Thursday, March 12, 2009

Problems With "Comment" Postings?

Hi Folks,

Discovered a little glitch today with blogging. Dani left comments, but they weren't appearing. I indicated to her that after she posts a comment, it should say something like "Your comment has been saved; it may take some time before your comment appears on the blog".

If you've left a comment and it's not showing within a few minutes, could you take a moment to email me ( ) and let me know that you've tried to post a comment that will not appear? That way, I can do some investigating and see what could be causing the problem. Thanx.

I can hear the geese outside, returning to their "homes" from their vacation in the Sunny South. Thought I saw one wearing sunglasses and tropical-looking shorts, but I might just be a bit overtired and a little delirious from all that dust and dirt I'm inhaling from cleaning the dungeon basement. Speaking of which, I am getting nothing accomplished by sitting here at the computer, so........ I shall bid you adieu and will get some more blogging done soon.

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Victoria D. said...

Wow, you are doing really well with keeping this blog up to date. And congrats on the basement, I know how tired you are...maybe it's the walking with Dani that's giving you this extra get up and go? Think I'll take the kids for a walk this morning BEFORE school.