Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/08/29

Howdy! Howdy!

We're reporting to you LIVE from Kingston General Hospital!

Friday morning (Aug 27) I got a call around 8:30am that a bed was available for Blake. I could've reached through the phone and hugged the woman, Lori, from Admitting!

Jon drove Blake and me into Picton to do some errands and then we headed to Kingston. My hopes for getting the Remicade medication ordered by Friday afternoon to receive on Saturday were soon squashed when we didn't even get to see the doctor until Friday night at 11pm!! He informed us that since the Pharmacist had the weekend off, they likely wouldn't order the meds until Monday and hopefully they'd arrive for Tuesday.

THAT means that we are just layin' around here completely bored. Because Blake is only in a very minimal amount of discomfort, this seems quite dull and mundane for him. Little does he know this is the life I've lived every time we've been in hospital.... just sitting around; but I've always been OK with it because I knew that Blake was receiving pain meds to feel more comfortable.

However, THIS time, because he's not in pain, it seems quite boring and senseless to him to be in here. However, we DO feel fortunate to have this bed; and hopefully within 48 hours he'll have his meds working their way through his veins, providing some healing to that ol' gut of his.

We are in a room with three beds this time. Doug is the gentleman in the bed next to the door, beside Blake. He's an older man who is dealing with some tumors near or in his brain. He's a quiet fellow but extremely nice. His son and daughter have been in every day and they bring Doug's dog, Merlin, in here for a visit. Merlin is an eight-year-old Shelty. Doug's very happy to see his doggie.

Mark is the other gentleman in the bed across from us. There are some mental issues with this young man, but he also is able to carry on an intelligent conversation although he likes to whisper. The first night he slept through the night dreamingly! LAST night was a different story completely. They gave him a bed alarm, as he is too unsteady on his feet to walk by himself. The bed alarm goes off to alert the nurses that he's "on the run". Last night I'm sure the alarm went off no less than eight times. It is an extremely LOUD ALERT. Imagine standing beside a fire alarm. Poor Doug has been very bothered by it. I think he's like me and needs his night-time sleep.

At one point in the middle of the night the nurse couldn't convince Mark to get back into bed. They are very kind and courteous to the patients here; however, at 3am I wouldn't have the patience that they do. Mark couldn't understand where the noise was coming from and he would grab the phone and start pushing buttons and try and hang up the receiver to shut the noise off. Then he heard a patient's I.V. alarm go off, from another room, which is a quieter "beep........ beep....... beep......... beep......." and he hollered out, "Alex! The microwave is done!" hahaa

A few of the nurses don't remember to use their "indoor voices" in the middle of the night. They walk in to see a patient and flip on all the lights. Add the annoying bed alarm and the sound of Mark trying to hang the phone back on the hook, it gets to be a little much sometimes. Back in the Fall when we were staying in hospital, the nurses were quiet and used flashlights when coming in to assist a patient. Guess each floor or wing has different protocol.

Yesterday afternoon I went to find Father Ray, the retired priest who shared a room with us a month or so ago. He's still here in hospital waiting for a room in a nursing home. He looks wonderful and is able to walk on his own now without the need of a walker. His sister Isabelle had popped in for a visit with him at the same time I was there, so I was thankful to see her kind face again.

Then last night I took Blake down to visit with Father Ray & Isabelle for a while. We had a nice chat with them, as well as with another lady who "lives" on Connell 4 waiting for a bed in a nursing home. She has to have kidney dialysis three times a week. Blake is very good at encouraging these people and ministering to them with his words. She was so happy to visit with us that she walked us to the elevator when we left. (Actually, she had a motorized wheelchair, but Blake kept up to her pretty well! haha)

This morning, Sunday, we have already listened to a church service online. Blake has just returned from his shower. After lunch we are headed to a movie theatre down on Princess Street. The Doctor gave us an afternoon pass, which we are grateful for. We'll likely walk to Blockbuster as well and rent a few movies because we forgot to bring some from home.

The meals haven't been too bad here. Today is the day that Blake starts receiving the meals that he chose off the menu, so I think he will be more pleased with his trays when they arrive. Yesterday's menu was not so appetizing for him. I, on the other hand, had a most FABULOUS supper on Friday night. The cafeteria had Chicken Marsala and it was TO DIE FOR!!!! Chicken cutlets smothered in a sauce (that, according to the internet, is made from mushrooms and Marsala Wine). Oh it was heavenly. Served on a bed of noodles with some string beans and carrots on the side, I was feeling like a queen!

And just so you know, we have not had the "mushroom smell" in our room yet. hahaha. You can know what I'm talking about by referring to a previous post. Simply CLICK HERE for the Mushroom Soup story. (And thanks to my friend Janet who snuck that can of Mushroom Soup into my mailbox at church..... you're quite the comedian! Maybe I'll make Chicken Marsala! haha)

We are thankful for this care facility (even the bed alarms.... I suppose.... hahha) and thankful for the great doctors and nurses who work to keep one of my baby birds comfortable.

We are continuing to be grateful for the Lord's provisions. He gives us what we need, when we need it. We are constantly in the shadow of His wings and so thankful that He loves us.

Thank you for your prayers, and we pray that God blesses YOU!

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