Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blake's Health Update 2009/11/26

We are just heading out the door for Kingston. Blake gets his third dose of Remicade today.

His health has been good. I'd say the only thing I'm noticing is that he's still a bit tired, but other than that, things are going well.

He stood at the doorway of our little office the other day and lifted his t-shirt, exposing his belly. He says to me, "I'm gettin' a little bit of a ponch here! I'm gonna have to go on a DIET!" Then he glanced at me and giggled, as he focussed on me glaring at him. He chuckled to himself and headed off to bed.

.... A diet...... very funny, Mr. Skin-on-Bones.

The other day I made some comment to him about something and whatever it was, he decided to tune me out, so he says, "Mom? I can't SEE you....."


Rotten kid.

For those of you that don't recall that particular phrase, that is the sentence Blake said to me just seconds before he collapsed on Oct 2nd.

He has quoted that phrase a few times and then waits for my reaction. Then he splits a gut laughing.

But he never says it when he's within my arm's reach. He knows I'd clean his clock. haha

It is soooo nice to hear him laugh again. Good, hearty, down-to-the-toes laughing. He's still moody by times, but to hear him laughing is therapeutic for ME!

Anyways, the clock is ticking and I need to go. I have some errands to do before we get to the appointment. We'll likely be there for three to four hours.

I'm so thankful for this medicine. I've got my boy back!

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