Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad


My Mom & Dad celebrate their Wedding Anniversary today. They've put up with each other enjoyed each other's company in marital bliss for 47 years now!

Here they are on May 25th, 1963.....

Jean E. (Steenburgh) & L. Dwain Fraser - May 25, 1963

Dad was 26 years old and Mom was 21. Mom wore her oldest sister's wedding gown (Aunt Phyllis's) and Dad wore a little black wool suit. I have that wool suit in my costume bin! Blake wore it for dress-up at a function in elementary school and it fit Blake perfectly.... I think Blake was in Grade 6!!!!! What a tiny physique my Dad must've had 47 years ago!

And then in 1967 they had this very beautiful bundle of joy!!!!!! (Well, I'm quite sure that's THEIR words, not mine! [wink])........

Dwain & Jean Fraser with first-born Michelle - 1967

I see Mohawk hair cuts must've been the "in thing" for babies in 1967..... right alongside the "bee-hive" hairdo! haha. (Just kidding, Mom; you look great!) And Dad..... you DO have a face under that beard!!!! Who knew!!!!

And here they are 47 years later......

Dwain (73 yrs old) & Jean (68 yrs old) - (taken Nov 2009)

Dad is doing the Little Rascals Woodchuck wave!

Happy Anniversary, love birds!

Jean & Dwain Fraser - (taken Oct 2008)

Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work. ~Author Unknown

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