Monday, March 30, 2009

Hockey Night In Canada... more specifically, Wellington

Saturday night we said goodbye to another season of Hockey. Final games were played late Saturday afternoon and evening for my boys in 'Metropolitan Wellington'.

Now I have to be careful how I word this.... the kids told me to say it in a specific manner. Jacob's team (in the Midget division) and Jared's team (in the Bantam division) BOTH placed as "B Finalists".

Oooh, Wow!.... "B Finalists"..... impressive! Congratulations boys!!!!!!

Now for the absolute truth.....

YES, they are B Finalists. What they DON'T want me to tell you is that there are only four teams in each of their divisions..... meaning two teams competing in A and two teams competing in B. Guess which ones WE were.....yes, competing in B and losing our game..... which honestly puts us in fourth place overall..... a good standing. However, there were only four teams playing.

[Big smirk]

"No, Mom, you simply tell people that we're B Finalists! Sounds waaaay better".


I am very proud of them. They got along with the players on their teams, they got along with their coaches, they had fun. That's what's important!!!!

Now for some photos and some exciting Awards News.

First up is Jared. He shared the goalie net this year with a nice young fellow named Mike. Mike played net for the last game, which put Jared on the forward position for his last game. His playing has improved immensely for ALL the positions he played. He was Goalie every second game, and as an "out" player he filled positions of forward as well as defence.

The Coach was impressed with Jared's progression over the season and his hard work earned him the special award of Most Improved Player. YIPPEE! Congrats, Jeb!

Just after our game, we watched our "adopted" son, Matt, and his team fight for the A Championship. After a very exciting nail-biting game, Matt and his team came out victorious. I was excited to see that Matthew, as well, had received Most Improved Player for his team. YIPPEE! Congrats, Matt!

Two best friends winning the same award...... am I surprised? No. Take a look at these two really great kids. Congratulations, Jarey & Matty.

After the Bantam games, the Midget gang took the ice. Jake's team played against our friend Alec's team. Alec's team proved to be the stronger group, placing third. Alec walked away with Most Improved Player for his team. And how exciting that he also took home the Most Improved Player for the Midget division! YIPPEE! Congrats, Alec!

Jacob, who is a B Finalist, remember [wink], unfortunately did not receive the award for Most Improved Player, although I definitely could see a progression as the season developed. Here he is with his player's medallion.

We do feel, though, that he should have received recognition for his "quality time" in the ever-disciplining Penalty Box. According to Jake's calculations, he spent 44 minutes in the Penalty Box over the season. There were 25 games (not including March Break Exhibition games) less five games that Jake didn't play due to the injury to his hand from woodshop class (that's another future blog post). Twenty games with 44 minutes of penalties (averaging 2 minutes/penalty) is pretty much an average of at least one penalty per game.

We now believe that we have discovered the reason for all the penalties. In the photo below, Jake is sitting in his usual spot.... The Penalty Box.... but you will note that our other goalie..... our female goalie, Brooke..... is seated beside him. (She was in the Box, NOT for a penalty, but for opening and closing the door to gain those "split seconds of time" of getting the player back onto the ice). My friend Tim said, "Yup, there's Jake in the Penalty Box..... a Saturday Night Date!" hahaha. Well, at least I know where he is.

So, I am sad to see the season end. Before I can say, "What will I do with all this available time?", I find myself at the Picton Town Hall signing up Jake & Jared for Spring Ball Hockey and for Summer Soccer. So much for "ME" time. Ahhhh, that time will come soon enough when my baby boys are gone from the nest. Then I will look back and truly cherish these days of chauffeuring kids to cold arenas and hot soccer fields.
I am very proud of ALL my hockey boys.... my sons, Jake & Jared; my "adopted" son, Matthew; and my "nephew" Alec. You boys made the season exciting and helped keep my blood flowing to fight off the cold arena temperatures. Thanks for an exciting season.
Only six more months 'til hockey starts!!!

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