Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time To Put Things In Perspective

Well I suppose it was just a matter of time, but my computer has been attacked! The viruses came with a vengeance. My call has been placed to a computer geek and hopefully the damage will be rectified without too much trouble. In the meantime, I am using Blake's computer to type this post.

The last few days have been very busy..... I can't believe December is upon us already. The Christmas programs and parties have begun. I headed to Whitby on Friday to have my passport processed. I can go to Scarborough and pick it up on Monday, December 14th. Blake has asked Jon and me to take him to New Jersey later that week to pick up his girlfriend from Brazil. She will be visiting family in Jersey and then coming to Canada to stay with us over the Christmas holidays.

Last night I had Jon at the hospital. He was working in Griffith on his cousin's cottage when he started feeling symtoms of cellulitis..... it's something he's had about six times before in as many years, and it attacks him quickly. It is considered a mild form of the flesh-eating disease, but is manageable with meds. For some reason, the antibiotics are taking longer to start clearing things up.

Last night (Friday) Jake and I drove north of Napanee to Roblin to meet Jon and his cousin. Doug (Jon's cousin) and I switched vehicles... I got in with Jon to bring him back to Picton hospital and Doug got in with Jake. Jake is going on to Griffith to help Doug finish the roof of the cottage.

The doctor put Jon on an I.V. antibiotic, which is the only thing that will settle down the infection. We assumed he'd be on the pills alone today; however, they requested we return to the emergency department today for another dose, and then they requested he return again this evening. I just returned home from one of Jared's hockey games tonight and Jon said that the doctor on duty tonight wants him back to the hospital by 7am Sunday morning. She had given him Flagyl tonight because the infection doesn't look like it's going down at all.

I don't know why Jon keeps having trouble with this cellulitis, but when it attacks, it comes very quickly with little warning. I'm sure by tomorrow, things should be turning around. Goodness! If it's not one thing, it's another, eh?

Which brings me to the point of this post.

As I reflect on things like my computer problems; plans to travel to Jersey; passport preparations; this weekend's hockey games; Christmas festivities; preparations for Christmas gifts, foods, guests; and so much more;....... I can become overwhelmed with all of these things.

But then I receive an email that helps put things in perspective.

This week my sister, Wannett, sent me an email requesting prayer for the Bishop of the Free Methodist Church in Kenya. I was so moved by it. It made me stop what I was doing immediately and lift this man up before our Lord.

Here's Wannett's letter that she forwarded to folks she felt would pray for Bishop Nick:

Hello Friends

I am forwarding a request for prayer from Bishop Nixon Dingili in Kenya. As most of you know, this man is a new but very dear friend to me. I love this man and his family. A threat has been made to his life as you will read in the email below. Please forward this on so that we can have a huge prayer umbrella for Nick and his family (wife - Neddy, son - Leslie, daughter - Kelsey). Thank you, in advance, for your prayers and for forwarding this on to others. I will give you any and all updates as I get them.


And here is Bishop Nick's letter to folks that he felt would cover him in prayer:

Pray with me, I received a terrible phone call on Tuesday on my way to Kericho for Bible school. I was with my family in the car when someone by the name of John Maina called and told me that he has been hired and paid in full together with his group to finish me. He says that his boys are fully armed with guns and they will accomplish their mission soon. I asked him why he was sent and by whom? He refused to tell me and he hanged his phone. During the conversation, he told me that he will not hide his identity on phone neither will he hide his name. In my private findings, I have found out that both the name and number are genuine. He says he is not scared even if i report the matter to police. I reported the matter to Kericho police station and the Criminal Investigation Department is following up on the matter and they will get back to me. I will appreciate your prayers.

Bishop Nixon Dingili
Free Methodist Church of Kenya

Does that just not force you to look at things from a different perspective?

Please take the time to lift up Bishop Nixon and his family before the Lord. Wannett has not received any updates as of today (Saturday night); but, we know that the Lord is watching over his flock constantly, 24/7, and no action can come to Nixon without first passing through the hands of our Lord.

Oh how we need faith like this Bishop.... we have no idea what it's like to have someone literally hunt us down like an animal. This hitman obviously has no fear, as he boldly calls his victim with no fear of giving up his identity. I prayed that the Lord would confuse this hitman so he would not carry out this threats; and then I prayed that he would have a clear enough mind that the Holy Spirit would move in his life and convict him of the decisions and actions he's making.

Please keep the Bishop in your prayers.

Here are a couple of photos of Wannett and Bishop Nick in Kenya in September 2009. Wannett apologizes for the quality of the photos.... she doesn't understand why there is such a glow around them....... I'd say perhaps they were being covered by the Spirit. :O)

Please pray right now. And remember, over this very busy season, to keep things in perspective. Don't get caught up in the hub-bubb. Rather, remain steadfast in the Lord and continue to draw near to Him and HE will draw near to YOU!

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Janna said...

Excellent post, Michelle! So true! I started praying for the bishop once I got Wannett's email. I also forwarded the email to some praying family members.