Friday, July 9, 2010

Blake's Health Update 2010/07/09

Wanted to give you all a quick update on Blake's situation before I head to bed.

Things are s-l-o-w-l-y starting to go downhill again. We NEED to get that next infusion of Remicade into him!!!

Our specialist's secretary called me first thing this morning to inform me she had indeed let one of Blake's doctors, Dr. Beyak, know that his condition is worsening again. She confirmed that Blake IS on the Urgent List, but it may be next week before he gets in. [Grrrrrr]

She said, "If you DO get a call from Admissions to come in on the weekend, are you okay with that?... because you will not get treated on the weekend." I said, "If it gets our foot in the door quicker, we will be there as soon as they call us!" She confirmed that was a good idea. She said some people do not want to spend the weekend in the hospital just waiting around. MY personal feeling is that we should grab a bed as soon as one becomes available! So she said she'd be letting Admissions know that we will come at any time.

Blake has had a quiet day. He spent a bit of time with his cousins this afternoon, but has just been resting this evening. He has discomfort in his abdomen, and is experiencing some back pain by times. I think this is all coming from his intestines, as the back pain stopped after the Remicade dose two weeks ago.

Please pray that a bed becomes available and that Blake is bumped up on the List. We need to get that next dose in him A.S.A.P. I can't believe how things turn so quickly. He's still eating, which is a good sign; but once the pain returns, it will cause nausea, and then his desire to eat will decrease.

At least the bowels still seem to be OK. That's a good thing.

I don't think the heat has been helping the situation too much either. At least we had some rain today which washed away some of the humidity. I would REALLY like LAST week's cooler temperatures to return! I have NO PROBLEMS with putting on a jacket in July. None whatsoever! But I simply CANNOT take this heat!

I will update more over the weekend and let you know how Blake is doing. Hoping to have a fun family day on Sunday afternoon to watch the big ol' soccer game with The Netherlands playing against Spain. Jake is home too this weekend from the big city. I'm hoping to get a relaxing weekend with my three boys. Jon and his friend, Charlie, are heading to British Columbia in the transport, so please pray for travelling mercies for them. At least they've got some air conditioning!

And while you're praying... if you don't mind me throwing one more request your way.... please pray for our nephew & his wife (Ray & Kelly) as they anticipate the arrival of a sweet baby girl any day now. Her due date is today, but no signs of the little one being in a hurry yet. Her Daddy says if she doesn't come by midnight, she's gonna be grounded when she finally does show up! haha. She's only got a few hours left, as they are on California time. Raymond, you just can't rush a woman.

I cannot believe I'm going to be a GREAT AUNT!!!!!! I'm waaaay too young for that! haha.

Thank you for remembering us in prayer, folks. Have a wonderful humid-free weekend.

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