Monday, November 30, 2009

Hockey-Mom Voice & Deer/Cat Video

'Tis the season for me to get "hockey mom voice". Dry, scratchy, raspy, a bit on the sore side.


Because I do a bit of a vocal workout, shouting "wooo-hooooo" and "way to go, boys!" and "Defence! Get BACK!!" and "way to play, guys!!!".

And you all know that, as a rule, I'm usually so meek-and-mild natured and more on the quiet side.............




Oh, sorry. Did I lose you there?

OK, so I'm really a big mouth. Sue me.

I'm proud of my boys and I let them know it.... in a loud vocal sort of way.

So Jared has been called up to help out the Rep B team by playing as their goalie. He had been asked to be their alternate goalie, just in case their original goalie was injured during a game. Well, their original goalie ended up quitting last week and the team was scheduled to play at a tournament on Friday and Saturday. No goalie = no tournament. No goalie for regular season games = no more team.

I let him skip school on Friday so the team could actually have a goalie in net, and... well.... let's just say that the team played very well. They tied the first game and lost the second and third games by one goal each. They played terrific!

.... aaaaaand..... I hooted and hollered a little more than I usually do..... and that made my throat sore the next day......

And THAT's not a good thing because I have two singing engagements! One was tonight at a Ladies Tea at our church where I sang with my Mom and two sisters, and the other singing engagement is Sunday night at our Community Carol Sing where I'll be singing in a quintet with my Mom, my sister, and two friends.

I should've thought of all this BEFORE the hockey games and duct taped my mouth shut. (Some of you out there are reading this and thinking how that would be a good idea anyways. Hardy-har-harrrrrr...... )

So I muddled through the song tonight, and hopefully the soreness and raspiness will pass for Sunday night's performance. I WILL say that it is helping me to hit some low notes! So THAT's a positive way of looking at things.

Anyhow, I just got home from the Tea and checked emails and thought I'd make a quick post to the blog because I've really been slack lately in giving you regular postings.

Tonight I received a video from my cousin, Kendra (Hi Kenner!), and I thought the video was sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet. So I want to share it with you. It's really quite adorable.

Take two minutes out of your hectic schedule to watch it. It truly is "a wonderful world".

[ ]
Deer & Cat in A Wonderful World

Have a good day, folks..... Ohhhhhh yaaaaaaaahhh...

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