Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Much To Do & Some Exciting News

It is so nice to sit here beside the woodstove and type a post.

The problem is, I have MANY things I need to be doing right now. Dishes are waiting to be cleaned, laundry is beckoning to be folded, floors are screaming to be swept, and junk is simply aching to be garbaged stored away for future use!

I am just wanting to curl up on the couch and relax tonight, but I MUST get this stuff done.

I am soooooo missing this blog! It's a way of relaxing for me, and unfortunately things have been literally non-stop here at the Found household, preventing me from doing some posts. Jared has hockey a minimum of four times a week, with House League games as well as Rep, combined with a practice for each league. School projects and assignments have been rolling in. Repairs to the car just seem to never end. Blake's girlfriend, Anelyse, arrives on Monday for a two-week visit, then we get Blake off to New Brunswick for college. Just after he gets to school, we'll have to arrange for a Remicade infusion.

And don't even get me STARTED on Christmas...... I mean it! Really! I have not done one cotton-pickin' thing for Christmas. Jon, Blake, and Jake snuck out the other night and got a real tree. I didn't want a real one, only because we don't have the room, and frankly, I just couldn't be bothered going to find one; but the three of them had a "male bonding moment", so all is well.

The tree has been standing in the basement now for about three days and only has one little decoration on it so far. Last year, all my lights burned out, so I'll need to get some more. Either that, or we'll just put decorations on it without lights. It will still be pretty.

This week we finished putting some used hardwood on the basement floor. It really has made the basement look very cosy. It's used hardwood from an old building that was being demolished, and the floor was to go to the dump. I got a really good feeling when Jon suggested we could use it in the house. It's been a lot of work in getting them laid down, but I like the finished results. We only have to finish one little side room that we call "The Sports Room", where the boys keep their sports equipment. It will be nice to finish this floor off.

My computer still has some type of virus. Today I called our ISP (Internet Service Provider). I tried six times over a 30-minute period. I asked the secretary if I was calling Tech Support at an unusually busy time, but she assured me someone would assist me. No one ever did, so I just decided I'll deal with it next week when I have more time. hahahha.... did you hear what I said? ".... when I have more time...." Sometimes I wonder if I'll EVER "have more time".

Well, folks, the clock is ticking and I have much to get done before bed tonight. I will close with some exciting news that I've heard through the rumour mill. Apparently Jon and I are going to be a great uncle and aunt! Jon's nephew in California is going to be a daddy! He and his wife have been married for five years now. I am so happy for them!

I have not heard back from Jon's family in California for quite a while now, and I am wondering if these problems with my computer have been happening longer than I realized! I know I have sent emails to some folks in the past who have never received them for some reason, and I know folks have sent ME emails that I've never received; so I'm wondering if this is the case with our family in California.

So, Dane and Valerie, or should I say "Grandpa & Grandma!", we will be calling you next week when we return home from New Jersey to get all the details! Congratulations! Please let Ray & Kelly and Auntie Katie know how happy we are for everyone!

Well, Jared is begging for me to give up Blake's computer so he can check his emails, so I'm off to the dish department, folks.

Everyone take care, and look for another post early next week.

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S said...

I miss woodstoves! Nothing gets the chill out of your bones like wood heat.
Have a very Merry Christmas!! It's been a nuthouse here the last few weeks as well. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers!

God bless!