Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/05/12

Before I give you the health update, might I FIRST congratulate my dear brother-in-law, Brent, on his favourite team's win tonight? Congrats to the Montreal Canadiens for whooping ol' whiny-faced Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins team. How cool was it that ol' Sidney gets a penalty just minutes into the game!!!? And then Montreal scores! Ahhhh.... beautiful.

(Just to clarify.... I am still a Maple Leafs fan... just supporting the Habs while the Leafs are out golfing!)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch any more of the game as I went to the highschool to watch Jacob model in the school's annual Fashion Show. Yes, yes... I know... JACOB???? in a Fashion Show?????? Yah, hard to wrap your head around THAT one, eh? But he was AMAZING! First attire was a "gangsta", then he modelled "Panther" garb (school clothing), then he modelled "farm" attire (how appropriate for him!), and then he came out at the end all decked out in a formal white tuxedo! YES!! WHITE!!! Ooo-la-lah! Very nice! And a lovely young lady on his arm, as well. Mmmm-hmmm. Made his Momma and Daddy and Grandma pretty proud as we sat in the audience whistling and cheering him on. Way to go, Jaybo!

And now, before I fall asleep at the keyboard, I shall give you an update on Blake's appointment with the Specialist today. We drove to Kingston to Hotel Dieu Hospital. We first met with a young lady named Sara. She is on a research team and would like to have Jacob and Jared included in a study on Crohns. They would give some samples at a first appointment, and then the research team would follow the boys for about six years. Twice a year they would contact the boys by phone and ask them questions about their health, what they've been eating, where they've been living, etc. It's completely up to them whether they participate or not (I haven't even mentioned it to them yet!) and it's to help the research team in their studies to find out who is most likely to get Crohns, etc. Remember, Crohns is not curable at this point, so all the research they can do will be beneficial in years to come to possibly help others not to get this terrible disease.

Then Dr. Flemming came in. She is super-duper nice. We met her when Blake was admitted to Kingston General Hospital last October. She reviewed some things with Blake, and after consulting with Dr. Depew, they returned to the room and discussed with us the plan for Blake's future treatments.

[Drum roll, please.....]

At this point Blake will be receiving doses of Methotrexate. It is administered by injection. He will receive at least 16 of these injections... one per week for 16 weeks. As time goes on, Blake will learn how to administer these injections himself. The Imuran, at this point, is out of the question. Apparently studies show that young men who take Imuran are at a risk of lymphoma; so Dr. Depew feels that the Methotrexate would be a better and safer drug for Blake to use.

If we find that the Methotrexate will not work for Blake, for one reason or another, then at that point we can go back to taking Remicade. As long as we've tried the Methotrexate, then getting the government to approve the Remicade should not be a problem. (Heavy on the "should"!).

Over a longer period of time, Blake could possibly switch to a pill form of Methotrexate; however the good doctor feels that the injection is absorbed by the body a bit better than the pill form. But for now, it will definitely be injection.

Blake will also have to get regular bloodwork done. Apparently we must get bloodwork done once every two weeks, for a period of time; then it switches to once a month, for a period of time; then it will be once every three months.

When Blake was hospitalized in New Brunswick from April 21 to 23, 2010, he met a kind doctor who has agreed to take Blake on as a patient. His name is Dr. Sullivan. He said to Blake that he would also set Blake up with a G.I. Specialist in New Brunswick. Dr. Depew is happy with that, and just suggests that the NB G.I. keep Dr. Depew informed.

Looks like everything is falling into place at the moment. Blake receives his first injection next week. It will take a while (likely into the summer) before he starts to notice any change; but hopefully by July or August, we will see the medicine begin to heal up Blake's body.

Please continue to pray for him. He is still very tired and drained. He has two commitments over the summer, one being a gig with Grampa's Goodtime Gang this weekend, where they play at Mt. Tabor for their CD release, and the other gig being a Hoot 'n Anny with some friends, where he again will be playing his fiddle. Other than that, I must insist that he get rested this summer and give the meds a chance to work. I really want him to concentrate on getting better. His heart is wanting to do a lot of outreach this summer for the Lord; but he'll be no good to people if he's ill. So.... take it easy, Blake! Momma Bear has spoken!
And now it is time for me to be off to la-la-land. Thank you for your questions and concerns. I will hopefully have good news for all of you next week!!!
And in the meantime, Go Habs Go. I hope they get to take on Philly.... just for the sake of our friend, Chris P. 'Twill make for very interesting conversations, eh Chris?
Nightie-night, all.

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