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Blake's Health Update 2010/05/09

Well, let's just start this post properly by wishing all you mothers a very special Happy Momma's Day!!!!

No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no dishes, no scrubbing toilets or tubs, no window-washing, no cutting the lawns, no diapers to change, no vacuuming, no dusting.......

Yah.... right! haha

Well, actually, that list of items is basically true for me today because.... we are BACK at Kingston Hospital.

My last post was from Thursday. Blake was doing so well, we were released Friday morning from hospital. My mom, sister, and two nieces came to pick us up, and Blake treated us all to Red Lobster. (Yes, I'm just a simple Fish 'N Chip kind of girl... no lobster or crab or shrimp or squid or octopus or whale or whatever for ME! haha. Thanks, Blake, for my early Mother's Day lunch.)

We got home mid afternoon and I spent time sorting laundry and doing dishes. Blake went to his room to unpack some of his college stuff (because we were admitted to Picton Hospital the day after we got him home from college, not having any time to get organized).

Very early Saturday morning, like 3:30am-ish, I heard the tub water running. I got up to find Blake getting ready to soak in the tub. He said he was starting to experience some pain in his joints and muscles. It began in elbows and shoulders, then complete upper arms. It quickly moved to his knees and shins and calves and ankles. As the moments went on, the pain became excrutiating. I got him out of the tub and dried off, and Jacob had to come lift him from the tub and onto my bed, as he couldn't stand, barely able to even move. He was in extreme pain. We decided to get him to the hospital.

A usual 15-minute drive to Picton Emerg took us only 5 minutes (thanks to Trucker Jonny) and we were welcomed by some very caring nurses who continue to spoil us rotten with compassion every time we're there (and this week's special stars are Jane, Ann, Maria, and Meribeth [sorry, Meribeth... I think I'm spelling your name incorrectly]).

Dr. Gibson and Dr. Lett were MOST kind and helpful in assessing Blake. (I'm gonna start using the doctors' surnames as opposed to "Dr. C", etc., because I think they deserve recognition!) They immediately administered morphine, as Blake was literally crying and screaming out with intense pain. They wasted no time in contacting Kingston to speak with the specialists. Unfortunately, everyone was baffled by this situation with Blake. There have been no signs of pain in his gut; no blood; no diahrea. Just this intense pain. It did not hurt to touch him; the pain was coming from the inside.

No joints were swollen, with the exception of a very tiny area around his left knee. Doctor Lett aspirated the knee (drew fluid from the knee) and although he only could retrieve just a small amount, it's colour was nice and clear and showed no signs of infection. It's been sent away for analysis. Bloodwork was also done. Morphine was being administered at a pretty constant rate due to pain.

An ambulance was dispatched to transfer us to Kingston Hospital (Thank you Brandon & Mike... you guys are fantastic!), where doctors felt specialists could assess us a little better. We spent most of the day in the Emergency Department. We finally got a room about 7:30pm Saturday night. Jon & Jake drove down in the afternoon and then my sisters, Wannett & Danielle (Thelma & Louise), arrived in the evening with some clothing and snacks, and most importantly, a Timmy's French Vanilla for Momma! [insert heavenly sigh here].

Fortunately, Dr. Toeheed, a specialist in rheumatology, who we met last October, was on duty. He came to our room at midnight and checked Blake over. He does not feel there is an issue with Blake's joints and muscles. He is leaning more towards a possible infection or virus. We're hoping that the many many many tubes of blood that they drew from Blake yesterday will give them some sort of answer. He also indicated that they may do some more tests today (Sunday) or Monday. He felt maybe that Blake was getting too much morphine, so he lowered the dose; however, through the night, Blake needed extra as the pain increased.

So far today he's doing pretty good. He's finding it very difficult to walk today and needs assistance to the washroom. Oh yah, the diahrea has returned, but no blood. I managed to give him a sponge bath and wash his hair and he's had a shave.... first shave since we left New Brunswick April 26th! I told him it was a good thing he wasn't a hockey player trying to grow a beard for the playoffs, because, well... those little ol' whiskers weren't growing very fast. haha. Maybe when he finally hits puberty........ hahahhaha. Just kidding, Blake. I'm WELL AWARE of the fact that you're turning 20 this Thursday! And THAT means Jon and I celebrate 21 years of MARRIAGE on Thursday! I have to wonder which hospital we'll be in that day...... [grin].

Please pray for "Burt", our roommate. He is reaching the end of his life here on earth. His son and his nephews came in this morning to sit with him. He had a very rough night, but is resting more comfortably now. He cried out in pain and discomfort for most of the wee hours of the mornings, despite receiving some pain killers. My heart aches for him, as it did for some dear old souls lying in the emergency department yesterday. They were crying out and whimpering and.... it's just hard to not go and curl up in bed with them and hold them while they cry. I only pray they know Jesus, their Comforter, and soon their pain will end, and when they see Jesus, they will know it was worth it all.

Thank you to the many who are continuing to pray for Blake. We know we are continually being lifted before the Throne. Please pray for our many doctors and the resident doctors who continue to assess Blake and sort everything out. God has a plan, and it is always right.

Update: 2:40pm, two hours later
I started this post two hours ago, and I have some updates for you.

Firstly, our Sr. Resident Doctor came in, Dr. Ramjeesingh (super nice!). He explained that some of the bloodwork will take 48 - 72 hours before we get the results. They feel that there are no arthritic signs, as there are absolutely no signs of inflammation, and Blake's joints are really quite flexible. (They can bend him like a pretzel.) Anyways, they are looking more towards an infection, and they are leaning towards a viral infection. Because of Blake's Crohn's & Colitis situation, he is more susceptible to these infections and these infections may stay in his system longer than the average person. All that being said, we will know more when blood results come back.

Secondly, I am sad to say that our roommate "Burt" passed away just after 1pm. That is why I am delayed in posting this. He went quickly and quietly. His son was with him. I chatted with the son for a while just after Burt's passing. Burt had cancer. Apparently they gave him three months, but Burt did not survive anywhere near that time. His son told me that his mother passed away last year on May 28th. Isn't that the way it often goes? One spouse goes and the other isn't too far behind. My paternal grandparents passed away two years from one another, almost to the day! Burt apparently was very lonely without his wife, his son said. I don't know the family's names, and don't want to post their surname, but would you please remember this son and his family as they grieve the loss of Burt.... a father, father-in-law, grandfather, and uncle.


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