Monday, July 12, 2010

Three Old, One Young

Four beds.

Salmon-coloured walls.

Faded yellow blankets.

Four men.... three old, one young.

One on the brink of beginning his life.... and three inching closer to the end of their's.

One of the elderly

Snoring... non-stop.

Chattering away in his sleep.

Having a conversation with himself... none of it making heads or tails.

Answering his own questions in his sleep.

Screaming out in pain when moved by nurses.

Full of apologies to the darling nurses.... yet also thankful for their care.

Incoherent, by times. Convinced he's getting in his car and driving away from here.

Calling the nurse by the wrong name.

Full of congestion.

Ready to cough up a lung at any moment.

And more snoring.... sawing logs.

In his mind, he's resting peacefully.

One of the elderly

Confused by times.

Concerned about his wallet's whereabouts.

The nurse assures it's in safe-keeping.

He asks for it, in case he needs to prove to someone his identity. The wristband isn't enough.

He moves, adjusts his pillow, and off goes the bed alarm.

He's grateful to the nurse for her care.

Pushes the call-button because he thinks his roommate has had a seizure. It's only a matter of the pillow falling on the floor.... no seizure.

Doesn't like to be covered by the sheets, and the gowns aren't quite long enough. Of course his bed is by the door!

Wants the phone beside him. Doesn't expect any calls, but wants that phone next to his bed.

Again he thanks the nurse, not wanting to be a bother.

One of the elderly

Directly across from Blake's bed.

Coherent most of the time.

A retired Priest.

Extremely kind.

A sense of humour.

Another bed alarm.

He wants to walk on his own.

He tries.

The nurse comes running at the sound of the alarm.

No walking alone.

Sits in the chair by his bed.

He has many visitors.

Visitor sits on the side of the bed to chat.

Gets up to leave and sets off the alarm.

The looks on the faces are priceless. "What have I done???"

We grin.

Elderly man laughs.

Visitor waves goodbye, exclaiming "I'm outta here!"


One young man.

Waiting for his healing medicine.

Waiting on the Lord for a miracle healing.

Confident that the Lord can heal him of his Chronic Disease.

At any time.

At any moment.

Knowing that the Lord's timing is best.

Trying to keep open ears to hear His Lord.

Trying to have open eyes to see His face.

Trying to have an open heart to do His will.

Trying to understand what good can come from an illness that eats away on his insides.

Confident that God is all-knowing.




Striving to be a 'patient' patient.

One woman.

One mother.

One caregiver.

Wanting to take the pain on herself.

Wanting to understand God's plan, too.

But knowing His plan is best.

Lessons to be learned through the trials.

Knowing there's green grass in the valleys.

Wondering how others have any hope without Jesus.

Thankful to be a child of The King.

In Jesus name, we press on.

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