Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have broken a blogging law:

Thou shalt not leave thy blog unattended for an extended period of time.

I don't know if that's a law or not. I just made it up. But I know I have definitely broken it.

I have had one of the busiest weeks. And I wanted to get some pictures downloaded to the computer so I could show you some pics of my amazing little soccer goalie; but alas, it did not get done.

Then I got reprimanded by one of my sisters because she dropped by my blog and noticed I hadn't written anything in a week. Sorry Danielle. And sorry Mrs. Post. I know you're probably gonna give me a tongue lashing as well. haha.

So hubby has been home all week. He likes the computer. I can barely get on here when he's home. He's a Facebook Junky. And I can't think straight when he's home. When he's on the road going across the country as well as in the U.S., I am able to collect my thoughts. But when he's home.... well, there's just too much going on. I can't think at the computer if he's standing over my back waiting to use Facebook. He'll deny all this, but I assure you, it's true. Mostly. [grin]

Also, my little Jared has kept me hoppin' the last week. We had soccer games or baseball games EVERY SINGLE NIGHT last week. Then we had the big soccer tournament this past weekend. Of course those kids did so well on Saturday, we moved on to the semi-finals on Sunday. Then they made it through semi-finals to move onto the finals. After an exciting game in the (sometimes pouring) rain, they reigned (or in Sunday's case "rained") victorious!!!! Congratulations to the U16 Division of the Prince Edward County Soccer Association for 2010. Wahooo!

Jared played the position of Goalie and made some amazing saves. There was even a shoot-out in the semi-finals, and it was a nail-biter. Jared was, of course, in net for the shoot-out, and I'm sure my sisters and I held our breath each time the ball was kicked. Then when it was our team's turn, the coaches (Jack & Tristan.... two super-D-duper fellows) had Jared take a turn at kicking; and fortunately for us, he scored. I don't think the kids realize how hard that stuff is on their parents' nerves! hahha

And not just the parents' nerves.... the aunts and uncles too! My sisters and their husbands came to watch the game with Jon & me. They brought all their children as well to cheer on Jared and his teammates. It was a great day. Some of the parents in the U13 Division were having so much fun in the pouring rain, they started to do a "wave". It was great fun to watch. What a blessing.

Jeb, we are so proud of you. You are a great athlete and a great all-round kid. We love you very much.

So THIS weekend we gear up for the baseball tournament. I am hoping for good weather, as there's a slight chance of rain. Umbrellas and rain suit are in the trunk of the car.... JUST in case!

I registered Jared for house league hockey today and am already anticipating a good season. He's leaning towards house league this year rather than Rep because, although he loves the position of Goalie, he also likes to get out and be a player on the whole ice. In house league, there are usually enough goalies to share the positions. Ooooo..... just TALKING about it is getting me excited for the season to begin.

Jacob is certainly loving his job in Georgetown, although he is not making wise choices in callin' his Momma on any sort of regular basis. Even an IRREGULAR basis! I did get a call from him tonight. He wanted to know what vehicle I was driving. I said, "Why? Did your father find my car keys in his pocket?" Jon used my car today but forgot to leave the keys at home. He headed to Georgetown in the transport to visit with Jake and to find out why Jake's pickup isn't running properly. Jake found my car keys laying on the passenger seat of the transport. Jon has no idea how they got there. (Duhhhhh....).

For you folks that don't know, Georgetown is a three-hour drive from my house. And Jon is headed west this week to British Columbia! Fortunately I had an extra key in the bottom of my purse. (Mikey.... you're so right: He's a treasure!)

Just razzin' ya, Jon. Don't worry. I'm not gonna get rid of you..... yet. [wink]

Blake is doing o-k-a-y in the health situation. He's been feeling fairly well, but this week he's slowing down quite a bit. He is due for his 3rd dose of Remicade this week; however, we don't meet the specialist until Friday. THAT means there's no chance of getting a dose until next week at the earliest. Argh! He is starting to feel some discomfort in his tummy, and is having some slight pains in his back. His energy level is dropping quickly as well. I know that with the next dose, things will perk up again; however, we STILL haven't heard anything from the wonderful Government of Ontario with regards to the funding. This means that the doctors will have to admit Blake AGAIN to hospital for his treatment. We are praying it all moves along quickly, as he will be returning to New Brunswick to college in September.

We are still being blessed by people's generosity and prayers. Last Friday night Blake and I played at the tent service at Wesley Acres. We played "What A Friend We Have In Jesus" during offering. We played it "fiddle-style"!!! Then Blake gave about an 8-minute testimony as to what he and Jesus have been up to in the last year. :o)

He spoke about God's faithfulness during this difficult time in his life. We finished the testimony with playing that beautiful hymn, one of my favourites, "Great Is Thy Faithfulness". (You're probably listening to it right now, or it may have just finished, as it should be playing as background music on this blog.) I was so blessed to see the congregation rise to their feet and give Blake a standing ovation. And it seemed to go on, and on, and on. What a blessing. People really truly care. And people are blessed when they see and hear how a 20-year-old boy (remember, he's always my little boy) gives praise to our God even in the hardest, darkest times of his life. Thank you, Lord. How blessed I am!!!!!

Besides chauffeuring some boys here and there, I have been busy de-cluttering my house, and the last day or so I've been working at some paperwork. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I'd rather shovel manure than do paperwork. But it has to be done. I was planning on doing more tomorrow, but I have to run some errands for Jon and then I should get the grass cut since I won't have time to do it on Friday or the weekend.

I'm also battling a terrible toothache. I need to desperately see a dentist, but I am putting it off. Our dentist retired and I do not care for his replacement at all. I am considering another dentist clinic not too far from our home. I think I'd better make the call and get this looked after before I get an infection. My poor ol' teeth. I think I'm soon gonna be toothless!!!! They're all cracking and breaking. Geesh. I'm fallin' apart, folks. But for now, Tylenol #1's are my best friend. hahaha.

So, I guess I'll go find a few pictures to add to this post. Again, I'm sorry for breaking the blogging law. I will be more faithful..... for Danielle's sake. And for Mrs. Post's sake. And for my own sake. I miss "chatting" with you all. I hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer. Drop me a line and let me know what's been your hi-lights of the season.

Take care and... keep your stick on the ice.

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Anonymous said...

horray -- you updated your blog & made my day.
I forgive you. I know you lead a very busy life.
I've been in the garden all morning -- all kinds of veggies there.
I'm praying for Blake that he gets his Remecade ON TIME.
Love ya Carolyn