Sunday, March 29, 2009


Stellan is a very sick little boy. He is the son of a lady I have never ever met. I am simply following her blog, My Charming Kids. This lady has had a most trying week. Her son was born five months ago, and while she was pregnant for him, she knew there were complications with his heart. Now, I have not been following her blog until recently, but it sounds like there haven't been too many problems until this week. Today has been his worst day.

I have been a tad bit grumpy this afternoon for some reason. Not really bad, just feeling a little..... irritated. It's not fair to my family; they haven't done anything to deserve my "snapiness". I'm just feelin' a little frustrated with a couple of things and I've just let them bother me a little more than I should have. So I log onto my blog and see that My Charming Kids has a blog update, so I read it and just started to cry. I sit here feeling perturbed with some circumstances, and then I read about this lady watching her youngest child get worse and worse, and at any moment I could log onto her site and read that her child has passed on to be with Jesus. Makes my "monstrous, gi-normous" problems seem so puny. Makes me feel guilty for even stressing out about them. How dare I !!!! I need a good kick in the butt!

Actually..... hang on a second......

There! I just had Blake kick me in the butt. You should've seen the look on Blake & Jon's faces when I walked into the kitchen and asked one of them to give me a kick in the butt! Actually, I had to ask repeatedly for one of them to kick me. They weren't sure WHY I was bent over and requesting them to kick me in the hiney. Jon was on the phone with his friend, Mikey, and said, "Mike, you're not going to believe what my wife is asking me to do!" But he wouldn't kick me. Then Blake wouldn't kick me. They thought I was crazy...... [well.... jury's still out on that one] and they looked at one another like:

"You kick her"

"No, YOU kick her"

"NO, YOU kick her!"

Two men with such an "opportunity" and both too scared to do it!

So, I guess I'm writing this because I want us all to know that no matter what our problems are, no matter what we're facing, there's always someone somewhere in the world going through a trial that likely outweighs your problem. Doesn't mean your problem isn't real. Doesn't mean your problem is going to disappear. But it does mean that we need to take that situation and put it in the hands of the Lord. He wants that burden we're shouldering. Folks, I have to tell myself this over and over. Takes situations like Stellan to remind me of what's important in life. It reminds me of how fortunate I am.

And it also reminds me to pray for others, especially today for Stellan.

Log onto My Charming Kids and see this sweet baby and his siblings.

And pray for Stellan.




(Ouch, Blake! That kick kinda hurt! ....... but, thanks)

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