Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update on Soccer Tournament 2009

Today was "do or die".

Jake started off our day at 9am with a win in the semi-finals. He was to play again in the afternoon..... more info on that in a minute......

Jackson and Fraser's game was at 10am, but they were unsuccessful in scoring any goals against the other team and were defeated. Done for this season. Good job, little yellow Timbits. (Oooopsie Update - my sister just informed me today (Aug 10) that the boys actually DID score a goal.... it was 2-1. She said I should ensure that I get my facts straight before going to print. Well, if I knew she actually did read my blog, without me having to TELL her to read it, then I might be more accurate on the info! Feel free to proofread anytime, Wannetty!) :O)

Bruce lost both of his games yesterday so he was automatically out of today's games. Sorry, Bruce. Great defence, buddy.

Jared played at noon, but just as the whistle sounded for 1/2 time, everyone was instructed to go to their cars but remain at the fields and not go home. The thunder clouds had moved in and it started to pour! They can play in the rain, but not in the lightning. After a half-hour wait, the lightning moved on, the rains let up a bit, and it was "game on". Unfortunately, they could not overcome the opposing team and lost. Good try, guys & gals.

So we hung around the field for a couple of hours watching friends play from other teams, then watched Jake play for the final game of the day. Games were all an hour behind this afternoon because of the weather and also because of a fantastic shoot out between two teams in the Under 13 division. Shoot outs are always intense! (Matt, how do you spell intense? tee-hee)

So Jacob and his team worked hard and........

drum roll please.....................

THEY WON!!!!!!

First place!

Congrats to Jake and his team of navy blue!

It was fun to watch everyone play from May to August. I am now exhausted, sunburned, have a migraine moving in, (and I didn't even play!) and am actually disappointed (somewhat) that the season is over. Nine more months and we start all over again!

I'm very proud of my boys (and my nephews) in their accomplishments in soccer. You guys are very entertaining to watch, and no mom is more proud than me.

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