Friday, January 1, 2010

18 Years Ago Today.......

Eighteen years ago today.......

A twinge of pain




increasing "discomfort"

a pain becoming more regular, more timed

Machines for monitoring a heartbeat

sterilized utensils

a cold room

deep relaxing cleansing breaths

louder sounds on the monitor

tha-thump.... tha-thump.... tha-thump....

"Breathe deep! Push! Push! Good girl!"

"Pant! Hee-hee-hoooo.... hee-hee-hoooo...."

"OK push again!"



eyes closed

tiny hands

little feet

a pudgy little nose

eentsy-weentsy perfect lips

roll upon roll upon roll upon roll

a Butterball, just like his Momma

And the smell.....

that newborn smell......

you can't describe it......

the sweetest smell on earth......

The doctor tends to Momma

providing loving tender care to a torn body

a body made by The Creator

made as an incubator for another tiny babe

And a proud Daddy.... again

running down the hall

with a newborn babe in his arms
only mere minutes old

shouting, "It's a Jacob! It's a Jacob!"

Big brother, already 19 months old, excited

his "Jaybo" finally arrived

Grandma with tears in her eyes

Daddy rushing back to the delivery room before nurses notice he's "stolen" a newborn

The Creator giving another example of His unending miracles

a 9lb.1oz. miracle

And eighteen years later

the miracle

still pink

but chubbiness turned to muscles

the rolls turned slim

the short Butterball turned 6ft.1in.

But still my baby

always my baby

my middle baby

my little Jaybo

Thank you, Lord.

For my baby

always my baby



Happy 18th Birthday, Jaybobby!


S said...

Happy new year!! Hoping and praying for all of the big things that God has planned for you and your family! I look forward to hearing about them!

Janna said...

Sweet post - I just loved it!
Happy belated, Jacob!