Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/11/03

This morning Blake received his second dose of Remicade.

His infusion was at 8am this morning. We got there a little late. I was running just a tad behind, but when I got to my Mom & Dad's house to pick up Blake, where he spent the night, my Mom informed me that they had slept in.

I had to razz her a little bit because she always talks about how early she rises (like 5am-ish) and how it's a good time to start on her Bible work, when all is quiet.

HOWEVER, it seems like the times that she NEEDS to get up early, she oversleeps..... LIKE TODAY!

I asked her, "So what time did you actually wake up Blake?" She replied, "7am".

"Huhhh?? 7am??? It's only a bit after 7 now!"

So Blake was hustlin' to get his clothes on. I also had to stop for gas. Kingston is a one-hour trip one way..... yup, we're gonna be late. So much for my bragging rights for last Thursday when we actually arrived EARLY.

So by 8:20am Nurse Jane was hooking him up to the I.V. and getting the meds rolling dripping.

I sat in a nice comfy chair a few feet away from Blake in the next room. Just like Blake's chair, mine reclined so I was able to really relax while reading a book that Danielle gave me to read while in Kingston Hospital (but I never had the chance because I was too busy "tending to the other patients in the room"... hahaha).

Dani has threatened my life if I lose that book. It's one of her favs. I don't even recall the title or author, but it's really good. Unfortunately it's a really fat book with really small print. My eyes have been blurry all afternoon since reading it, even though I used those dollar store spectacles (I LOVE them!). I had over three hours to read the book and got about 160 pages read.

Oh yah... and I took a short nap, too! haha.

Our next appointment is scheduled for November 26th. If all goes well, we'll be receiving the third dose on time.

Today Blake told me that he had been experiencing some light pains in his stomach the last few days. (Just wondering whyyyyyyy he and my Mother neglected to share that 'bit' of information with me?????!!!!!!!) And yes, there is major attitude behind that sentence enclosed in the brackets! What part of "I WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE ANY PAIN" do you not understand?





Well, gang, I have lots of paperwork to do and I'm in the middle of preparing supper, so I'm going to close. Just wanted you to have the update that all is well in Intestinal Land.

And I'd like to, once again, thank Simona at Bio Advance for getting us this compassion dose of Remicade today. We greatly appreciate it. When our kids are ill, we want to do what we can... and when we, as parents, can't do it all, we so much appreciate others stepping in to help a family in need. We are thankful.

Another family is in need of your prayers. Our friend Dale, who is a very busy wife and mom of seven young children, is still battling a tumour around her brain. Doctors and specialists are still trying to figure out what's going on. Please pray for Dale that her tumour would simply dissipate, giving her an opportunity of claiming a miracle!

I promise to have some posts up soon regarding some fundraisers that were held recently, as well as some upcoming ones. "Overwhelmed by people's compassion" cannot even begin to describe how we feel. More funds were dropped off at the house today and I received a call from our local public school (where the boys attended, and me too!... a few years ago....) and the children of Athol-South Marysburgh Public School raised funds to help Blake as well. Most of those kids wouldn't even know Blake because of the age difference; however, they wanted to give to help out. What a wonderful community we live in. God bless each and every one of you until you just can't stand to be blessed anymore!

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