Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Beulah is a Liam!

I was fully expecting a "Baby Beulah" (well, I had a 50% chance!). Turns out, she is a he; and he's beautiful!!!!

(Liam - March 1, 2009 - 8lb.1oz.)

My cousin, Dennis, and his sweet wife, Sarah, are now parents of this beautiful little bundle of joy. And his name is Liam. He was born on March 1st and I cannot wait until I get the opportunity of holding him and kissing him and squeezing him and smelling him! Ohhhh the smell of a new baby. Look at his beautiful pink skin. And those long arms and legs..... he's gonna be tall like his Daddy.

I joke about the name Beulah because that was the name of my (and Dennis') paternal grandmother. I told Dennis and Sarah that I think Grandma would have loved the fact that they call their daughter Beulah (you know, because I never had a little girl!). Now folks, you know I'm suggesting this name by "tongue-in-cheek". I loved my dear Grandma Beulah with every fibre of my being, but there is really no way I could call my little girl Beulah. (And Grandma's middle name was Iverna.... Oh Heavens! God bless you, Grandma). So I've had some fun teasing Dennis about keeping Grandma's memory alive by calling his daughter Beulah. I think to avoid me holding this over his head for years to come, he just thought it would be easier to have a boy!

I wanted to buy the new baby 'girl' a shirt with the embroidering, "My REAL name is Beulah". NOW I'm going to have to buy Liam a shirt that says, "My sister's name is going to be Beulah". hahahahaha. But I will give Sarah time to get back on her feet..... no rush, but do you have any ideas as to how long before you'll try for that girl??? [snicker, snicker]

Dennis & Sarah, Uncle Graham & Aunt Dianna, Auntie Kendra & Uncle Ray, and to all of Sarah's family too: May the Lord bless this dear baby; may He bless all of you and keep you as you care for him; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and give you peace.

Now git yerselves down here to Th' County so's I can hold that thar babe!!!!!!!!
Love you guys!

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