Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Big Load of Potatoes

Sometimes I just get tired of being tired.

Today I physically feel completely exhausted, but mentally I think I'm feeling pretty good.

Yesterday I worked with our bookkeeper for 15 straight hours.... 10:30am Thursday to 1:30am Friday. Yup. That's right.... A.M. We got a lot of "crap" entered.

And no, I'm not apologizing for using the word "crap"... in fact, I've got some other adjectives floatin' around here in this beany brain of mine. Can you tell I hate bookwork?

Anyways, Jon's cousin and I have been hammering away at a couple of boxes of business paperwork. (Thanks, "Fuff", for all your help... and under the time crunch too!) I don't wanna hear the words "OK, that's Journal Number [864] posted" for a looooong time.

I think this is what I pretty much looked like at 1:30am:

This might have been "Fuff"; however, I think he rather enjoys doing paperwork/computerwork for folks, so maybe this is just him on a bad day (or just after having a tooth pulled.. haha):

Ever carry around two fifty pound bags of potatoes on your shoulders? That's what I feel like I've been carrying around for a couple of years.

Well, it's actually been longer than a couple of years; but I am not getting into all that today.... and likely never WILL get into it. I want it buried. DEEP. Out of my mind.

But I WILL say that with Jon becoming ill a couple of years ago and the scare we went through that perhaps he had done some brain damage when he fell out in Alberta and hit his head.... well.... it took a lot out of me at that time.

Then Jon had the wind taken out of his sails with some other issues that we've been able to slowly work through. (If I were to write a book about it all, you'd never believe it. Never. But I swear I wouldn't be making up one thing!)

And then I got sick of all the paperwork so much that I just left it... pecking away at it once in a blue moon.... once in a VERY blue moon.... but unfortunately letting it fall behind.

Then Blake started becoming ill... slowly over almost two years, but escalating over the summer and early fall of this year.

Then the weeks of hospitalization and tests and doctors' appointments and treatments.

And of course just trying to cope with the 'normalcy' of every-day-life events as Mom and Wife.....

All of those "potatoes" were really weighing me down.

The Lord tells us to give Him our potatoes burdens, not to carry them around. Well, I give Him the whole 50-pound potato sack, but it doesn't take me long and I grab those spuds right back and carry them around for a while, until I once again grow weary.

Well just being able to finish this paperwork up has been like getting rid of some heavy potato sacks. We just have a smidget more to do; and then when the accountant gets finished with it, we will pass the finished product all on to Revenue Canada. And hopefully we'll have a super duper nice person looking after it who will look it all over with expediency so that we can get the Trillium paperwork completed for Blake's medications.

Speaking of Blake, I have promised to do some updates for all of you regarding the fundraisers that have been happening; but all my spare time has been going into the bookwork. So, for those of you who are waiting for all that news, I do promise it's coming.

I don't want people to think I am ungrateful just because I haven't blogged about it yet. I AM VERY GRATEFUL. Trust me, it would be soooo easy for me to sit all day and blog about the graciousness of this community. However, the paperwork must be caught up so I don't have to worry about paying all that moo-lah for Blake's meds the rest of my life!!!!!!

So now I must rush off to tidy up the kitchen and then get to a friend's house to practice some music with him. (Hi Jonny!).... (Not MY Jonny, folks. It's Bernadette's Jonny.) He and I are singing at church on Sunday. Thanks for asking me, Jon!

Folks, if you're carrying potatoes tonight, might I suggest setting the bag down. Take that weight off. Try peeling some of those spuds and boilin' them up (or even deep frying them! Mmmm) rather than carrying them around!

And if you see me and I look like I'm slouching with a load of potatoes on my shoulders, would you remind me to dump them? We all need a little reminding once in a while. Stompin' Tom should be the only one worryin' about "another big load of potatoes". (click on the orange phrase) [wink, wink]

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S said...

Glad I finally had some time to come and get updated on your life! I love reading your posts. I feel like I'm reading a letter from a good friend. I was having a conversation at church recently about giving our burdens to God and I do that often but I pick 'em back up 5 minutes later--just as you mentioned.
The person I was talking to was on older man and he said he used to struggle with that. He said it's a trick the enemy will use to keep us weary. He encouraged me that next time I am tempted to pick my burden back up, to speak outloud to the enemy and say, "Stop hassling me! I'm not carrying that anymore--my Daddy's got it! Go talk to Him!"
He guaranteed me that it would get easier and easier.
Even as I type that I'm sitting here crying because I haven't done that yet. I have no idea why! Surely God is more capable of handling things than I!
Anyway, thinking of you and being thankful for you today!