Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/01/07

This is going to be a rather quick post.... I really need some beauty catch-up sleep because we head for New Brunswick VERY early on Saturday morning.

I just wanted everyone to know that Blake's health has been very good lately. The medicine, Remicade, has proven to be extremely effective in Blake's healing process. I know that your prayers have been extremely effective as well. Thank you for praying for our boy.

And, since we're on the topic of "prayer".... I am wondering if I could bother you to pray that the "Section 8" is approved in the next few days. We have been accepted by Trillium, who will pay for any drugs that Blake needs, not including his yearly deductible (which is, thankfully, quite low). However, Trillium will only pay for the actual Remicade IF a Section 8 is granted. THAT is what we're waiting for now. Once that is granted, we will be able to ship Blake's Remicade doses to him from Ontario to New Brunswick where he will receive the infusions at a clinic, hopefully not too far from his college. Blake's Remicade is covered under Trillium ONLY if it's shipped from Ontario.

Honestly, folks, all the paperwork and phone calls has been more exhausting and frustrating than the actual disease itself!!!!! I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. Two women have been extremely instrumental in assisting me with this whole process...... Simona and Edel.

[applause, cheers, more applause....]

Ladies, please take a bow.

I appreciate their efforts and their professionalism and their extreme kindness to us as we've tackled this monster! They've helped to make a difficult situation a little easier to bear.

Simona tells me this morning that "once the Section 8 is approved, it's a no-brainer". Wa-hooooo! I LOVE NO-BRAINERS since I'm only functioning with part of a brain lately!

So, back to Blake.

Blake has been in New Jersey since Monday afternoon with his Brazilian girlfriend, Anelyse. Anelyse spent Christmas and New Year's holidays here with us, and can I just tell you that I love her and want to keep her here. But Damaris, her Momma, wouldn't let me. She said I must return her. I did. But I wasn't happy about it. Not one little bit.

Anelyse was a delight and maybe, just maybe....... OK, A REALLY BIG MAYBE, I just might be ready for a daughter-in-law..... IF it's Anelyse. Then I'll be ready. Blake's not ready for a wife yet, but I'm ready for the daughter-in-law. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. For now, Any returns to Brazil on Saturday to return to her dentistry, and Blake travels to New Brunswick to begin his new life as a college kid. Jon and I will meet Blake Saturday evening at the airport in Moncton (we'll be driving out with all his belongings) and at that point, I will begin the agonizing adjustment of being Momma Bird with one less bird in the nest.

Tissues, please.

More, please.

Still more.

I haven't cried YET, but I know it's coming.

I have my THIRD cold in a matter of six weeks, so I'll just tell people I'm not crying, I'm just fighting a head cold.

Blasted eye-watering cold.

That's what it will be is.... an eye cold.

THAT way, I can cry the whole time.

I'll bet every Momma there will have an eye cold.

Every single Momma on that campus is gonna have the dreaded eye cold.

And every Daddy will have that lump in his throat tickle in his throat.

[a-hem, a-HEM]

Kids won't understand until they have to do it themselves.

That'll be our glory moment, eh? hahha

Anyways, Blake seems to be doing very well. No pain in the tummy. No loose bowel movements. No blood. It's been wonderful!

There has been the ODD occasion where he has eaten something and then felt a little uncomfortable; however, it's not too long and he's back on track. That will help him to know what he can eat and what he should avoid.

(Sorry, Grandma, but that piece of pumpkin pie didn't seem to sit well. However, the cherry pie that Dean, Jake, and I ate off the floor seemed to sit REAL well. You should drop pies more often!)

Well, I've gone and done it again. I said "a quick post" and, sure 'nuf, it ain't.

Once next week rolls around, I need to finish up our Thank You's and then get the write-up done for the newspaper. We have so many people to thank! We have been loved by so many generous folks. There really will not be the right words to say...... I'll probably re-write it all a few dozen times, trying to make it perfect.

Drat! It's after 11pm already.

QUICK post.

QUICK post.

When will I ever learn? !!!!!!!!!

G'night, folks.

And just a quick reminder to pray that the Section 8 is quickly approved. And could you pray for safe travels for Jon and me (and another college student who will be travelling with us) as we travel to New Brunswick. Weather conditions sound like they will be ok.... just wanna make sure our VEHICLE will be ok!!!! Thanks for praying for us.

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Janna said...

Praying for your trip here, Michelle.
Thanks for the update on Blake's health. Since he's at school, he'll get to meet Dan (Gould) - was a summer staff student at our church this summer. He just came to visit us over his Christmas break before heading back to the school. Cool guy!