Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Updates

I should have some words of wisdom....

or a funny joke.....

or an updated picture of someone in my family.....

or a comical video......

or a beautiful hymn......

I should have SOMETHING interesting to post on here......

But, frankly, I'm so tired tonight, I don't believe any of it would make sense.

I just thought I'd give a quick update on Blake's situation.... which is basically the same as the last few weeks..... other than he's getting more and more fatigued with each day..... as well as experiencing some back and abdominal pains.

Yes, Dose #3 is just around the corner.... if we could get a bed at Kingston Hospital. They called on Friday (and left a message on our machine while we were actually STILL in Kingston for Blake's appointment at the clinic!!!), but when I called back to the admitting department, I had told the lady there was not much sense in us coming and waiting for four whole days before he'd even get his meds (which by the way only takes two hours to receive). I told the lady I really thought for that amount of time that perhaps someone who was really ill and needed the bed should have it, and that she could call us Monday or Tuesday when a bed became available.

Well, obviously a whole lot o' people decided to run to Emerg this week and get admitted to the hospital because we have not received any word yet of an available bed. Now I'm frustrated thinking that we should've just taken the flippin' bed on Friday and sat the whole weekend in there twiddling our thumbs. At least Blake likely would've had his meds by today.

Oh well, the Lord is still on the throne. And He's not up there pullin' His hair out and wondering what's gonna happen next. He's aware of the situation and He knows how to handle it.

So THAT, folks, is the long and the short of it.

As for the rest of us, well, let's start with Jacob. My middle son who has moved to the big city has obviously decided that he's quite capable of living away from home and not having to give his mother ANY kind of update WHATSOEVER. Clearly it's as if he's dropped off the face of the earth. I mean REALLY..... WHAT boy can't pick up his cell phone and at least TEXT his mother two or three words????

"Hi Mom"

"Doin' fine, Mom. Don't Worry"

"Everything's going great here, Mom"

"Mom, send money"

"Mom, any clean clothes you could FedEx to me?"

Nope. Nothin'. Not a gosh darned flippin' word out of him.

He is SO grounded when he gets home.

And Jared? Well, as you've read from previous posts, his soccer season finished with a placing of FIRST (way to go, Jeb). His baseball tournie last week moved them to the championship game; however, Mr. Rain moved in and things got postponed to Thursday night. So tomorrow night we will meet head-to-head with a team who has been known to be a little.... ummmmm..... aggressive. They are out to win. Having a coach who likes to come in first at all cost is NOT a good thing in my books. He was whining to the officials last weekend about some issues that weren't really issues in anyone ELSE's books; but he was just bein' a pain in the hiney, I guess. So.... we get to play HIS team. [Oh JOY! Oh BLISS!]

I told Jared, "PLEASE just go out and have fun! And if there are any problems, you can be assured I will yank you off the field before you lose a bunch of teeth!". Apparently this team started a fight with the other team on Monday night. One kid ran right out to the pitcher's mound to clobber the pitcher. Another player moved in to protect his pitcher and.... well, I just don't want to see that happen Thursday night. That's not what I signed my kid up for. I hope we have an extremely strict umpire who doesn't put up with that kind of nonsense. I'd make them all run laps so they're too tired to fight. hahaha. Guess that's why I'm not a coach.

So, I am praying that this last game of the season is fun for the boys. Hopefully, as parents watching from the stands, we will be able to encourage them to enjoy themselves. They're a good team of kids... I've had a fun season. Have fun, Wellington Lynx.

And Jonny? Well, he's truckin' his little heart out. He's out West right now. Had deliveries in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He's waiting for a load of pipe to come off the line and then will take it to Nebraska, where a load of meat awaits him to come to Toronto. Worked out to some good coin, so I hope it all clicks. He's loving being back on the road. I'm glad for him. He's gone through more in the last few years than anyone should have to..... he deserves something good for a change. Go get 'em, Jonny-Boy.

And as for me, I have appreciated some time to get caught up on some little things. Still have a bit more paperwork to attack, but overall I am pleased with some stuff I've got done around the house. It's not perfect by any means, but I am slowly getting things to a point where I can do some painting and updating. I've mentioned before that our bedroom still has just the primer paint..... that's been there for about 17 years. Oh well, at least I can see where the mosquitoes land on a white wall. hahha.

Well, folks, I'm gonna hit the hay. I'm really drained tonight. I have gone through this week with a truly thankful heart for so many things. Unfortunately I have not been keeping a list as I should be. (I should be keeping a list so I can write them on my other blog, My Gratitude Journal.) But as I drive or go outside or read or do housework, I spot things that I take the time to say, "Thank you for [this & that], Lord. I appreciate that."

I truly am a blessed woman.

And now, back to you folks. You have all been busy, I'm sure. Drop me a line and let me know what's up. Summer is busy and we'll soon be back in our "routines", but I miss speaking with so many of you. (And SOME of you are NOT UPDATING YOUR BLOGS! tisk-tisk). Take a second and drop me a line through the Comment section below, through gmail email, or through Facebook. I want to know how you're doing.

And I certainly will update once Blake hears from the hospital.... or if Jared wins the championship game.... or if Jake remembers his Mom's cell number......


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