Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Farmer Man

On Sunday I rushed to the local hospital to see my uncle. He had collapsed during the singing of the second hymn at his church, and they rushed him by ambulance to Picton's Emerg.

Fortunately, everything seems to be ok. Don't know if we're dealing with a heart attack or a blood pressure problem or what, but thankfully things seem to be pretty good right now.

They decided to keep him for a few days for observation, which I so appreciate the fact that they didn't just send him back home!

This past summer, Blake spent a bit of time working on his farm. Blake was quite unwell at the time, but still mustered up the strength to give the hens a bright new look to their home. I'm betting egg production will surely increase. haha

Headland Farms - 2009 - photo by Michelle

This is my Uncle Murray and Aunt Leona (my Mom's sister) on the front porch of their farmhouse. This has always been Uncle Murray's home since he was a babe.

Headland Farms - 2009 - Aunt Leona & Uncle Murray - photo by Michelle

Here's a photo of their home.

Headland Farms - 2009 - photo by Michelle

This is their dairy barn.... unfortunately my time was limited and I didn't get a picture of the girls the cows, but maybe another day we'll catch them during milking time.

Headland Farms - 2009 - photo by Michelle

I picked up two hitch-hikers..... nah, just kidding.... that's two o' me boys.... Matthew and Jared. They were greatly excited to get to the Milford bridge where they would spend the afternoon jumping into the Milford Mill Pond.

Matthew & Jared - 2009

Matthew & Jared - 2009

This is always a favourite scene at Uncle Murray and Aunt Leona's farm... the windmill.

Headland Farms - 2009 - photo by Michelle

Many a photographer have stopped to get a snap of this windmill. They're becoming rare.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few pictures of Headland Farms since Uncle Murray was on my mind. I'm sure the good folks at Picton Hospital are spoiling him rotten.

But if I know Uncle Murray, he's anxious to return to his home. He loves his land, and it's obvious to see why.

Get better, Uncle Murray!

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