Monday, May 10, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/05/10

And a VERY Happy Birthday to my niece, Carley, who turns 15 today!!!! Where in the world has the time gone????

My niece, Carley

Also, a very special birthday wish to my Aunt Dianna, who turns 39 AGAIN!!!!! haha. JUST kidding. She's...... she's....... ummmm.... more mature than 39. :o) Aunt Dianna & Uncle Graham came to visit us this afternoon here at Kingston Hospital. How nice of her to share her special day with us! So, Happy Birthday Aunt Dianna!

Cuz'n Kendra & Aunt Dianna

So, I want to just update you again on Blake's present status.

He has not had any morphine since last night at bedtime. Today they disconnected his I.V. and he's had a shower. The pain in his legs has gone from intense pain to a dull ache, certainly more bearable than early Saturday morning!

We had a visit from a friend, Lola, (and Jim, Bill, & Norma), who also suffers from this painful disease. Fortunately she shares the same specialist as we do. It will be helpful for us to have many conversations with Lola to gain more insight into some of the symptoms we'll need to keep an eye out for! Apparently this sudden onset of excrutiating pain in the joints is actually a part of Crohns. I'm not sure why that has not been conveyed to us by the doctors; however, knowing Lola has experienced this has been very helpful in reassuring me that Blake is not getting another chronic disease! I am very much looking forward to our appointment with our G.I. Specialist, Dr. Depew, on Wednesday.

We have received no word back from the bloodwork that has been taken. Some tests, we were told, would take 48 to 72 hours, and another test would take two weeks. They did xrays on Blake's knees, ankles, and elbows today. Dr. Gutsten said she was not a radiologist, but from what she could see, there didn't appear to be anything to show something was wrong. So that's good news! Dr. Ramjeesingh was in yesterday and was saying how everytime he sees Blake, Blake is doing well; yet when he leaves the floor, Blake's condition gets worse. I told him to give me his home phone number and I'd give him a call as soon as things turned worse. haha. He decided against that. It's nice when doctors can joke and have some fun with ya! You MUST laugh through these difficult times... helps to bear it.

Blake is snoozing away right now. I'm going to slip down to the cafeteria and see what's on the supper menu. Gotta get back up here for the hockey game tonight. Want to watch Montreal Canadiens whoop Sidney Crosby's butt! (NOT that I'm a Montreal fan, folks; you know I'm a Leaf girl.... but since the Leafs have been 'golfing' for quite some time now, I like to root for the next Canadian team.)

We were fortunate enough to have a television in the room that hadn't got disconnected yet; however, this morning while we were down in the xray department, the tv-folks shut it off! ARGH. The empty bed next to us.... well.... the tv works. I was thinking that I might just have to turn it on. It's a distance away, and I'm really not supposed to be "contaminating" that side of the room, but... Jiminy Crickets... IT'S THE PLAYOFFS! And it's only one little button that I'll be touching! I likely can't watch online because Blake will want to talk to Anelyse on Skype tonight. So.... shhhhhhhh..... don't tell anyone that I'm "borrowing" the tv!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I'll try to update tomorrow as time permits. Apparently I'm going home to a clean house, according to my "very busy homemaker husband". hahahha. He keeps saying, "Honey, I just don't know how you do it!" I think he's being sarcastic. Oh, if he ONLY KNEW everything that I do to keep that ship afloat! hahaha

'Til next time, folks..... keep your stick on the ice.

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lynda.westervelt said...

thinking of you all and praying for Blake and the whole family..... hope to 'hear'/'see' some results soon.... by the sounds of it, i think you might better hire jon to be your house husband..... he must have doing laundry down pat, what with all those 15 loads ;-) love you all...later, lynda