Thursday, September 9, 2010

Off To College!

Our bird has flown the coop. He is in his new nest waaaaaaay faaaaaaar awaaaaaaaaay from here.

But only in miles.

Or rather kilometers.....

...... because he is always near to us in our hearts and minds.

We struck out for New Brunswick on Saturday morning and experienced excellent weather conditions all the way. We anticipated rain and wind from Hurricane Earl, but Earl decided to show some mercy and did not really affect many areas of the east. At one point we ran into a bit of misty rain, turning the windshield wipers on only a couple of times, at their lowest speed. The sun shone magnificently with big beautiful white fluffy clouds layering sections of the sky. Perfect travelling conditions.

My brother-in-law, Brent, accompanied Blake and me, and we arrived late Saturday evening and headed to our hotel. After a great sleep we spent Sunday unloading the van and getting Blake settled into his dorm. Then we headed to Wal-Mart to purchase a few things that Blake needed.

Sunday evening we attended the "welcoming service" at Bethany Bible College's gorgeous sanctuary. What an amazing church. And what an amazing service. My friend, Renie, and I understood one another's tears. She was leaving her oldest son behind in New Brunswick, so her eyes were glossy periodically throughout the day. By the end of the church service, my eyes were just continually spilling over with tears. The Holy Spirit just filled the sanctuary and our hearts during our worship time.

Earlier that morning at the hotel's breakfast nook, I spoke with two other moms who were dropping off their sons. We all talked about the tears we shed at these times, and I indicated that we're the moms... we're allowed to cry... it's our job. haha. But God understands our tears. He knows we are leaving pieces of ourselves at the college when we hesitantly climb into our cars and strike out for our homes.... that are many many many miles away from our baby birds.

It was wonderful for me to hear Blake laugh as he greeted friends he hadn't seen since last Spring. Being in the boys' dorm, we were surrounded by young men. Brent chuckled at the sight of so many males actually hugging each other and not embarrassed to do so. I know from Blake's health situation last Spring that so many of these boys care about one another. They're watching out for one another, and that really brings comfort to a mother's heart and gives some peace of mind!

Blake's first official day of school was yesterday, Wednesday. I texted him last night and asked how things went. He indicated that he feels it will be a busier and fuller semester than the last one. I told him that he should not sacrifice his health over ANYTHING, including school. He can always take an extra semester for any course that he struggles with, but he cannot play around with his health. It's hard for me to let go, but I know I have to.... to a certain degree. :o)

Speaking of Blake's health, I spoke with our Remicade co-ordinator for Ontario on Tuesday. She called me to confirm the address of the clinic where Blake's medication would be sent in late October......


I said, "The specialist's secretary told me that it was illegal for you to send it out there, despite me telling her what I'd been told in the past [that the meds could be shipped from Ontario to New Brunswick]." The co-ordinator said, "There is absolutely no problem in sending this medication out to New Brunswick to Blake, and it will be fully covered under Trillium's Drug Plan."

I just shook my head. I thought, "Would it have been THAT hard for the specialist's secretary to say to me last Friday, 'Michelle, I'm sorry; I was misinformed, you were correct in what people told you.' " Instead I was led to believe that other strings had been pulled in order for Blake to get his meds.

In the long run, it doesn't really matter. The fact is that the kid is receiving the meds he needs. But it just is so frustrating that I am constantly being told something different from every person I talk to.

But I will tell you that I am soooooo happy to deal with our Remicade co-ordinator here in Ontario as well as the co-ordinator in New Brunswick. They are both delightfully kind women and I wish everyone in the world could be even half as terrific as these two ladies.

So the bottom line is that Blake will receive a dose around the end of October and then his next dose will be about a week before Christmas. I am thrilled. I am doin' the happy dance. hahhaa.

Well, Jon is eagerly anticipating his time on the computer, so I need to stop typing. I want to close with a few pictures of Blake in New Brunswick. Please pray for him as he comes to your mind.

Blake in his dorm room

Blake's desk area

Storage space under his bed

Closet (not much room for clothing once we put the fridge in there, but there wasn't room anywhere else for the fridge.)

Blake giving his girlfriend the tour of his room via Skype (sorry it's blurry)

Blake chatting with his Brasilian sweetheart, Anelyse via Skype. (Hi Anelyse!)

l-r: Sydney (Blake's cousin); Andrew (Blake's roommate); Christoph (Blake's friend); Blake

Did I mention that I miss him already? ;o)

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