Saturday, August 15, 2009

Psalm 121:1 ~ The Fight Before The Victory ~ Let's Get Ready For Battle

You may recall this post where I threw out a challenge for you to exercise your brains with me. I have decided that today is the day I'm gonna get crackin' on Psalm 121.

So, dear fellow eager-to-learn Christians, might I suggest that you pull up your socks and we'll give that ol' cranium a workout?

OK, pulling up socks might not be a good idea right now.... too humid for wearing sockies. But you get where I'm goin', eh?.......

So, I'll be memorizing Psalm 121. Today, August 15th, will be Verse #1, which is:

Psalm 121 (New International Version)
1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from?

Then tomorrow we'll do Verse #2, then Monday will be a review of Verses 1 & 2. OK? That's not too hard. Then we'll keep taking these baby steps until we're done the chapter. Only eight verses.... that's not very many, really. Psalm 119 has 176 verses, so now quit your whining before I flip back two chapters!

I just feel like today I have some mental, physical, and spiritual battles going on (gee, I'm a wreck!) and I need to get more of His Word in me so I've got some armour and weapons when the fiery arrows get thrown at me.

Are you having a good day today? GREAT. That's wonderful.

However, the fiery arrows are heading your way soon. You're either coming out of a trial, you're in one, or you're heading for one. So you need to be ready. I'm not being pessimistic here, which is my humanly natural first instinct; however, I'm being realistic. We will have some battles to fight before this life is over and we go to be with Jesus. Today I'm just cheesed enough and in the right mood that I want to say to that ol' devil, "Bring it on!". But I'm not quite that stupid. I need to get ready for battle, ready for war.

Come battle with me. Psalm 121:1.

Read it.

Say it out loud.

Memorize it.

The fight before the victory...... let's get ready for battle.

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Janna said...

Love this challenge, but I'm running behind ... vacation kept me away from blog reading ... so, I'll either need the chance to catch up (an extended due date with the challenge) or I'll do your next challenge with you from the get to! :-P

Thanks, Michelle!