Monday, September 13, 2010

Jacob And His Tighty Whities

If your child is comfortable wearing his underwear out in public, does that mean you've done a GOOD job in raising him? or a POOR job?

Under the circumstances, I'm going to say I've done a SUPER job in raising him.

On June 11, 2010 Jake and some friends participated in a local fundraiser, Relay For Life For Cancer. Their team was called The Tighty Whities!

Here is Jake with two good friends, Brandon (on the left) and Joel (on the right).

[Brandon, are you wearing flip-flops? And are those SOCKS??? Socks with FLIP-FLOPS????? CrAzY!!!!!]

Introducing The Tighty Whities Team! Way to go, guys and gals!

Many folks in the community and surrounding areas took time to walk, run, or jog for the whole night to raise money for Cancer. The event took place just behind our local Community Centre in Picton. Many teams dressed up for the event, and that's why this crazy bunch are out in public with their "gaunchies".

I think Jake inherited his muscles from his Momma!!! [wink]

Again, members of The Tighty Whities. Brandon asked me who I thought he was "supposed to be". I answered "Edward Scissorhands???" He disappointingly informed me I was incorrect. I think he said he was "The Wolverine" or something like that.

I was wondering...... why Jake..... would be putting..........

a flashlight.... in such.... a safe..... area......

..... until I realized that it may have been helping him to see in the dark!
What a kook!

We're very proud of Jake and The Tighty Whities for their contribution to the all-night walk-a-thon to raise money for Cancer. Thank you to everyone for their unselfishness and lack of sleep!

"The End!"
(BAHHHHH-hahahahahahaaaaaaa.... sorry, I just couldn't resist.)

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