Friday, July 2, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/07/02

I am so completely whooped tonight.

I didn't sleep well last night.

Mr. Wonderful decided to toss and turn.... and then toss and turn some more..... and then, just for good measure, decided to toss and turn a few more times..... actually he tossed and turned all night long!

Needless to say, I did not get much rest. Being a trucker's wife, I am used to that. You get used to sleeping alone for many nights, and then when your loved one returns, it takes a bit of adjusting. Our "antique" bed is not the most sturdy, and just rolling over onto your side can simulate riding in a canoe during a storm in the ocean!

So today I've just been dragging my hiney. Add the fact that Blake and I drove to Kingston today for an appointment at the clinic. Don't get me wrong.... I absolutely LOVE driving; but some days it just drains me. Today was one of them. (And thank you to those who are now thinking that you should offer to drive us. But quite honestly, riding as a passenger tires me even more. I like the control!!!! hahaha)

Blake's appointment at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston today was just a check up to see how he's been feeling since his release from hospital on June 29th and to see how the Remicade is working this time.

I'm happy to say that each day Blake feels better and better.

Today when we arrived, we spent a bit of time with a young woman named Sarah. She is quite involved in Crohn's research, and she has approached me to see if our other two sons, Jacob and Jared, would be interested in a volunteer study regarding Crohn's. Because Crohn's Disease seems to run in families, they are studying and researching to find links and patterns, etc. They would like to initially do some tests on Jake & Jared and then follow them for six to ten years and see what more they can find out about this disease. They will likely only need to call the boys by telephone once every six months for six to ten years and ask them questions (for example, what foods they eat, any problems with abdominal pain, how their "plumbing" is working, if they've travelled out of country, any other illnesses, etc.). Both boys have kindly agreed to be part of the study. I'm very proud of them for doing that. Even if it does nothing for them, it may help someone else down the road. And isn't that really what it's all about? So, thanks boys! I'm proud of you for doing this!

We then met with Dr. Ren, who is a resident doctor. As soon as she walked in the door, I recognized her. She came to see Blake in his room last week at Kingston General to see what was going on with the redness on his forearm. She asked Blake a bunch of questions (he gets soooo completely tired of telling everyone the exact same thing over and over and over..... he just wishes they'd read his chart! haha. But I told him it was good learning for the medical students and resident doctors, and perhaps one doctor will ask something that another one has missed. But I completely get where he's coming from!) Then Dr. Ren did a physical examination on him, and she seemed pleased that he was feeling better.

She left and then returned a short time later with Dr. Beyak, one of Doctor Depew's clinic partners. This was our first time meeting this doctor. He was extremely nice, and quite honestly I was not surprised. They've all just been great with us and made this entire situation so much easier to bear. Dr. Beyak had told Blake that he had been talking to Dr. Hookey regarding his situation. They have been brainstorming together to see what can be done to get Blake his next dose of Remicade next week. They mentioned a couple of scenarios, and if we don't get an answer from the government by the beginning of next week (which will be quite a miracle if that happens), then I am hoping one of their scenarios will come together for Blake to receive his dose.

Please pray that the Lord will open the doors for this Remicade dose, if that is actually the Lord's desire for Blake to receive it. I know that it's MY desire for sure! But the Lord knows better, and His hand is upon Blake, and so we'll trust that the Lord's ways are best. His ways are not our ways. He has the best plan already laid out. I just do not want to get in the Lord's way. So if it's His will for Blake to receive the Remicade next week, then everything should unfold to His plan.

Blake enjoyed spaghetti tonight for supper and had two helpings!!!! And then after that settled, he had a piece of Mrs. Smith's chocolate cake. It is so good to see him eating. His weight today at the clinic was 115.5 lbs. Way to go, Blake!!!! That's a weight gain of 11.5 lbs. in five days! Blake's colour has improved since the Remicade dose as well. His face is pink now! Not white! He's been this whitish-gray colour since we picked him up from New Brunswick on April 26th, so it's good to see pink. He just told me that his ankles hurt tonight, but today has been the most walking since his release from hospital, so I'm not surprised. I'll keep an eye on that, though, since we want to watch out for joint pain.

Also, the redness in his arm is gone. We'll continue with the antibiotic to ensure the cellulitis is out of his system, but I'm pleased it's looking better.

He and Jared have just hit the hay, and I'm thinking I should be following suit. Jake is home tonight! He and Jeffrey (a co-worker) came home for the weekend. I'm glad (mostly for Jon's sake, even though I'm happy to see him too). Jon is doing better, but was quite mopey yesterday for his Jaybo. He says he's fine, but I'm here to tell you that he is NOT! Jon is like a lost little puppy dog. I know he'll be fine once he gets back on the road, which will likely be Monday or Tuesday; but at least he's got his little buddy back home for the weekend. Jon & Jake are downstairs in the rec room and it sounds like they're chatting up a storm. Jon must be thrilled.

And Jake looked so grown up when he walked through the door tonight.

When did I get old, folks?????

Today I found a bunch of gray hair, I had dark circles under my eyes, and I thought my face looked like gravity had hit it hard. My legs and back are aching, and I'm so flippin' tired. And to top it off, I know I'm getting old because I want to replace my double bed with two singles so I can actually get a full night's decent sleep!

So could someone tell me when did I get old????

At 43 I should be in the prime of my life. So why am I struggling to even just keep going? Maybe it's just the mental stress of Blake's situation. I don't know.

But I do know I need to get to bed. Jumpins.... it won't be long and I'll be going to bed before 9pm!

Oh well. Everything else might be going downhill..... but at least I'm getting wiser the older I get.

At least I THINK I am.

Tonight I heard on the radio that you can get Alzheimers as young as 40!


Oh my.

That explains a LOT!

And also, I heard that you can get Alzheimers as young as 40!




That was a pretty good one, eh?

OK. I'm signing off and going to bed now...... if I can remember where my bedroom is.

hahahahaha..... on a roll tonight!


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