Monday, July 19, 2010

Mushroom Soup

For some strange reason, I just got a whiff of mushroom soup.

There's nothing cooking on the stove, nothing in the microwave..... weird.

But it reminded me of something that happened at the hospital back in May. I don't believe I've told you the story yet.

When Blake had that problem with the intense excrutiating pain in his knees and lower legs back in May, just 14 hours after we were released from hospital, we were re-admitted to Picton Hospital and then transferred back to Kingston General.

Because of a lack of beds, we were given a room on Kidd 9, which is Oncology. That floor has just been recently renovated, and it is beautiful! It was so clean, you could have eaten off the floors! I wouldn't suggest it, I'm just sayin'.... well, you know....

On our last night there, we were moved from one room to another, as they needed our room for two elderly ladies. We were moved down the hall to bunk with an elderly man, whose name I believe was Jack.

The nurses wheeled Blake and his bed down the hall to the new room, and I loaded up my Geri-chair with our bags and computer and junk food, etc. and took off down the hall to our new room.

I got a whiff of mushroom soup.

I headed back to our old room to help the nurses bring down Blake's tray and his bedside table. This was about 9 o'clock at night.

Again as I walked down the hall, I could smell mushroom soup. I said to the nurse, "Oh, are one of you girls having a little evening snack?" She looked at me. I said, "Smells like mushroom soup."

She said, "Oh, that's not mushroom soup. Do you REALLY want to know what that is?"

Well now my curiosity is peaked.

I replied, "Sure. OK."

She said, "That is the smell of blood and body parts cooking."





[pick jaw up off nice clean floor]

[wipe disgusting look off face]

"OK, then. That's nice to know. Never gonna buy another can of mushroom soup again, thanks."

When Blake was admitted for his first dose of Remicade (this second round) back in June, when we had the private room, I turned to Blake one night and said, "DO YOU SMELL THAT??????"

Sure enough, coming through the ventilation system in our room was the smell of, none other than, "mushroom soup"!

Ann-Marie: I smell dead people!
(sorry, folks... private joke.... re: Sixth Sense)

Then, last week when we were at KGH for Blake's second dose of Remicade, what did we smell coming through the ventilation system once again?

Yup. Yuh-huh. Mushroom Soup.

I had no idea that they did that kind of incinerating right there at the hospital.

I mean, after I thought about it for a while, I guess it would make sense; but, goodness...... the thoughts of it was rather..... slightly disturbing.

I thought, perhaps, stuff like blood and body parts would be transferred somewhere else to be burned..... like perhaps a crematorium or something of that nature.

Never ever dreamed of it being done right there at the hospital. I guess I've really never ever truly given thought as to WHAT they did with blood or amputated body parts or pieces of your colon or your appendix or your placenta or whatever that has been removed.

And NOW you know!

So, if anyone is planning on surprising me with a meal, could I please just ask that you not bring anything that has been cooked with mushroom soup?

I just don't think I could stomach it right now.

And next time you're in the hospital and YOU get a whiff of mushroom soup..... you'll remember this story and you'll know it's not coming from the cafeteria!

At least.... I HOPE IT'S NOT!!!!!


Victoria said...

eeeew thanks a lot! *GAG*

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

You are hilarious LOL NOT planning on cooking any cream of mushroom soup any time soon..and I really do like it...the homemade kind...... **grin***