Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greetings from Kingston General

Greetings from Kingston General Hospital!

Weeeeee're baaaaaaaaack!!!!

On my way to church this morning my cell phone rang. It was Admissions at KGH. They had a bed available for Blake! Wahoooo!

Brent & Danielle & Abby drove Blake and me to Kingston this afternoon. While waiting for the doctor to come in and chat with him, we plugged in the ol' computer to watch the balance of the FIFA World Soccer 2010 game online between The Netherlands and Spain.

Cheers to my sister Wannett who was rooting for Spain! I think everyone else I know was cheering for Holland, but Wannett's little Tim-Bits soccer team is "Spain" this year, so Wannett was cheering for FIFA's Spain. Congratulations Wannett on the big win!

We then went down to the cafeteria to grab some supper. The nurse let Blake come with us. I think it was too much for him. He couldn't wait to get back to bed. The pain is moving in again tonight. I'm sure things will be looking better by this time tomorrow. With all hope, the good doctors here will have the ball rolling on the Remicade infusion.

We are in a ward room this time. We have some very nice gentlemen as roommates. The fellow to our left (Gary) has not really woken up since we got here. He snores EXTREMELY LOUD!!!! He has snored for three hours straight.

The gentleman across from us, to the left, is just slightly confused by times. His name is Mr. Hart (I heard them say his first name, but I forget just now) and he is most concerned about his wallet. They had it in the safe at the nurses station; however, he was concerned that if someone asked who he was, then he didn't have any identification on him to prove that he really is Mr. Hart. He awoke from his nap and wanted to know if breakfast had been delivered. I told him it was supper time and that he had already eaten and then had a nap. He was sure it was breakfast time. The nurse just brought him his wallet, so he's a little more settled.

The gentleman directly across from us, his name is Ray. He has one of those bed alarms.... once his buttocks leave the bed, the very loud alarm goes off. If you recall, last Fall when we were in hospital, our roomy Don had the same alarm. (He was a character..... always waiting for the "dancing girls" to show up.) Blake and Ray are having a nice conversation right now. Gives me a chance to steal the computer a bit longer. haha.

So we're here on the Connell Wing. I'm sure the nurses here are as special as the ones we had a few weeks ago on the Davies Wing. Actually, when we were in the cafeteria, Blake recognized a lady named Faye who helped care for us on the Davies Wing last time we were in here. It is so nice to see the familiar faces and get to know many of the staff.

It's been a beautiful weekend at home... the air has been fresher than the past week.... I was able to get the lawns cut..... and now we are here at KGH and have a lovely partial view of the water with the sailboats and ferries and tour boats.

I'll pass on more details tomorrow once we see the Gastroenterologists. Excited to be here for this infusion! Hope it happens jiffy quick! I want my healthy boy back!

Talk at ya's tomorrow.

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