Sunday, December 6, 2009

No, Michelle, Your Day Is NOT Yet Finished

I set my alarm for 6:30am to ensure that Jon was up early and headed back to the hospital for another dose of medication for his cellulitis. He's feeling better, but has had to receive more doses of meds than he has in the past. This bout has been a little tougher to get control of.

So after I got Jon up and on his way, I reset the alarm to ensure that Blake was up-and-at-'er about an hour later. He had Worship Team rehearsal at 9am at the church, and was getting a ride to the church with my sister.

I then reset the alarm again so I could get a tad more sleep, and then Jared and I got up and ready for church. Jake had spent the weekend in Griffith with Jon's cousin, helping to roof a cottage.

Off to church and Sunday School for the morning (Great sermon, Pastor Kevin; and great conversation at our table during Sunday School, everyone. Sorry, Nicki, that we scared away your husband to a more "masculine" table... hahaha).

We headed home from the church, after putting some fuel in the car, and Jared gathered up all his hockey equipment for his Rep. game in Napanee this afternoon. After making some repairs to his goalie pads with a needle and some thick thread, we raced off to Napanee.

The Prince Edward County Bantam Kings played wonderfully, and when the buzzer sounded at the end of the third period, we found ourselves in a 3-3 tie. Way to go, Kings!

After the game Jared and I stopped off at Subway to grab a sub for supper and headed back to the Hwy 401 westbound.

We arrived at home 45 minutes later and unloaded all the goalie equipment from the car. I walked into my very messy kitchen to find my husband dumping a basket of freshly deep-fried potato wedges into a bowl...... Mmmmmmmmmm. Unfortunately, I was not able to pig-out on one of my favourite foods because I had to get back into town to the Community Carol Sing. But I did grab two or three potato strips...... ok, so it was more like five or six....... and I headed back out the door.

I arrived at the big church in the middle of town, ready to join many choral choirs from different community churches to provide an evening of music to the community. After an evening of hearing and singing a wonderful collection of Christmas songs, and after I completely flubbed the second line of the song I was doing with four "highly flavoured gravy" folks (inside joke), I headed back to my little nest-egg on the outskirts of Metropolitan Cherry Valley.

I walked into the house to find my kitchen was STILL in a mess, but at least there were some fries left for me! So I headed to the bedroom to change into some comfy flannel pajamies. It felt so nice to get into something comfy.

Jon was on the phone with a friend, but broke the conversation long enough to tell me that Jake should be arriving home soon. Thank goodness. Momma Bird likes all the birdies in the nest once the sun goes down!

Within moments, Jake was backing his truck into the driveway.

Ahhhhh..... now I can go down by the woodstove and relax with my family.... watch some tv..... read a book...... eat my fries and drink my glass of Pepsi (Mmmmmm).......

I said, "Jake? You gonna go to bed? or are you gonna come downstairs for a while?" He turned to me and said, "I'm going to my HOCKEY game!!!!"

Duhhhhhhh..... oh yah..... this is Sunday........ Sunday night........ of COURSE...... Jake has a hockey game...... at 10:00pm.......... and here I stand in my jammies....... ready to relax..... ready to put my feet up.......


I will NOT pass up a hockey game if one of m' boys are playin'!

(Janet D. & Mom.... I guess I DID have two hockey games today! Sorry to inadvertently mislead you!)

So I finished eating my fries and headed back to the bedroom to find some warm clothes.

Baaaack into the vehicle and baaaaack into town.

Jake played really well tonight and only had to spend time in the penalty box ONCE. Well.... maybe twice...... there was a monkey pile in front of the goalie net, and apparently our team's penalty shot, and Jake got sent to the penalty box again... with only 0.3 seconds left in the game.

The shot didn't go in, and they just called the game with 0.3 seconds on the clock. (C'mon, Reffy, finish the game! We MIGHT have scored!)

We piled back into Jake's truck and headed home.

And now, here I sit, typing a post when I should be in bed. Or maybe I should be doing my dishes. Or clearing the counter. Or throwing in a load of laundry.

Naaaaaahhhhhh...... it'll wait 'til tomorrow. No point in rushing things.

So, I'll hit the PUBLISH POST button on today's officially boring post and head to bed.

And THEN, I believe, my day HAS officially ended.

Although busy, I had a GREAT day!

And how was YOURS?

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Janna said...

I don't know if I could have done it - truly - with your PJs on and everything ... once I get my jammies on THAT'S IT!!! I'M IN FOR THE NIGHT!!!!
You're a fantastic mom, Michelle. I love how you support your kids in the areas where they shine and where they feel passionate about what they are doing.