solid ground (upon arriving in Brasil and then again back in US and Canada).

He is experiencing an extremely heavy semester this term, so please pray for his mind and for his health during this stressful time. Stress can trigger Crohn's flare-ups, so he must pace himself accordingly. In the meantime, he is so thrilled that his health is presently good. And three cheers to the "higher ups" at his university who have authorized the kitchen staff to prepare healthier meals for their students.


This will help Blake immensely, so he doesn't have to spend time preparing all of his own meals and can concentrate on his studies!

Oh, and might I do a bit of motherly bragging for a moment? Blake made the Dean's List last semester with a 3.56 GPA. We are very proud of him and know that the Lord is gonna use this boy..... man... [ok... but he's ALWAYS my little boy] in so many instrumental ways. The Lord actually already has used Blake for His glory during his whole illness! Expect to see that boy doing some amazing work for the Kingdom!

And on that note, I think I should close this post. You've had lots of reading, and I really have only given you a few hi-lights of what's been going on. But rest assured we are doing well at the moment. It is now our turn to lift up so many others that are in the midst of battle themselves. We were supported by so many during our afflictions, and we want to now pay it forward.

Until next time, God bless.

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