Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/05/06

Hello from Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada!

We have been here since our transfer from Picton Hospital on Monday, May 3rd, and Blake is doing much better.

Unfortunately, we COULD have stayed in Picton, for all that's been accomplished here. On Tuesday, a specialist ("Dr. L.") came in to talk to Blake and informed us that they will not start Blake on Imuran until they wean down the Prednisone.

Seems like a waste of taxpayers money by transferring us by ambulance (actually a Medical Transfer Vehicle) and taking up space here in Kingston Hospital when we COULD have just continued with this process in Picton. Oh well, no sense in complaining. God is the One Who is in control today and every day; and He is aware of Blake's situation. Doesn't make sense to us, but He must have wanted us here for a reason.

Basically Blake is on Prednisone and Cipro and Flagyl. Since last week his steroid has been administered through I.V. Today he started back on pill form. The steroid, in combination with Cipro and Flagyl, work together to heal the intestines. Once we wean down the Prednisone, we'll start the Imuran and hopefully it will have a good effect on his body.

The unfortunate part is that the Imuran will take anywhere from six weeks to three months to even START to be effective. It will be a scary summer, and you can bet I'll be watching him very carefully.

Sadly for Blake, he will not join the Mission Team headed to Brazil in June. Dr. L. made it quite clear that Blake was not to leave the country. Blake is disappointed but now has his sights set on going there for Christmas, IF, of course, his health is in top-notch condition. I am leary of that, based on no out-of-country health insurance for a pre-existing condition. Not sure that my family will "allow" him to go. I'm staying out of it, and you other older mothers will understand why! :o)

As usual, the nurses here are grand. They have been very kind and helpful. And the Picton nurses are of course the best you'll find anywhere. I hope they never close our little County hospital. We will certainly suffer if they choose to make such a foolish move! And Dr. C, our family physician, has just been as sweet as ever. She's been very good to us. She came in to Blake's room last weekend and just sat and chatted with Blake... not just about medical stuff, but about his schooling and fiddling. Boy, that goes a long way. Perhaps Dr. L., here in Kingston, could learn a thing or two from Dr. C.

If you're following me on Facebook, you will have seen my post where Dr. L. was quite short with Blake the other day and did not basically let Blake (or me) even finish a sentence! He chastized Blake for not having regular appointments with a G.I. Specialist and for taking off to New Brunswick. We tried to explain that we were SUPPOSED to have appointments and that our Specialist was supposed to set that up for Blake in NB even after several requests to our Specialist's Secretary. Well, Dr. L. didn't even want to listen. Held his hand up as if to say, "Whatever! I DON'T want to hear it!". I felt he was very rude and, although I can't find the correct synonym right now, I was of the opinion that he needed to get his head out of his butt and LISTEN to what we had to say! Of course the Resident Doctors are great. They take the time to listen. Very key point in understanding your patient, I believe.

Dr. L. did have a better attitude yesterday. I think maybe the Holy Spirit must have convicted this doctor as he lay his head on his pillow that night. haha.

I've told so many people much of what's going on here through Facebook and through telephone and through texting, I can't remember if there's anything I've missed. My apologies that information has not reached you through the blog prior to today. Blake speaks with his girlfriend, Anelyse, via Skype quite a bit (which is through the computer), and he's usually playing a video game on the computer when not talking to her, so that leaves me little time for computer use.

In fact, right now he's staring at me typing, so I'm thinking he'd like his "turn" at the computer and I'm anticipating him grabbing it out of my hot little hands. haha.

We appreciate everyone taking the time to pray for us. We have a long battle ahead of us, and I am VERY apprehensive with Blake just being on the Prednisone. I have a feeling we may be returning to the hospital sooner than anticipated; but I also know that prayer works and that God is in charge and has a plan for Blake's life.

I know God has a plan for MY life too, and part of that includes getting my lawn cut! I'm sure my poor neighbour, whose lawn I cut, is wondering why I'm letting it get a foot long! Hopefully if we're released tomorrow, I'll be out in my happy place cutting the lawn and getting a well-needed tan on these pale legs.

Thank you again to everyone. We are a blessed family. God is good. All the time.

And I pray God's blessings on YOUR families as well.

PS - I'll update as changes occur. Most current and up-to-date information will be on Facebook. Not a Facebook friend? Click on the link on the right sidebar at the top and add me as a Friend.

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