Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So.... What's Up????

*UPDATE - (early evening, Aug 3/10)
With regards to the liver transplant for our friend, Charlie, the donor's liver was not in good enough condition for the transplant. Charlie did not receive his new liver today. He is back on the list awaiting another liver. Unfortunately, someone must pass on in order for Charlie to receive his transplant.... it's very difficult to know exactly how to pray in a situation like that. We don't want anyone to perish just so another person can live; so we pray that the Lord's will be done in this situation. Thank you to those who prayed. Please keep Charlie on your prayer list. God's timing is always best.
What a week!

On the one hand, I feel that it's been very relaxing as I've puttered along in getting a few things accomplished.

On the other hand, I feel like it's been go-go-go.... off to this and off to that.

How is that possible?

Must be this humidity affecting my brain cells.

I've posted some videos lately, but I haven't really taken the time to update you on our crazy lives here at The Found Estates.

Let's start off with Jon. Today he has left for Toronto. Late last night our friend, Charlie, received a call from Toronto General that a donated liver awaits him! Charlie has been in need of a replacement liver for quite some time now; and as of this afternoon, he will receive a very dear gift from a stranger..... the gift of life.

Jon drove Charlie and his wife Jessie to the hospital this morning (they're on their way as I type) along with one of their daughters, Niki. The other daughter, Ashley, and her son, Jordan, will stay here in The County and wait by the phone. Their son Jeff is working with Jake up in Georgetown, and I'm sure he'll be anxious as well to have his cell phone ring as the day progresses.

It's certainly an exciting time for the family, but not without a few worries, I'm sure. Jon said there is a 20% risk of things turning for the worse; however, we will remain faithful in believing that Charlie falls into the 80% category. It is my understanding that he should go into surgery by late afternoon today. Please pray for Charlie [right now would be a good time] as he goes through this extremely serious health situation.

Jon was extremely honoured to drive them up to Toronto. He took Charlie with him on his last trip out West, to British Columbia, and back in the transport. He felt like he was more of a babysitter for Charlie, (and if you know Charlie, you know what I'm talkin' about!). But today he is thrilled to be able to help his friend out in this situation of his life.

Friends, please ensure that you discuss with your family about donating your organs should you pass from this life. You will be helping out someone else in desperate need. You will be a blessing, and the recipient and their family will be eternally grateful.

Speaking of grateful, we are so pleased that Blake's health situation seems to be coming along. He's still not 100%, of course, but certainly on the mend! He forgot to take his pills the last two days, so his little skinny face is as plump as a 400-pound man's! hahaha. Looks like I'm gonna have to start being on "pill patrol". He's always been so good about it, but obviously not THIS week!

(No!, this is NOT Blake. No!, he is NOT this swollen. Yes!, this IS an adorable baby!)


Blake's face has also broke out in extremely terrible acne. They say it's not related to Crohn's Disease, but SOMETHING is wonky for sure. I think I'm gonna take him to the pharmacy later today and we'll check with the pharmacist about what we can do. It's so bad right now, his face is literally sore to even touch. Poor kid.

No news yet from our dear government regarding the approval of funding for his Remicade. Grrrrr. Next clinic appointment with the specialist is August 13th, so if we haven't heard from the government, I am presuming they'll admit him for the next dose. He leaves for school the first week of September ([sigh]...already????) and will need that dose before he leaves!

I NEVER in my wildest dreams ever thought I'd run into such a situation in CANADA, of all places! BIG wake-up call and reality check!!!! Frustrating, but we must just go one day at a time...... God is still on the throne.

My Jacob was home for the weekend, although I didn't get to see him much. He returned home Friday, but Jon and I were away from Friday to late Saturday night. I saw him for a bit on Sunday and then he left Monday right after the lunch hour. He seemed on a bit of a downer..... I'm thinkin' it's "girl issues". My best advice? You're only 18. Concentrate on this wonderful job you have, save all that money you're making, and forget the women for now. We're nothing but trouble and can seriously mess with your head! hahaha

Seriously though, he is LOVING his job at Darron's landscaping business. I'm so glad about that. Darron loves having him and Jeff around..... it's like he's got a couple of his own sons. Darron told Jon, "This has been my best summer EVER! I'm really enjoying having them here." I think I'm gonna send Darron an invoice.... renting out my son to him. haha.

