Saturday, August 29, 2009

Psalm 121:8

Is your sword being sharpened? Are you ready for battle?

Today is the last day for our memorization of Psalm 121. Eight verses! I must confess that I am still working on yesterday's. I copied the chapter on a piece of paper so I could read it whilst out on the lawnmower for over four hours; however, I forgot I had it in my pocket until after I came back into the house. haha.

So, today and tomorrow I can concentrate a bit more on it. Probably tonight I'll work harder on it since I have a bridal shower to attend this afternoon. (Best wishes, Helen!)

Without further delay, let's bring on verse eight.

Psalm 121 (NIV)
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Nice to know, eh?... that the Lord watches over our coming and going. Not just today, but FOR-E-VER-MORE! That's a loooooong time, folks. God's got your back... and your front... and your sides... and overtop... and underneath... You're fully covered.

I'll let you know what chapter I'm going to work on next. I should probably spend some time polishing Psalm 139.... I'm still having trouble with a couple of verses. But for a few days, I'll continue working on Psalm 121, getting it etched in my brain. ANY memorizing of the Scriptures that we do will sharpen our swords for battle.

The fight before the victory.... are you ready for battle?

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