Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Praying for my Blake

Ooopsie... my apologies.....

I have fallen just a tad behind on the Scripture memorization. I should have posted verses for yesterday and today, which would have completed our whole chapter of Psalm 121.


Sometimes life has a way of changing directions unexpectedly.

Jon and I had a wonderful weekend away with our "adopted son" Justin and his family. It was a well-deserved relaxed weekend for us, and it wasn't NEAR long enough!

We arrived home around 1am on Monday and my week started off with a "bang". I ended up spending the afternoon with Blake in the emergency department of our local hospital. His health has been "not so good" the last year, but rapidly taking a turn for the worse in the last month or so.

A particular symptom caused me some concern, and I felt it needed to be attended to..... so, since our own doctor was not in her office, off to the emergency department we went. Then we found out why she wasn't in her office.... she was on duty at the hospital. That was a blessing because we did not need to explain everything to a different doctor.

She ordered MORE bloodwork (Blake has been poked with a needle too many times to count in the last year!) and also ordered an x-ray for some back pain that Blake was experiencing. The bloodwork came back fine and the x-ray came back fine. She said the symptom that he was having could possibly be addressed with a test being completed the following day.

.... which brings us to today.

Today Blake had an appointment for a gastroscopy in a city about 45 mintues away from our home. My poor little boy looked so sick laying on that gurney.

The set up at today's hospital was similar to the above photo that I pulled from the internet.

I spoke with the specialist after the scope was completed, and he indicated all looked well. However, he'd like to set up an appointment to do another scope..... in the other end.

You can imagine Blake's enthusiasm with that announcement! Actually, he was still suffering from the anesthetic and was basically stoned, so I don't think it really completely dawned on him at that point. haha Poor kid has been loopy all afternoon! He told me the story about the I.V. four times! At least it was accurate each time. haha.

So, please pray for my firstborn! Yesterday he finally realized that he is NOT healthy enough to travel to the east coast for school in September. The look on his face nearly broke my heart. My eyes welled up with tears, and I called Jon into the room. I explained the situation and the new symptom Blake was experiencing, and Jon started to well-up, too. It's a very scary time, that's for sure.

The doctor has confirmed that white cell counts are perfect; he is right in the middle of the range. Thank you, Lord. Hemoglobin is just fine as well.

Blake is frustrated that they just can't take an x-ray or an ultrasound and find the problem. I've tried to tell him that it just doesn't work like that. I have faith in our doctor (yes, I have faith in our Lord as well); our doctor is aware that Blake's health is not good. A 19-year-old boy should not lose over 40 pounds unexplainably. He had no extra weight to lose in the first place!

Please pray for my Blakey.

*Pray that tests will move along at a quick rate of time.

*Pray that he is able to keep eating.

*Pray that the pain in his stomach and back are less intense.

*Pray that this new symptom will not get worse.

*Pray that he gets more energy and is not so fatigued.

*Pray that he is not too disappointed about starting college a few months later than planned.

Blake is trusting in our Lord and Saviour to heal him. He's frustrated with tests and medications, but he knows that God is Sovereign and is our Healer.

Remember our Scripture of Psalm 121? It tells us that our help comes from the Lord. He's made heaven and earth; He won't let our foot slip; He watches over us and doesn't slumber; He'll keep us from all harm; He will watch over our life.

Guess He directed me to just the right chapter at just the right time, eh?

We'll get back on track here soon, folks, with the memorizing. Until then, review! Keep going! Keep memorizing!

And pray for my boy. Thanks.

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I'm praying for him Michelle <3