Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mudding with Justin

Let's get things straight --- I am a 42-year-old woman --- I am too old to cruise Main Street Picton with a bunch of teenagers (especially my kids!) with the windows down and the radio blaring, and I am too old to go mudding! My heart just can't take it! But apparently Justin felt it would be a good experience; and since I was in the back seat of his little Mazda truck with no way of escaping, I was going on this adventure whether I liked it or not!

We had gone to Jake's hockey tournament finals at the Picton Arena (which he lost 2-1, but he "dun good"), and I had stopped at Sobey's for a few groceries. About 1km from home Jake asked if I had anything frozen in the bags which were in the back of the truck. I replied that I had nothing frozen......that was my first mistake! They immediately took a right hand turn and headed towards Point Petre and I knew I was done for! They had kidnapped me, and they were taking me mudding.

Sorry for the quality of photos, y'all know I'm not really digital camera savvy..... the sun was bright and we were bouncing like Flubber in that old Fred McMurray movie!

Our location was on an old road just off Lighthall Road (Point Petre area) that leads to virtually NO WHERE. Actually the military does some training there......(yah, no kidding, I don't really need to say any more, do I ???? Key word: m-i-l-i-t-a-r-y)

Looks like a safe enough little road, eh?

Justin is more than capable of looking after the driving capabilities.....I think, I hope, I pray!

Oh, this looks interesting up ahead.... Are those water puddles covering the road?

Ah, yes, definitely water..... LARGE PUDDLES OF WATER. Uhhh, Justin, are we going THROUGH those????? (Notice the air freshener dangling from the mirror? It says, "STAY SAFE"......oh YOU're not kidding!!!!!!)

Justin saw a steep (very steep) grade with 4-wheeler tracks and thought it would be fun for us to attempt it. I HAD to shut my eyes, I couldn't stand it.

Suddenly the truck stopped. "Are we ok guys?", I asked with my eyes still shut. "Well," they replied, "we're just sitting here on the hill". Justin thankfully started backing down. I had to turn around to look and see where I'd been! (Heart? Are you still pumping?)

I snapped a pic facing out the back of the truck, and I think the mud on the window looks more like someone has been shooting at us!

Another photo of "where we're soon to go!" No turning back now!

We were doing a bit of mudding in this mudhole; but he didn't want to get too carried away because we didn't have another vehicle with us to pull us out.....just IN CASE we got stuck. Thank you, Lord, for keeping us from getting stuck!!!!! Man, I'm just too old for this!
That's Jake in the mirror.

Jared was all smiles. No fear in a 13-year-old boy. He had faith in his "new brother" Justin.

"Turn around, Justin & Jake, so I can have some evidence on the camera of who was in the truck for when the police & rescue units find our bodies."

The motor, at this point, is starting to get really wet. Had we broke down or got stuck, it was a long walk back to civilization. Hey Justin, guess who would've been doing the walking??????? Their smiles look innocent......but they're really evil grins.

OK, so check this out: THIS is a 4-wheeler trail. WE were in a Mazda truck. If there were audio on these photos, you'd hear me praying.

This is a photo of us taking a run at the "puddles". Notice the spraying of the water? Jake and Justin kept opening their doors to see how high the water was! Two words: Cardiac Arrest. Did anyone bring a defibulator?

HOME? ARE WE ACTUALLY HOME? Yessssss, home safe and sound. Pictured here are Jared, Justin, and Jake...."The J Gang". Most of the mud got washed off when we went through the ocean....I mean, puddles.

Look at these kids....happy that they scared their Momma!

Later that evening, Justin found an old round brass picture downstairs that's ready for the Spring Give Away that I'll be holding in my front lawn. He thought it looked more like a hat, so this is his Chinese Man impression. What a goof! I love him. I want to keep him. Terry & Susan, can I adopt your son?

Thanx, Justin, for the mudding day. I knew I was in good hands.....I think I knew that I was in good hands.....actually, I was too scared to really think clearly.

I will have some more photos of Justin teaching my kids how to start lighters on fire to see how far they'll shoot out into the lawn! Yes, I said lighters. And, YES, one exploded indoors! More news on THAT scare on the next blog!
Does anyone know if Wal-Mart sells defibulators?

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kkaci said...

Brings back memories of the time Jay and Kev went mudding on ATV roads ... and got stuck ... at midnight :-).

They walked from Point Petre to Beaumont's house before they had cell service! By then it was about 3 a.m. And yes, I had already called the OPP to find out about car accidents!

Glad you survivied!