Jared has been extremely busy the last few weeks with Facebook, MSN, and Texting. [a-hem!] He is almost consumed by it, actually! The phone never leaves his pocket or hand, except when he is on the soccer or baseball fields..... oh yah, AND the shower. Other than that, it's glued to him. I finally had to take the cell away from him last night at beddy-bye time...... I can't believe the teenagers that are up at 1am... 2am.... 3am..... 4am..... TEXTING!!!!! Hey kids! GO.TO.BED!!!!!

Looks like Momma is gonna have to set some new rules. One more month and we'll be into the school routine again. All the cell and computer rules will be changing for sure!

Jared is certainly enjoying his soccer and baseball games, and I have enjoyed watching him. He is an excellent athlete, and I am very proud of him. One of the moms at soccer last week sat near me and said, "My son said, 'Oh no! We play against FOUND tonight!!!!!!'" hahahhaa. I thought that was cute. I can assure you, folks, that my children did NOT learn their athletic skills from their Momma!!!!! Musical genes came from me and my Mom....... Athletic skills, I believe, were passed down from their Great Great Grandpa Davey (Jon's paternal Great Grandfather). Apparently he was a baseball player. No athletics in my genes. The only sport gene I inherited was my fast car driving skills from my stock-car-racing Dad! (Go #333!!!)

Jarey's tournament for soccer is this weekend, and the following weekend is full with baseball. This week we have soccer and baseball every single night. What on EARTH will Jared do when it's over? Guess I'd better start a chore list! haha

Now a quick update on the "adopted sons"......

Justin - On Friday, Jon and I travelled to Pembroke to spend time with our "adopted son" Justin and his family. Justin's sister and fiance were having an engagement party, and Jon and I decided to have a nice evening away together. What a relaxing time we had. Thank you to the Lewis family for spoiling us once again. We have such fun with you all!

Matthew & Chris - These two boys are hilarious. They hung out here on Sunday afternoon and evening, and on the way home we stopped for some bridge jumping at the Milford Bridge. They're good boys. These three crazy kids have grown up together since early school age, and they are on the same baseball team as Jared this year. I so enjoy it when these boys visit. Funny. Honest. Polite. Kind. Entertaining. All-round good boys.

Brad & Billy - I haven't seen much of these two characters all summer. (What's up with THAT, boys???) Brad is very busy working in carpentry, while Billy keeps busy in the "restaurant" business of "fine foods". (I put that in quotation marks because I'm referring to McDonald's! haha). Both Brad & Billy have girlfriends, so I'm sure that's what is keeping them busy this summer. I'm sure their young sweethearts, Autumn and Julia, are keeping them in line. (Good work, ladies).

And ME????..... just trying to keep up with everyone else. Lots of to-do projects, but the humidity prevents me from even starting them. I think once I can get the boys back to school, I will feel more like tackling the big jobs. I'd like to paint my bedroom for one thing! (Still has primer paint...... for 17 years now...... oh well!)

I will be painting the interior trim and doors in the house as well. They're in desperate need of a colour change and freshening up. Probably the next big job after that will be ripping off all the kitchen wallpaper and repainting. That will be a big job, but I really think once everyone is back to school, I will whistle right through it. Please, friends, hold me accountable! haha.

With today's humidity, I'll be doing some inside jobs, such as cleaning and tidying and maybe some of that blasted paperwork that I keep putting off. My goodness, I absolutely detest paperwork!!!!..... DETEST IT!!!!!

I'm also gathering "junk" for my roadside FREE GIVEAWAY! As long as the rains hold off, I'll set some junk out today.... hey, that's something Jared could do! Ohhhhhh Jaaaaareeeeey......

OK, friends, must get off this computer. I hope you all had wonderful long weekends. You must click on the COMMENTS button below and let me know what is up with you! I'd love to know!

Enjoy your day, and please remember to keep Charlie's liver transplant situation in your prayers. Thank you.

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